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Return the world to you Episode 52

After the incident, Qin also immediately called the police, recalling that he couldn’t remember who kidnapped himself. Through monitoring Qin also recognized the kidnapped Yi En is the driver of the old man, because he is wearing a hat that Qin also designed to give him, so he will not admit the wrong person. However, Yi En is very good at Lao Xu, and he will definitely be bought. And this person also released a video of Yien’s kidnapping at the wedding, which must be to destroy the wedding.

Lu quasi the Yin Wei throw in the wedding scene so that the ink Xu very angry, he severely beat Lu accurate. Lu Jun was asked to apologize to Yin Wei to complete the wedding. Mo Xu knew that Lu Zhun would set up the wedding in Shanghai because he had expected Huo Zeyu to take the shot. Mo Xu was so angry that he fell to the ground. On the other hand, Yin Fu is very worried about Yin Wei, Yin Wei reluctantly pretend to be a casual look.

Qin also ran to tell Lu Zhun that they had caught the kidnapped Yi En is the driver Lao Xu, he admitted to receiving the money but he did not know who instructed. Lu Zhun knew that it must be a good thing for Huo Zeyu to do. Fortunately, there is no major event in Yi En. It seems that he should not dare to act rashly. He did not dare to offend the Luton Group. The reason why he dared to do so was to gamble on Lu’s feelings for Yi En. Lu Zhun left the bride to save the joy of the Luton Group. Qin also proposed that Lu Jun and Yin Wei explain the truth and ask her for forgiveness.

Lu Zhuan said that he would find an opportunity to make it clear with Yin Wei, but this is too cruel to Yin Wei. Lu Zhun is afraid that Yi En will be implicated again. Qin is also optimistic that Yi En will not intervene in the company.

Lu Zhun went to the hotel, Yin father proposed to let Lu Zhun and Yin Wei return to France, asking her to forgive him for being unscrupulous. Yin Wei saw the lost soul and saw Lu Zhun immediately hugged him. Lu Zhun wanted to take this opportunity and Yin Wei made it clear that Yin Wei was in a state of collapse and asked Lu to not say and drive him out of the room. Lu Zhun suggested that he could not give Yin Wei happiness, he wanted to terminate the deal. Yin’s father threatened Lu Jun. If he dares to hurt Yin Wei, he will never let him go.

Yi En guessed that the reason why Lao Xu would kidnap himself was because his child was in urgent need of money and was kidnapped. Certainly someone has taken advantage of this. When Qin came home and was in front of Huo Zeyu, he had to say that Xu did not say that he was behind the scenes.

Yin Wei heard the conversation with Moxu, knowing that the injury on Lu Zheng’s face was made by Moxu. She was very angry and asked Mo Xu to apologize to Lu Zhun. He also said that if someone dares to hurt Lu Zhun, she will leave the house. Yin Wei, who went back to the room, looked at the ring that Lu Zhun had prepared for her and cried. Mo Xu told Yin’s father that Huo Zeyu had kidnapped Yi En, and the murderer who killed Lu Zhun five years ago was also Huo Zeyu. Yin father guessed that Huo Zeyu did this to break the relationship between Luton and Lu Zhun. Yin father is very hateful, he intends to mobilize funds to kill the Holmes Group.

In the evening, Yi En was lying in bed, and she immediately ran to the front of the Lumen door and knocked at the door. Lu Jun in the house is equally uncomfortable with her.

The next day, Lu Jun ordered the assistant to help him prepare toiletries. He wants to hide from Yi En, and at this time Yi En has come to lazy. Yi En proposed to let Lu Zhu and the leaves check the DNA. If he is really Lu Jun, he will prove it to her. Lu Zhun brought Yi En to the river. He hesitated for a moment to ask the scene that Yi En still remembered and he met for the first time.

He personally admits that he is Ye Qilei, although he has long guessed the identity of Lu Zhun, but Yi En is still somewhat unacceptable. Lu Zhun explained to her five years ago and apologized to Yi En, who couldn’t figure out how to love him so much. How can he deceive her for so long? She was very upset and angry that she would never want to see him again. Lu Zhun reminded her to be careful about Huo Zeyu. The things he did five years ago were also made by him.

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