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Amesbury Town in England

Amesbury Town located in Wiltshire. Salisbury Plains Southern England It is about 10 miles from London. A small town Quiet rural English style. Surrounded by the Avon River, it flows through the Saline Plain Plain. The natural scenery, beautiful flowers and facilities. Amesbury is a town and civil parish in Wiltshire, England. It is most famous for the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge which is in its parish, and for the discovery of the Amesbury Archer—dubbed the King of Stonehenge in the press—in 2002.

Amesbury has been confirmed by archaeologists that it is the oldest continuously occupied settlement in the United Kingdom, having been first settled around 8820 BC. King Alfred the Great left it in his will, a copy of which is in the British Library, to his youngest son Aethelweard (c. 880-922).

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