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Kyushu Chapter 3.1

Azul was slightly lucky, and the flute overflowed from every flute like a clear spring, and it filled the world quietly.

In the afternoon, the warm sun shines behind the sky, and the skylark passes lightly across the sky, drawing a graceful arc, like a girl’s brow, the small yellow flowers of the climbing chrysanthemums piled up on the knees of the sea of ​​flowers, all the way to the sights. On the horizon, occasionally the grassy slopes in the distance are like clouds that have drifted over white. It is the grazing teenager who passes his flock.

The small yellow flowers of the climbing chrysanthemums fluctuate with the wind, turning out the layers of flower tide, and the land seems to breathe fresh air slowly.

The red-brown pony scatters around and wanders around. Here, I lick a few mouthfuls of grass, go to the other side, and then slap it over Azul’s cheek. Azul coughed a few times and touched it with a smooth fur. He said, “It’s so stupid, you can’t catch up with Baru Bazar and come to trouble.”

This Eastland pony is his mount. After the physical recovery, the father refused to allow him to practice martial arts. Even the majestic and tall Northland horse did not let him ride, and changed this docile but mischievous pony. The mounts of Baru and Bazaar are descendants of the horses, and the legs are twice as long as the legs. When he ran and ran away, he fell, so that he could only sit here and wait for his companionship.

The so-called “companion” of the barbarian is the meaning of “friends.” Aristocratic teenagers will have their own companions from the beginning of martial arts. According to the rich and poor family, there are two or three people, and more than a dozen people. Accompanied by the master martial arts hunting, together grow up, and in the future to kill the enemy also go hand in hand, is a lifelong loyal follower.

Azul had his own companion when he was nine years old. The monarch had appointed the two sons of the Bab as the companion of Azul. The Bab was the eldest son of the shack. No one knows why the monarch should arrange this.

However, the monarch summoned Baru and Bazaar on the same day and patted their shoulders with their own hands: “Since then, you are the companion of the world, you must follow him when you die!”

The girl sits on the side of her legs and sits not far behind Azul, biting the thread.

She wore a green horse’s step skirt, a white braided waist, a large skirt on the yellow flower, half covered with sable deer leather boots. Barbarian girls like this kind of costume, and the horse-stepped skirt is like a collar, and it is wrapped around the waist and bundled with a belt. It becomes a skirt. The above is close-fitting, pulling out the soft and undulating lines of the body, but the skirt is wide and easy to ride. They don’t wear the silk shoes that Donglu ladies like, but the soft leather boots that wrap their calves so that they can run like men.

However, the girl behind Azul was quiet and graceful, and bowed her head in a voice. She was wearing long black hair and a small golden bell on her hair. When the wind came, Jinling was slamming in the local area, and she would look up and silently look at the direction of the wind.

It is the south, once in the pasture near the Iridian River, there is a tribe called the true face grazing cattle and sheep.

The flute suddenly paused, and the tail sounded. Azul moved and moved to her side: “Suma, are you homesick?”

The girl shook her head silently, sat down, and lowered her head to sew the belt in her hand.

“I know you always think about it,” Azul whispered. “Although you can’t say it.”

Longge Zhenhuang’s daughter, Longge Ning, was 13 years old.

The shepherd on the prairie said that time is a bareback wild horse, galloping like lightning, the best rider can not control. When I first arrived in the Qingyang Department, Suma was only twelve years old. She had a small face of sallow sallow, and she was like a poor boy. She was never seen by her fascinating sister Long Gezhen. .

But this girl is like a climbing daisy. Twelve or three years old is when she is about to bloom. In the eyes of people, she is changing day by day. The skin is like a blushing nephrite. The dark eyes are covered with clear blue. The eyebrows are painted with a light ink pen. The thin body becomes slender and rich. The chest is also gradually full, lined with slender waist.

After all, it is the sister of Longge’s compatriots. Everyone says that the lady of the true face of Longge is the daughter of the prairie, and naturally she will give birth to the daughters of the goddess.

