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Crossing the Princess and Entering Official Career

Crossing the Princess and Entering Official Career (Novel)
Other Name: 穿越公主入仕途:爱卿爱卿

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Yulan
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Xiao Yiyun and Xu Zhengyu travel through once and live again. When Xiao Yiyun really appeared before his eyes, he realized that what he wanted most was a true heart. Therefore, even if you are deeply in love and know that he does not love yourself, you can turn around resolutely. By coincidence, the woman disguised herself as a man and became a career…

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With the attention of everyone, and leaving the crowd with six girls, Zhengyu knew that someone must say that she was stupid and took so much money to buy a few buskers. However, if I feel at ease, I don’t care about others’ opinions.

It was too early to leave the crowd. Since she had found the right person, there was no need to go to another Ciyun Temple. Zhengyu took a few people into a nearby garment shop.

These people, Zhengyu, were brought home to be Xiao Yiyun’s concubines, not as servants. Naturally, they should be well dressed up. Although there is a dressing room in the princess mansion, the dresses for six people cannot be produced before dark, so they can only buy ready-made clothes.

All the silver bills on her body were given to the old man, and she herself was too lazy and thought she did not bring much money, so she had to take out the piece of purple jade that she thought was very valuable and let Baoying take it away.

When he came to the garment shop, Zhengyu asked the girls to follow the proprietress to choose clothes, while he stayed outside, sipping tea while inquiring about the situation of the capital from the boss in his spare time.

I chatted for a few intermittently, and didn’t get much useful things. I only heard that Xue Hao, the current right-hand man, wanted to recruit new scholar Jiang Jinyuan for his daughter Xue Lanxi as his son-in-law.

This matter has nothing to do with Zhengyu, she naturally wouldn’t pay too much attention to it, just listened with interest.

Not long after, Baoying came back out of breath, took out a dozen silver bills from his sleeves and put them into Zhengyu’s hands, saying: “My son, I have searched many places before finally finding a pawnshop.”

Zheng Yudaosheng has worked so hard for you. She stuffed the banknotes into the sleeves. The thick dozen feels very good. It should be several thousand taels. It seems that her vision is quite good.

Baoying said, “My son, you may not like the cohort to buy them back for so much money.”

“I don’t necessarily like it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t like it,” Zhengyu is extremely optimistic, “I’ll know if I bring it home.”

Although Baoying still had doubts in her heart, seeing Zhengyu’s self-confident appearance, she couldn’t bear to hit her, so she stopped mentioning it. I saw a little white shadow approaching here, and said in surprise, “Master, look!”

Zhengyu turned his head slightly, and saw a snow-white fluffy puppy dog ​​coming here, shaking his head, very cute. Zhengyu picked it up, held it in his arms, and reached out to tease its two small paws.

At this time, the boss just came out of a guest after hosting a guest. Seeing Zhengyu holding his puppy, like it very much, he smiled and said, “Two months ago, the bitch had three puppies. It was only given away at the first full moon, and now this one is left. If the son likes it, I will give it to the son.”

Zhengyu liked it in his heart, and felt that keeping a dog as a pet in this ancient time could still kill some boring time, so he didn’t rush to refuse, only a little embarrassed: “How embarrassing is this.”

The shop owner said: “How embarrassed the son brought business to my shop.”

Zhengyu smiled and said: “Then the boss buttoned it up with the clothes, as I bought it.”

The boss stroked his beard and smiled: “The son is joking. I am a garment shop and I don’t buy pets. Since the son likes it, he should naturally give it to the son.”

Zhengyu saw the persistence in his tone, and stopped saying that he had to pay. He turned to Baoying and said, “Go in and talk to them. Everyone can choose a few more sets. It is convenient to change and wash.”

Then he hugged the little things in his arms comfortably, no matter what, it would never owe favor to others.

Back at the mansion, the sky was a bit hazy. As usual, he walked through the back door and entered. Zhengyu had revealed his identity on the way back and told the six people why they brought them back. She chose one of them, which looked the most beautiful, and brought them back to Jichangyuan. The other five let Bao Bao Ying arranged to live in the Fanhua Pavilion first.

As soon as Zhengyu returned to Jichang Garden, Baozhu Baotong immediately greeted him. After the ceremony, his eyes fell on the woman behind her, a little curious.

“Give her a bath and change clothes, and send it to Yunshuiju, where she is a man.” Because she was a little tired, Zhengyu gave a brief command, and walked to her bedroom with her puppy. After not taking a few steps, I suddenly thought of something, turned around and said, “Oh, yes, after the horseman came back, you tell him that this princess is a little tired. Let him go to Yunshuiju to sleep at night, so he doesn’t need to come over.”

After that, I turned my head back, walked quickly to my room, and at the same time a self-deprecating smile wafted on his lips, probably the only one in the world who sent a woman to his father-in-law’s bed without complaint.

After changing into the finely clothed men’s clothing, after soaking in the hot springs, it was already dark. Zhengyu sat by the mahogany table and tasted the dinner brought by Baocheng. A small plate of lobster was very delicious, and he couldn’t help eating more.

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