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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 3 Recap

Prince Yi Wuwei sneaked into the palace late at night, bid farewell to his father who was in a coma, and decided to go to Jiuhuamen to concentrate on training and find a way to cure him. When he came out, he was surrounded by the champion and the regent. Yi Wuwei fought to escape. . Mo Qingcheng, a woman disguised as a man, quietly returned to the Fuzhong

Qin Wentian came to the Galaxy Guild to select the gods. When he met Feng Ping, the craftsman of the Galaxy Guild, he saw the sharp golden armor-piercing knife and the blade under Feng Ping’s introduction. Feng Ping went to the steward and left. Qin Wentian felt It’s a pity to throw away the materials, I want to try training weapons. Success with the help of the god pattern. Feng Ping threw the weapon aside after Qin Wentian left. Elder Mu Qing of the Galaxy Guild came to Fengping and found the knife practiced by Qin Wentian and praised it. After leaving, I want to find the talents behind the scenes to refine the magic weapon.

Jiuhua Disciples Qin Yao with His Royal Highness Prince came to Jiuhua door, met Mo hurt the elders, the elders Mo injury was rushed to the dark forest experience, Mo injury elders master any of the thousands of lines received as a disciple of His Royal Highness Prince Edward. Bai Qin asked Qin Wentian to go out to visit the street to apologize, and Bai Qin gave Qin Wentian a hairpin.

Feng Ping wanted to worship Qin Wentian as his teacher. Qin Wentian said that he would go to Jiuhuamen to practice for several decades, but Feng Ping still insisted on apprenticeship, and Qin Wentian finally accepted it. This scene was seen by Elder Qingmu .

Mo Sicheng fainted suddenly with heartache and was helped back into the room. The former Patriarch of the Mo family, Mo Lao, saw the weather abnormally, and said to Mo Tianlin that if you want to take care of Qingcheng, the world will be in chaos, and Qingcheng’s time is probably running out.

Elder Mu Qing of the Galaxy Guild approached Qin Wentian and invited him to become the elder of the Xinghe Gongkeqing. Qin Wentian refused the invitation on the grounds that he was going to Jiuhuamen.

Qin Wentian second uncle said, boy, remember to stand up for our Qin family after arriving at Jiuhuamen, Qin Wentian said, yes, second uncle, father, second uncle and third uncle Wentian are gone, Qin Chuan said, Jiuhuamen has you My elder sister is here for you, so your siblings and brothers can take care of you. Qin Wentian said, don’t worry, dad, Qin Wentian knocked three heads and left.

On the way, Qin Wentian met Fan Le , an old friend who sold dark night clan weapons , and exposed his lies on the spot. Fan Le asked Qin Wentian to take him to Jiuhuamen to report. Qin Wentian refused, but in Fan Le’s coercion and profit tempted him, but he had no choice but to agree to take him.

While eating, Mo Qingcheng asked the ancestors of the Mo family to go to Jiuhuamen to practice, and got the ancestor’s consent. Mo Tian had no choice but to agree, but he was also very reluctant.

The dark night clan lone wolf said to Lord Ye, Lord Ye, rest assured, I will do my best to wish the Ye family the largest family in the Yi Kingdom, suppress the Qin family, and replace the Mo family. Master Ye said, thank you again, Mr. With great help, I will stand proudly for nine days in the future, and my Ye family will surely saddle the dark night tribe. The lone wolf said that Gu was grateful, and Master Ye said that although the Qin family holds the military power, they are under the Mo family. From this we can see that the Mo family is deeply hidden. Knowing, the Mo family seems to be strictly guarding a secret, what is the secret? He never knew.

Mo Qingcheng felt that Qin Wentian’s blood was weird. Qin Wentian and Fan Le came to the joint enrollment area of ​​the four colleges and universities. Brother Dashan received them. At this time, Princess Qingcheng also came here. Qin Wentian remembered this is the original person who helped him, then, Qin sister asked the day when joy came, and soon the four families who are in attendance, began the examination, there is magic mind dark Senlinneibu array to test Haier If the xinxing formation can not resist the erosion of the formation, you will lose your heart. Although there is no life worry, you will be judged to have failed this trial. The exam time is one day. Those who pass the trial will be deemed successful. Mo Sicheng, Qin Wentian, Yi Wuwei, and Fanle entered the dark forest together.

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