The aristocratic teenagers in Beiducheng knew that Shizi had a beautiful female slave, and Azul took her out to ride the horse. The teenagers followed the flying eagle and looked behind them, whistling with impunity.

“Suma, Suma, let me play the flute.” Azul suddenly smiled. “I am playing the flute, you come to dance.”

Suma shook his head and pointed to his own ear. Azul knew that she was saying no to dance, listening to Azul playing the flute. Suma is the best dance among the girls in the Facial Department. Azul remembers his years in the Ministry of Reality. Every time he burns the lamb festival, Longge sings and Suma dances on the fire.

But those days have passed.

He was slightly lucky and thought of a higher tone. “呜”, the flute went out, like a muffled calf. Suma was taken aback and looked up and saw Azul embarrassedly looking around. She put the needle on the embroidered belt, took the flute from Azul, pointed her lips, and showed him a lip shape. Azul’s flute is also a Suma. He was only six years old when he first arrived at the Ministry of Reality. Suma is already an eight-year-old girl, but after a few years, it’s not much bigger than Suma’s. It is.

Suma’s ring finger jumped lightly on the hole, and the flute sounded like a string of birds with echoes. Several little birds in the grass screamed in the flute and flew into the sky. Azul’s eyes chased them. , it is out of God.

The clouds in the sky are lazy, the earth is quiet, like a dream of spring afternoon just woke up.

The sound of the flute stopped for a long time, and Azul returned to God. Suma handed the flute to him and lowered his head to sew. Azul thought about her fingering and put the blowhole to her lips. He snorted, and there was a faint warm fragrance at the tip of his nose. He sniffed around the flute and scented it from the flute, like musk, but so erratic, just licking gently at the tip of his nose.

“Suma, have you scented it?”

Suma glanced at him strangely and shook his head.

“It’s the fragrance of your body.” Azul said, handing the flute to her.

Suma smelled and shook his head. Azul hesitated, carefully sniffing around her neck. Suma returned to God and pushed him in panic. Two people rolled down together in the grass, and a cluster of tiny yellow flowers seemed to be thrown up by the light butterfly wings. Azul took a thick breath and Suma was pressed under him, not daring to resist. The chrysanthemum petals on her green skirt are like embroidered golden patterns, but they are more vivid and clear. Her hair was a little scattered, and her slender white neck was pink, with a hint of blue veins. She turned her head and did not look at the master. The full chest was slightly ups and downs.

Azul’s bright eyes hang down and condense on Suma’s face. Suma felt that her face was so red, and the slender blood vessels leaped nervously under the skin.

“Suma, you are really fragrant… It’s a smell with your grandmother,” Asul whispered.

He sat up and stunned.

Suma quickly finished the skirt, but just bowed his head.

Two people who don’t talk.

“Suma.” The child looked at her with her knees and said, “Suma is so beautiful, so smart, the flute is so nice, the body is still fragrant… I don’t know who is so good in the future, can you? your turn……”

His voice is very light: “I don’t know if I can live to see it?”

Suma was shocked and looked up and saw the master looking at the distant eyes. So quiet, no joy, no sorrow.

Azul noticed that Suma was watching him, and turned his head and smiled at her: “Lu Dafu often said, I have to raise it well, and ten years will not cause major events. I think Lu Dafu probably said that I can still live. Ten years? Actually, I am not afraid, but I am not too reconciled. I have nothing to give birth, and then I will die silently.”

Summa’s hand trembled, and a drop of blood red infiltrated the scorpion in her hand.

“Your hand…” Azul ran over and held her hand.

The needle passed through the scorpion and plunged into Suma’s fingertips. The large blood beads were red like a ripe red bean. Azul held the hand, but he couldn’t find anything that could be bandaged. He opened his mouth and wanted to contain Suma’s fingertips. He suddenly understood it. He paused and smiled and sent his finger. Go to Summa’s own mouth.

Suma followed him and laughed silently. When Asul looked at her, she lowered her head again.

