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Chapter 4 Strange Tree and Beast

On the top of Kunlun Mountain, at the highest cliff, a three-foot tree grows alone.

Regarding bronze as soil, it is used as nourishment, tenaciously rooted, green and shiny throughout, with luster.

The trunk has the thickness of a wrist, although it is not tall, but it has an old bark, and it is cracked like a layer of scales, and it feels vigorous.

Its leaves are carved like green jade, transparent and full of spirituality, shaped like the palm of a child, holding some crystal dewdrops, when the breeze blows, like white pearls rolling on the jasper plate.

At the top of the small tree is a flower-bone flower with big fists and silver-white body, but with golden spots, it is waiting to be placed in the cliff, and it has been fragrant and beautiful.

The strange little tree stood quietly and proudly.

Chu Feng tried several times, and the side of the bronze mountain did not get up. He decided to take risks and climb from the side full of rolling stones, but he needed to be extra careful, otherwise he might lose his life.

He retreated from the side of the copper wall and came to a flat area, walking around the mountain, while watching upward.

“How could it grow on bronze?” Chu Feng couldn’t figure it out.

He can only boil it down to the fact that the world that has happened several times has become more and more incomprehensible.

Chu Feng’s mood was calm, he frowned, thinking about all this, strange plants, strange bronze mountains, all of which were not in line with common sense.

A figure appeared in his heart, because the man had said something, but he didn’t care about it at the time, but it made him a little touched at the moment.

“One day, maybe a weed on the road will produce bright red fruits with big fists, and the ordinary things we have seen may be gone.”

This is Lin Nuoyi’s words, very plain, like a casual outgoing .

Just like she said when she broke up with Chu Feng, she was slightly indifferent and her voice was a little far away, as if she stood at a high place and said those words.

Chu Feng thought that she was talking about things between the two people, whether it was life or emotions, nothing could not be changed.

“She said

something ?” In this post-civilization era, there have been several changes in the world. Although most people do not know the inside story, there are always a small number of people who know the truth.

What exactly does Lin Nuoyi know?

Her figure appeared in the heart, Chu Feng sighed, although a little sad, but let it pass in the past.

He looked up again and looked at the top of the bronze mountain, revealing a strange color.

Does she really have something to say, along her way of thinking, many ordinary may be about to change, so what about the rare trees that are not ordinary?

Such a small tree, even before it hasn’t experienced a change, it is definitely extraordinary!

There are a lot of rocks at the foot, Chu Feng has already reached the edge of the bronze mountain, the road here is too difficult to walk.

Suddenly, a gust of wind came, Chu Feng’s eyelids jumped, he saw a shadow suddenly appeared on the ground, and he was about to cover him.

Something is approaching!

He was quick in response, he was physically strong, he turned directly, and quickly escaped. He quickly rolled out on the mountain for a distance. In the process, he took out the self-defense folding crossbow, which was assembled quickly and efficiently.

Outdoors, especially when traveling alone, how could there be no self-defense equipment, Chu Feng turned around and was a steel arrow, shot with a bang.

At the same time, he saw what that was!

An unspeakable shock appeared on Chu Feng’s face. The creature’s body was too large, far exceeding its counterparts.

A golden raptor with bright wings, stretched enough to be five or six meters long, swooped down from the sky, almost caught him just now.

With a loud bang, the steel arrow traversed, hitting a large bluestone not far away. The sparks splashed and passed the fierce bird, but it was avoided by it.

At the same time, the sharp big claws rubbed the earth and rocks on the ground, and the sound of rubbing was harsh, which made people feel emaciated. It blew up and the wind cried.

Chu Feng had a chill on his back. If he hadn’t reacted quickly and was caught by this fierce bird, the consequences would be disastrous.

The average falcon can easily grab the skulls of prey such as hares. Such a large golden raptor can imagine its strength. If you step a little later, the scene is absolutely miserable.

Chu Feng retreated at the first moment, chose a favorable terrain, leaned on a huge stone, and then he held a folding crossbow, aimed at the sky, and guarded carefully.

In the air, golden raptors hovered, so fierce, against the mountain, swaying strong wind!

Never seen such a large bird.

It looks like a golden eagle, no hair, bright body, scary body, very powerful, golden pupils, wild, full of excitement.

How can the average golden eagle be so big, this one is alien, it’s too abnormal!

If it was in ancient times, some tribes might regard this golden raptor as a Dapeng bird.

Because when the ancients made records, they were more exaggerated. Five or six meters long golden fierce birds are definitely a different number. If they appear, they will definitely cause big waves.

Especially in this Kunlun Mountain area, it will add mystery.

The golden giant bird was very fierce, but it didn’t dive over immediately, but was hovering. It had an extraordinary keenness, obviously also aware of the power of the crossbow in Chu Feng’s hands.

Suddenly, Chu Feng smelled a fishy smell.

The three snow leopards came slowly from the bottom of the mountain, quietly, their pupils were faint, their mouths were all blood stained, their white fangs were sharp, and apparently they had hunted some creatures not long ago.

