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Return the world to you Episode 51

Qin also quickly designed Yin Wei ‘s wedding dress. Yin Wei felt that the wedding dress was very special and she liked it very much. Moxu saw Yin Wei wearing a wedding dress, she was very beautiful and silently shed tears like an angel. Yin Wei took out the invitation and sincerely invited Qin to attend her wedding.

Lu Zhun said to himself that he was very fond of sleeping, but he blamed himself for only hurting him. If it weren’t for the agreement he signed five years ago, the situation would not develop. He said all the secrets in his heart. The corners of the leaves also shed tears.

Mo Xu took Lu Zhun to the cemetery. He recalled the face-changing surgery five years ago. Now Ye Qilei lives as Lu Zhun, and he has the responsibility to fulfill his promise and stay with Yin Wei. Teacher Huo recalled that Yi En said that Lu Zhun seems to be Qi Lei, and the mysterious person also said that the treatment of Lu Zhun is a very famous face-changing doctor. He guessed that Lu Zhun is likely to be Ye Qilei.

Lu Jun let Yi En not go to the wedding, Yi En said that he will definitely go. She doesn’t seem to care about anything on the surface, but her heart is very uncomfortable. After returning home, Yi Enzhen sat on the ground and she cried very sadly. She told her not to fly away. I didn’t tell her that love was right or wrong. If I really care, I would like to fight for it. Yi En knew that she could not do this, and she did not persuade her not to attend the wedding of Lu Zhun. But only Yien saw the wedding of Lu Zhun with her own eyes. She could completely let go of this relationship when she saw the happiness he had. In the evening, Lu Zhun heard the memory of crying on the balcony, but he could not do anything.

The next day, the wedding was held as scheduled. Lu Zhun’s road was full of smiles and no smiles. Qin also did not come to the wedding scene. Only Yien has been slow to appear. The joy of Yin Wei’s face can’t be hidden today. She finally has to marry Lu Zhun. However, Mo Xu’s heart was very sad. He hugged Yin Wei tightly. After today, his favorite woman is the wife of others.

At the beginning of the wedding, Yin’s father took Yin Wei’s hand and walked into the scene. He handed his baby daughter to Lu Zhun. Just when Lu Zhun and Yin Wei read the wedding vows, Mr. Huo controlled the computer at the wedding scene. On the big screen of the scene, there was a video of Yi En being tied to a roof for help.

Lu Zhun left the scene without hesitation, which made Yin Wei very sad. Yi En was blindfolded on the edge of the roof, and she almost saved her when she almost fell. Yi Eng hugged Lu Jun and asked him not to lie to himself. He was not Qi Lei. Lu Zhun reminded her to be careful about Huo Zeyu . At this time, they did not come with Qin and they arrived. Lu Zhun left. Yin Wei locked himself in the room.

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