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Niang Niang, the emperor can’t be attacked

Niang Niang, the emperor can’t be attacked (Novel)
Other Name: 娘娘,皇上不可攻略

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Yang Le
Year: 2019
Chapter: 40+
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Changle Qi Changqing, and Emperor Liang Qi spent his entire life explaining what is called utterly straightforward. Qi Changqing disliked Changle for being ugly and stubborn. He squatted down in front of her and looked at her grinning. He was quite disgusted… years later, he took her again…

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The court lady hurriedly bowed her head and knelt down and respectfully said: “Hui Niang, the servant girl looked at this girl sneaky and caught her.” “Can you find out who it is?” Mrs. Han bowed her head and took a sip of tea. Asked slowly.

“The slave and maid knew it, as if she was the daughter of the imperial guard Guo Wenjing.”

“Oh?” Concubine Han’s eyes twitched slightly, “That’s the emperor’s person, this old bone in this palace, the emperor still throws trouble to this palace, really can toss.”

The palace lady didn’t dare to speak much, she heard Concubine Han stand up slowly and walk towards the apse.

“My palace is exhausted, go to rest first.”

The palace lady nodded hurriedly when she heard the message, while Chang Le on one side quietly raised her head and asked the lady next to her with a smile.

“Sister-in-law, do you mean the empress dowager made me kneel here?”

Where would the concubine’s court lady eat Changle? She immediately snorted, turned and walked out of the hall. Several court ladies and eunuchs in the hall stared directly at Changle, as long as she moved, someone would look over immediately.

Changle knelt aggrieved on the ground, hating Qi Changqing to death, thinking it was a cheap and good job, now think about it, how can it be so simple?

The concubine empress looked kind, but just put her here, didn’t it just make her kneel?

Changle had a headache, and I don’t know if Guo Wenjing would be anxious if he didn’t see her going back. I had pity for her to come out early and didn’t tell Guo Wenjing about it. I’m afraid he would think he was going crazy again, right?

Changle felt like he was crying to death.

How could she have played the emperor with that little care.

Until noon on her knees, Chang Le watched Concubine Han finish her meal, and then returned to the apse to rest. His eyes were dizzy and he had to ask the maid sister next to him.

“Sister, when can I go back?”

However, the palace lady went out again without looking at her as if she hadn’t seen her.

“The emperor is here!”

With a shock, the palace maid in the hall reacted hurriedly and hurriedly greeted him outside the hall. Chang Le gritted his teeth and knelt in place.

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