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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 12

In the middle of the night, Long Hao came to her home in peace and asked her to go to other places. Yan Qiang reprimanded peace and told his heart that tranquility does not think that Long Ma’s obstruction is one thing, so I don’t think it is necessary to tell Qi Qian. After listening to it, he was very moved. He lied that today is to bring peace to see the meteor shower.

Anning debunked the bad idea of ​​Qian Qian and let him hurry to carry himself home. Yu Qian took a quiet touch on the quiet cheeks. Yan Qian took Ann’s mobile phone and used her mobile phone to take a photo of the two, and ordered Ann to set the photo as a screen saver. Yan Qian unintentionally found that Anning made himself a big aunt, and secretly changed it to “my dearest.” Tranquility is too numb, and the remarks of Long Yuqian are changed to real names, which will stop the matter. There are some colds in peace, and Long Haoqian has to carry a peaceful home.
Ma Menglu tried to test the wedding patternwith Gong Chen.

Monroe likes Chinese-style Feng Guan Xia, and also likes Western-style wedding dresses. It is proposed to do two marriages. Gong Chen was shocked by Monroe’s idea. He believed that the two talents had just exchanged and there was no need to develop so fast. Monroe misunderstood the wedding of Gongchen and decided to combine the wedding with Chinese and Western and boldly innovate. Gong Chen did not want to break the atmosphere, watching the change and watching Monroe.
The next day, when he was washing, he found himself suspected of being pregnant and took out a memo from his mobile phone. Only then did he discover that his aunt had already resigned for 18 days.

At this time , the toilet was urgently used in the summer, and the tranquility was driven out and the toilet was hurriedly occupied. Anning Zhiwuwu told me that she was pregnant in the summer, but the summer did not matter, and if she interrupted the peace, she left. The peaceful mother wants to see the summer mother when she is free. Although the summer mother has a bad relationship with the summer, the parenting can’t be forgotten. The peaceful mother has made a sum of money and hopes to help the summer mother.

Anning came to the mother’s home in the summer. Anning looked at the eyes of the summer mother. Did she see what she was doing, hurriedly touched the hands of the summer mother and gave the mother’s card to the summer mother. The summer mother refused the good intentions of tranquility, only wishing to wait for the day of his death, no longer bring pain to the summer. After listening to the tranquility, the five flavors are mixed and I don’t know what to do.

Anning secretly came to the hospital. According to the inspection, the doctor informed Anning to pay more attention. Anning mistakenly thought that he was pregnant, and was surprised and happy. The doctor stopped the idea of ​​tranquility and told her that she was not pregnant, but only had some endocrine disorders. Anning was somewhat disappointed and left the hospital. Anning came to the street, watching the sweet-smelling appearance of other couples, and then looking at his own experience with Long Yuqian, but it is horrifying. It turned out that the night of tranquility and Long Yuqian did not happen, just in the process of playing the game, the clothes were stripped off, which led to the two people thought that they experienced a one-night stand.

On the second day, Long Haoqian came to the cafeteria to find peace, and Qian Qian slammed the peace of mind and did not pick up his own phone. Anning said that he did not hear, and Qian Qian took out the latest version of the mobile phone to give peace, so that she would not use it as an excuse in the future. And in front of everyone announced that peace is the news of his girlfriend. Gong Chen was very angry and wanted to expose Ma Menglu. Ma Menglu hurriedly stopped, which only dispelled the idea of ​​Gong Chen. During the work of tranquility, he was full of fantasies, thinking about the scene where Long Haoqian came to himself. At this time, Qian Qian really came to the kitchen to find peace, and he thought that he had to think about it, and he was ashamed to hide behind Long Xiaoqian.

Long Yuqian and Yi Mingjun told her that her mother was in critical condition. If she rushes to the hospital now, she will probably see her mother again. In the summer, I rushed to take a leave of absence with the director, and I went to the hospital to find my mother. Seeing his mother disappeared into the hospital bed in the summer, he mistakenly thought that his mother had passed away and burst into tears in the hospital. At this time, the mother ran quickly and shouted the name of summer. The two held each other in their arms and asked what was going on.

Peace shows that this matter is his own idea. If you don’t solve the misunderstanding between the two, then the two will misunderstand how long they are. Anning told the summer that her mother didn’t know how much wronged for her. If she didn’t want to live in the summer, she had no obligation to stay and take care of the summer. When she saw the summer advertisement, even in just a few seconds, the mother felt Very happy, and for some people who had been extorting 200,000 yuan in the summer, it was also the mother who secretly helped solve the summer afterwards. In the summer, because of this tranquility, I realized that I had misunderstood my mother for many years. In the eyes of my mother, she always loved her.

On the way to returning to tranquility, Long Yuqian accidentally bumped into the peaceful mother. Peace and urgency to hide, Long Xiaoqian knows that Anning did not tell his mother’s identity as a boyfriend, very angry. After Long Yiqian came back, Yi Mingjun told Long Xiaoqian that the three most difficult women in the world were the daughter of the object, the object, and the object fucking. When Long Hao was humble, he suddenly realized. In the theater, the summer drama is about to be smashed. In order to celebrate the successful conclusion of the game, Yi Mingjun proposed to invite everyone to eat.

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