“Hey, the son of the world, the daughter of the real Yanmin, is here to sneak! Is this the descendant of our Lu family leopard blood?”

Azul suddenly got up, and a dozen people suddenly jumped from the grass slope, and Azul was already surrounded by the group. It was a group of warriors with a strong brocade. The leader of the team had a shining bald head. Only a thick monouse hanged from the top of the head. The scorpion was covered with gold wire, and the scorpion was nailed with a gemstone. It shines in the sun.


Azul recognized it, Danhu, the youngest son of the King of Tagor. Among the four great kings of the Qingyang Department, the King of Tagor is the eldest brother of the Maharaja. The land is the largest and the slaves are the most. From the fire to the west to the Jinyun Mountain in the east, the grassland has his home everywhere. Herdsmen. Danhu was fifteen years old. He was the most beloved son of the King of Khan. He was as thick as a calf, and the meat on his face piled up, somewhat like his father.

Danhu’s whip on his hand turned around, squinting at Azul’s eyes, and suddenly stepped forward and pushed him to the ground. Suma stood up and tried to help him, but was kicked by the back of Danhu’s companion as a samurai on his knees and fell down on Azul’s back.

Azul struggled to stand up, and Danhu went up again on his shoulder.

Azul still fell in the grass.

Danhu smiled smugly, accompanied by laughter. He circled around Azul and Suma slowly, and the gem on the head of the head refracted the sunlight and dazzled, and Azul could not help but raise his arm to block his eyes.

Dan Hu turned and suddenly squatted in front of Suma and pinched her chin. Suma flashed a bit and held Azul’s arm tightly. Dan Hu went to pinch her ears again, this time Suma did not dodge again, she bitten Danhu’s fingers.

“Hey!” Danhu almost jumped up. “This little woman will bite.”

He pulled his fingers and saw that the two rows of creases were faintly bloody. His companion took a whip and walked up. Danhu stopped, and he looked down and saw the little woman staring straight at him. Her lips are more red, and the skin of goat’s milk is full of powder, and the scorpion seems to be blue in the sun.

“Shizi?” Danhu turned to Azul. “I have ten horses and buy something with the world.”

“What?” Azul couldn’t stand the rich smell of wine in his mouth, and stepped back to lean on Suma’s back.

“This little woman.”

“I don’t sell!” Azul shook his head categorically. “I don’t sell Suma. Abba said, Suma can’t sell or send… I will always be with me.”

“Ten horses!” Dan Hu took a sip. “This woman, I have bought ten! I can’t sell it, can’t I send it? Then I borrowed it in my tent! Your little woman bit me, I want I punish her well and I am mad at me.”

“You…what are you doing?” Azul’s heart tightened, and he reached over and took Suma’s hand.

“You are still small, hehe,” Danhu smiled. “You don’t understand it.”

He suddenly reached out and grabbed Azul’s clothes: “Come, I wrestle with you.”

He was tall and strong, and he raised Azul as a whole. Azul struggled in a panic. He had no place to borrow. He could only hold Summa’s hand tightly. Dan Hu violently pushed out and threw Azul all out. Suma’s hand and his hand were disengaged. He fell into the grass and felt that there was no pain in his body.

Dan Hu slammed Suma’s wrist, and the mouthful of alcohol was sprayed on her face. She turned her head and shouted to her partner: “Give me the wall, don’t let him get up!”

Seven or eight companions rushed up and killed Azul. Azul looked up and the sun was completely blocked. He could only see a blue sky, like a well. He wants to get up, but there is a group of bees flying in his head. He struggled to pick it up, and someone held his shoulder and made him unable to stand up.

He gasped, and he couldn’t say it all, just wanted to fall to the ground.

Danhu’s laughter came in from the outside. He heard the sound of struggling and scrambling, with a small voice inside, like the sound of the wild goose. He suddenly panicked. He was familiar with the voice. When the night was quiet, Suma was sitting on the grass with his knees and tears. This is the low voice.

She is a dumb and can’t cry.

