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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 7

When Anning sneaked into the hospital, he was discovered by the peaceful mother and called to the front. Anning told her that yesterday was the wedding of Nana and Xiao Zhong. When she accidentally drank too much, she spent the night at her colleague’s house. The peaceful mother tried to test the colleagues in Anning to be male or female. When Anning told her mother that the other woman was a woman, her mother was disappointed. Anning came to the toilet and felt very angry for her first night. It should have been romantic like a movie, but it was ruined by herself.

Because of what happened to them last night, Long Yuqian wanted to give Anning a saying, but he thought about it and didn’t know what to reply to. At this time, Yi Mingjun called, and Qian Qian originally wanted to reject Yi Mingjun. He heard that peace was by his side and he came here without stopping. After the peace of mind, Yi Mingjun went in andbeat the summer fiancé, and he was assisted by the side. The two thought of the beauty, but after entering, they were called by Long Haoqian.

Yi Mingjun looked at the man’s taste for the summer, and he called the summer. In the summer, they don’t have to manage their own affairs and show that they can solve them. Long Haoqian advised to brighten his eyes in the summer, so as not to be deceived. At this time, many of the men’s ladies appeared in the restaurant with a young man. In the summer, they knew that they were deceived. Even if they finally married him, they would not have any good results. They turned around and turned away.

Anning and others chased it out. In the summer, he proposed to do the same car with Anning. Long Haoqian took the car in his hand and ordered the summer to leave with Yi Mingjun. In the car, the peace of mind was grateful to Long Yuqian for helping himself unconditionally. He Qiang did not have to worry about him. Then he asked about the relationship between Anning and Yi Mingjun. The peace was a little annoyed, so that he should not think that the two had a relationship. Qualify to manage your own private life. Long Yuqian was stunned and right, and finally had to be on the sidelines.

Anning told Long Yiqian that he would not take the matter to threaten Long Yuqian, and would not take this matter to let Long Xiaoqian be responsible for himself. Long Yuqian suddenly said that he wanted to marry her, but Anning said that he was not a unreasonable person, so that he did not have to worry about it. Long Yuqian slowly approached the tranquility, and finally lost to the seat belt was not long enough, so that the whole atmosphere became very embarrassing.

In the evening, Gong Chen and Ma Menglu came to their own elevators. After a while, the two men squabble. Ma Menglu satirizes the palace without knowing the mood, but Gong Chen thinks that Ma Menglu is unclear. After going upstairs, Gong Chen said that since the two are neighbors, it is necessary to pay more attention. Ma Menglu said that he only cares about the gold bachelor, and he is more concerned about the general chef, the lonely man and the widow. And he scolded him and drove Miyachen away.

Ma Menglu returned home and found that his own bulb was broken, so he had to slap his head to ask for help. Gong Chen looked proud and stunned her and went to her house to repair the light bulb. Gong Chen came to Ma Menglu’s home. On the way to repair the light bulb, Ma Menglu was frightened by a small donkey and hurriedly plunged into the arms of Gongchen. Because they did not stand firm, the two fell together in the place, and Gongchen Therefore, the arm is broken.

In the bar, Yi Mingjun and others came to celebrate for the summer. Yi Mingjun allowed him to consider himself in the summer. He said that he was peaceful and thought that Yi Mingjun was the right person. In the summer, Yi Mingjun dared not marry himself, and Yi Mingjun did not dare to say anything. At this time, Long Haoqian asked why Ann did not accept his proposal, and Anning did not cover the two-person one-night stand, so that he did not have to take it seriously. In the summer, Yi Mingjun heard that the two men developed rapidly and were shocked by the two.

After going back, in the summer, Ann will be able to consider Long Haoqian, and Ann will put the pot on the summer, so that she can also consider Yi Mingjun. Summer said that they are two people from different worlds, paying attention to the difference between peace and tranquility.
In the new national food competition, Longteng Group wanted to push the palace to participate in the competition, but Gongchen was seriously injured and could only let Anning participate in the competition ahead of schedule.

Anning believes that he is not qualified enough. Gongchen comforts her. Only bravely defeating herself is a real success. For the results of the game, it is a glimpse of the game, so she does not have to worry about it. Long Yuqian also believes that letting Ann prepare well.

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