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The Evil King’s Cute Killer Concubine

The Evil King’s Cute Killer Concubine (Novel)
Other Name: 邪王萌宠杀手妃

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Yongben Wuxie
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonist Liu Ruyan Su Jin, originally a mysterious killer of the 21st century, was betrayed while performing a mission, with many guns in his body To the ancient woman. Once through, she caused a lot of troubles because of her personality. Later, because of her outstanding talent and beauty, she wandered between the prince and the fourth prince…

Free Reading:
The palace hall.

“Huh! Master Weihou, you are convicted!” The emperor slapped the chopping board angrily and said coldly.

Wei Houye pretended to be confused and said: “The emperor, the minister does not understand what you mean!”

“Pretend to be confused, right? Pass Liu Ruyan into the hall!” The emperor said to the eunuch beside him.

After a while, Liu Ruyan strolled lightly to the side of Wei Houye and bowed to the emperor.

“The emperor, my dad was framed by him and my second mother’s sister!” Liu Ruyan looked at the emperor, but pointed at Wei Houye.

Wei Houye’s face changed drastically, and he trembled: “You…you…you are bleeding!”

“Excuse me, Wei Houye, why did I spray people with blood?” Liu Ruyan looked at the other side.

For a time, Wei Houye couldn’t say anything, so he had to say nothing.

Liu Ruyan stood up, then took out an ingot of silver in his hand. “Wei Houye, don’t you know this silver?”

Wei Houye glanced, and then his mouth trembled even more. “No… I don’t know!”

The emperor suddenly interjected: “Asshole! It seems that you don’t see the coffin or cry! Come here, pull out the big fifty boards!”

“Emperor, I said! I said!” Wei Houye hurriedly shouted.

“Okay, you say!” the emperor said.

“It’s like this…”

That day, Wei Houye was dancing swords in the compound.

“Master, someone is asking to see you!” a family member said next to him.

Wei Houye danced his sword while saying, “No!”

“Master, the person who is begging to see you is the second wife of Prime Minister Liu!”

Wei Houye was taken aback, and then said: “Let him in!”

“Yes, sir!”

After a while, Zhao Yuqin walked in alone and came to Wei Houye.

“I have seen Lord Wei Hou!” Zhao Yuqin saluted.

Wei Houye looked left and right! Make sure there is no one, and then tell Zhao Yuqin to follow him to the wing room!

“Why are you here at this time?” Wei Houye looked at the other side.

Zhao Yuqin leaked an indifferent look, then sat on the stool and fiddled with the headwear.

“Why can’t I come? Why can’t I come?” Zhao Yuqin gave him a white glance.

Wei Houye froze for a moment, and then said: “Do you really plan to do this? He is yours…”

Zhao Yuqin looked impatient. “You have said this many times! Besides, if I am not trying to help you get rid of the stare, how can you have more power in the DPRK?”

Wei Houye thought that this was indeed the reason, so he ordered a bit? “Don’t let go of your feet, or we will all be dead!”

“Got it! I’m so annoying!”

With a flash, the scene changed back again.

“No wonder you help her so much, it turns out that you have such a deed! Why would my father treat an ungrateful person like you as a friend?” Liu Ruyan hugged herself and pointed at him.

“How do you know that these silver taels are fake?” Wei Houye did a lot of calculations. What he didn’t expect was that he was planted in the hands of a girl.

“It’s very simple, can the emperor take a treasury silver for the little girl!” Liu Ruyan said to the emperor.

“I, yes!”

Soon, an eunuch holding a tray stopped next to Liu Ruyan. However, everyone was curious and stared at Liu Ruyan closely.

“Look, everyone, the two silver ingots are the same regardless of their size or appearance! It is impossible to tell them apart, but by coincidence, this silver ingot has an extra word!” Liu Ruyan explained.

“Wait…Wait, do you confirm that this is fake based on this alone?” Wei Houye still didn’t believe it.

Liu Ruyan smiled slightly, then waved her long sleeves. “Of course it’s more than this!” As she said, she threw the real silver to the ground without responding, but when she threw another silver, it broke in half.

The eunuch put the broken silver on the tray and handed it to the emperor.

When he looked at it this way, he realized that what was inside was actually another substance, and there was only one Zeng’s silver skin on the outer layer. It was impossible to confirm that the silver was fake from the weight or appearance.

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