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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 11

Long Ma was very dissatisfied with tranquility , and she hindered Long Haoqian from interacting with tranquility. Long Dad does not recognize Long Ma’s point of view. In the eyes of Long Dad, as long as the son is physically and mentally healthy, everything is negotiable. Long Ma naturally does not recognize Long Dad’s point of view, and has a dispute with him, this is angry to leave.

In the hospital, when the mother wakes up in the summer, she comes to condolences. The mother blames the summer, no matter what she is doing, not used in the past, not needed now. The mother yelled at the summer to leave, but the summer has been listening to the mother reprimanded. At this time, Yi Mingjun came to the hospital to look for the summer, and saw the appearance of being beaten by his mother in the summer. The mother saw Yi Mingjun appear, put away the face of the monk, and left the summer to leave.

In the middle of the night, the peaceful mother asked if the summer was coming back in peace. Ann told her mother to go to the hospital to take care of her mother in the summer. The peaceful mother praised the summer’s well-being, and the peace made the mother recognize the summer as her daughter. The peaceful mother worried that the mother would not be willing to do so in the summer. Anning said that the mother of summer will not be reluctant, thinking every day to let the summer marry into the giants. The peaceful mother said that this is the mother’s good intentions in the summer. There is no mother under the sun who does not want her children to be happy. Peaceful and timely war, to test if you can not find a marriage partner, the mother of peace let her not think too much, so as not to happen.

Gong Chen to horse Monroe ‘s house, the palace Chen praised the progress Monroe knife, boast just finished, Monroe’s hand was accidentally cut. Gong Chen intimately helped Meng Lu to take medicine, and Meng Lu was very pleased to see it in his eyes, and he kissed on Gongchen’s cheek. Gong Chen took the opportunity to confess to Ma Menglu, the two of them have this intention, the feelings are more and more intense. On the second day, Gong Chen woke up and saw Meng Lu on the side of the bed was shocked. Meng Lu asked Gong Chen to call himself a dream or Lulu, and also proposed to help the palace to make breakfast. Gong Chen was flattered, but still silently accepted the good intentions of Monroe.

Longteng Group, Angel came here to find Long Yuqian. Angel told Xiao Qian that he was going to the United States, but he did not care, only asked Angel when he would leave. Angel was very lost. Before leaving, she expressed her blessing to the two, and then hoped that Qian Qian could politely embrace and let Qian Qian accept his request. In the name of a friend, Yan Qian held Angel in his arms and said that the two will always be friends, so that she should not be sad.

During the work, Gong Chen came to Ma Menglu to talk about it, hoping not to let Menglu cause misunderstanding. Monroe expressed his wish to Gongchen, but Gongchen believed that Monroe misunderstood his meaning. Meng Lu asked Gong Chen to wait for himself during his work, and then handed a kiss to him. Gong Chen felt that he had realized a misunderstanding.

Long Ma privately went down to find peace, and wanted to talk to her about Qian Qian. Long Ma did not want peace and sorrow to walk in, suspected that tranquility was purposeful and close to Qian Qian, and offered a price for her to leave Qian Qian. Peace is not because of the material gap, and Qian Qian refused. Anning and Yu Qian really love each other, although the two are far apart, they can’t stop the two from falling in love. After leaving the Longma, Anning came to KTV alone and vented it for a few days. Long Haoqian came to find peace, swearing at peace and ignoring himself all day. After a few days of tranquility, Long Yuqian was sent, and then Long Yuqian sent Anning home accurately and without error.

The next day, it was the father’s jealous day, and the peaceful mother came to visit him with peace. On the other side, Long Ma worked hard for her marriage. Help him find a new girlfriend, hoping to find a girl who is right at home, and become a pair with Long Yuqian. Yan Qian refused the mother’s kindness and scorned the mother to abandon herself. If she had to carry forward the Longteng Group with her own efforts, then Long Ma would not want to recognize her son. Long Ma was speechless and flustered. Yan Qian said that he would not accept the advice of Long Ma, but also hope that Long Ma will not intervene in his emotional life.

In the summer, the mother returned home with her mother. The mother did not recognize the daughter of the summer. She also said that summer was not her daughter, and her mother died in a car accident when she was one year old. In the summer, she refused to believe that her mother had to go to the hospital for a paternity test in the summer. Summer is very sad, turning around and leaving.

On the second day, I drunk in the summer and came to the home of tranquility. The peaceful mother looked at the faint appearance of the summer and gave the room to the tranquility. The peaceful grandfather rushed to hand the lemonade to ease the summer wine. Yi Mingjun confided the matter in the summer home to Long Yuqian. Long Yiqian felt that the summer affairs could be solved as long as they had money, but nowadays, even if there are large banknotes, the family conflicts of the summer family cannot be solved.

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