They stared at Chu Feng, their bodies bowed slightly, and at the same time they looked at the golden raptor in the air. They were very afraid and gave an uneasy low growl.

The three snow leopards are far stronger than their normal counterparts. Their sharp claws glow with cold light, and their powerful bodies make preparatory movements that can be killed at any time.

Chu Feng frowned. He didn’t expect to encounter this kind of danger. There were golden fierce birds in the air and leopards running at a speed on the ground. He was in a worried situation.

Suddenly, the fur of the three-headed snow leopard shuddered, and the roots of the hair on the neck stood upright. They quickly dodge, jumped up, and entered the pile of rocks.

Silently, there was an additional yak on the mountain, the whole body was black and shiny, the black hair was like satin, the flow was dark, and a pair of thick horns were raised, facing the sky.

This can be called a king of wasting bulls, with a length of one foot, stout limbs and huge body, standing like a black hill.

This terrified Chu Feng. The black yak was so huge that it walked like a snow leopard without sound. It also appeared unexpectedly and could not be discovered in advance.

Moreover, the three snow leopards were afraid that this black and bright big yak had hid in the stone socks, which was very abnormal!

The big black yak looked up at the golden fierce birds in the air, then stopped, and stood there quietly, looking at the top of the bronze mountain.

How did all three creatures get here?

Chu Feng knew that in a dangerous situation, he did not act rashly, he was waiting for the opportunity to leave.

In the distance, six or seven beast shadows are running, coming up the mountain, the speed is very fast, showing white fangs, the fierce glance is unobstructed.

They are six wolves, all tall and strong, and the headed “head wolf” is completely white, with only one eye and a green light, which looks the most fierce.

When they got close, they stopped for a short time. After seeing the big black yak, they were slightly anxious and looked at the golden fierce birds, showing anxiety.

Suddenly, the calm was broken, and the six ferocious wolves worked together, rushing towards the top of the mountain at the same time along the rocky area.

At the same time, the three snow leopards also moved.

Chu Feng retreated, he wanted to leave.

Near the top of the mountain, the beasts roared constantly, and they competed to go up.


A shock came, and a snow leopard’s face was deformed, its flesh and blood were blurred, and it fell heavily from the mountain. It was overturned by a yellow shadow.

It was like a flash of lightning. It was too fast. The diagonal spike suddenly appeared and rushed into the herd.

It was a mastiff. The hair on the neck was thick and long, like the hair of a lion. It was about the size of a normal Tibetan mastiff, with leopard blood on its paws.

However, it is too fast, a leap is a few meters away, rushing forward.

The wolf howling sounded, very tragic, with blood splashing, and a blue wolf was bitten off his neck and flew out.

The other wolf was struck by the bulldog and hit the stone wall, languishing on the spot.

“This is the real mastiff rumored in the Tibetan area!” Chu Feng was surprised.

According to locals, the real mastiff lives in the wild and can be an enemy of tigers and leopards. The number is extremely rare and rarely found.

And this real mastiff is more powerful than rumors, as fast as lightning, broke into the herd, and only once contacted, it solved a leopard and two wolves.

This is King Mastiff, Chu Feng guessed, it is even more powerful.

The mastiff jumped again, seven or eight meters away, the big claws fell, and the power was comparable to the paw. With a puff, the eyes of a wild wolf were photographed and rolled out.

At the same time as it landed, the Mastiff threw down a snow leopard again, the roar was terrifying, and they rolled there, which was a wild release.

The snow leopard fell into the pool of blood, his throat was bitten, and he couldn’t see what he was doing.

The mastiff was not injured. There was a long hair like a lion’s hair on the neck. Although his head was not big, but like a roaring beast, he had a special momentum. It jumped up again and rushed to several other beasts.

Chu Feng could hardly believe that there was such a mighty mastiff! Just a few ups and downs, it is about to solve those beasts.

The last snow leopard also died, leaving only the one-eyed silver “head wolf” running desperately, rushing down the mountain, trying to leave here alive.

However, in a few landings, it was overtaken by the mastiff, a large basin of blood was opened, and its neck was severely bitten, and the whole wolf head almost fell off.

In this way, nine fierce beasts were solved in a short time.

Chu Feng gripped the folding crossbow tightly and waited for it, where he was guarding, this place was too dangerous!

The mastiff was quiet, and his mouth was full of animal blood, but it was not his own. It was motionless, looking up at the little tree on the bronze mountain cliff.

It is not very tall, but it looks exceptionally powerful. The yellowish fur is stained with the blood of other fierce beasts and is majestic.

In the process, the black yak was staring at the small tree on the Bronze Mountain without moving from beginning to end, and was very calm.

And the golden fierce bird hovered in midair, looking down here just as it was not long ago.

The three strange creatures are very calm, like someone’s spirituality, very calm, the target is the little tree, but they did not act immediately, as if waiting for something.

Chu Feng was shocked because these three creatures were really extraordinary.

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