He tried to look through the gaps of his companions, but he couldn’t open those thick warriors. Only the slits in the waist of the samurai were light-transparent, and the green horse-step dress was seen shining from inside.

“Ha ha ha ha,” Dan Hu smiled. “Want to see? Want to see? Have you seen it? You have not seen it before I can read it.”

He rubbed Suma’s wrist in his hands and opened her arms to see her soft long hair messy. Suma desperately bowed her head and tried to bite Danhu, but she couldn’t bite it. It was Danhu’s mouth full of alcohol.

“Hey!” Dan Hu suddenly released his hands, and Suma bit his shoulder.

She was suddenly stunned, and the tremendous power made her almost suffocate. Danhu smiled arrogantly and hugged Suma, trying to carry her whole body into her body. His hands were licking Suma’s hips and legs, and his body was hot like a charcoal. He slammed Suma down in the ground, his knees pressed against Suma’s legs, and slammed the skirt.

Danhu has not forgotten to laugh at the eyes in the gap.

Azul suddenly felt that he could not hear the sound, and everything in front of him was a cruel and awkward painting. Suma’s neckline was pulled to the waist, and the skin on his back was like sheep fat. She couldn’t move, Danhu buried her face on her chest.

Suma suddenly turned back in his direction. There was tears on her face, but she had no expression, so quiet, so quiet that he trembled, like the desolateness of death.

He felt a terrible heat jumping in his heart, like a fire. He tried to press his chest and tried to push the fire back. He had this feeling, and that was the case when he was sick all night. But he couldn’t hold it anymore, and the flame was flowing down his blood, and there was a strong rhythm that tore his body.

He wanted to stand up, but the big hands that pressed his shoulders increased his strength.

He tried again and he was going to stand up.

He raised his head and saw the face of the thick warrior full of surprises.

His elbow hit the samurai’s lower abdomen.

The warrior took a step back and looked down at the child, seemingly unable to believe it. Everyone thought that this child was crazy. He smacked out like a shadow and pulled the samurai’s belt. A small fist hit the samurai’s belly in a row.

The fire in the blood vessels has controlled Azul. He suddenly had a terrible pleasure. He had a strong idea to make the samurai’s belly a blood hole.

The samurai spit out a blood and fell into the grass.

Danhu and Suma were suddenly exposed to his sight, and Dan Hu was full of horror on the face. Azul forced him up, stepped on his leg and stepped on Dan Hu’s face, flipping him over, and he hugged Suma. Suma’s soft body trembled slightly, tears streaming down and dripping on Azul’s shoulder.

The slightest cold on the shoulders made Azul suddenly wake up. He looked around in horror and couldn’t understand what was going on.

“What are you still doing? Give me a beat, call me, call me to him!” Dan Hu yelled at the companions.

After all, the face is the world, and they are still hesitating, but they are forced to go together. Suma and Azul held each other and looked at the wall of the resurrection in horror.

The sound of the horse came like a thunder.

Everyone turned around and looked at each other. Two black and white horses stalked. Baru and Bazaar raised the sword of the sheath and slammed it all out. It is worthy of the son of Tie, even if the adult warriors were shocked by their fierce swords, they could not help but give back a few steps.

Baru jumped off the horse and grabbed a high-rise from his companion and tried his best to kneel at his feet. Bazaar took a horse and pulled Azul on the horse. Baru looked at the bare Suma on his chest and felt that his head was as big as three. At this time his dexterous horse had already turned back. He bit his teeth, flew a foot, kicked the partner closest to him, hugged her and hugged her on the horse.

With the entourage, Baru suddenly gave a low drink. The knife light is like a flash of light, and the Baru sword is squirted, and the body sweeps over.

No one dares to block his edge. People know this Tie’s child, and the adult samurai loses under his knife.

The two horses rushed out from the gap around them and threw Danhu and his companions there.

The lazy grazing pony looked at these people curiously, whispering in a “squeaky” voice, spreading the small hooves and following away.

After Dan Hu was stunned for a while, he jumped up: “Chasing! Chasing! You waste the face of our family?”

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