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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 2 Recap

Ye Mo told the regent that Mo Tianlin refused to enroll in the four colleges, saying that the Qin family had countless magical soldiers in their hands. The Qin Mo family had always been loyal to Yihuang. Ye Mo suggested that the regent win over the Bai family.

Mo Qingcheng met the monster beast on the way to Tianyong City. He wanted to take a few drops of tears. It didn’t hurt his heart, but he had never beaten him. At this time, the elder Mo Huan of Jiuhuamen and his disciple happened to be nearby to discuss enrollment. After hearing the sound of the monster beast, he rushed over to look at it, and found that his niece was being chased by the monster beast, so he drove away the monster beast, and by the way, he taught the niece who came here by himself.

Diyi, the director of Jiuhuamen, observed the astrology and said that the Great Yi Kingdom could no longer be peaceful. Mo Shang and Mo Qingcheng’s people discovered that someone used the technique of extradition to rush to the sky with the power of the star soul to force the star gate to search for the star soul. This method is not to communicate with the star soul, but to obtain the star soul. Mo Qingcheng suspects This matter is related to the Dark Night Clan, Mo Shang sent Ruohuan , Da Shan and Yu Fei went to check.

At this time, Qin Wentian in the cave was fighting with the Taurus. Five hundred years ago, Emperor Cang used this star soul stone to communicate with Taurus, so he could only get the heart star soul stone approval after defeating the Taurus. After defeating the Taurus, Qin Wentian found a person next to him and asked him if he was. That person said you don’t need to worry. I am the guardian of this star soul stone. Call me Heibo. You must remember what I said. Don’t tell anyone what you are going to encounter today, otherwise there will be life concerns, so remember.

Ask the heavens, juniors remember. Heibo said, “This is the star soul stone passed down by the emperor. The star soul stone has opened up the meridians for you. At the same time, I congratulate you on communicating with the new souls of the five heavens. The power of this new marriage is huge. use. And took out the god pattern picture, saying that this god pattern picture contains thousands of ancient god patterns, can realize the person with magical powers, and can see the mystery and mystery that others can’t. You keep it well, how to use it, yourself Comprehend. Now that this star soul stone has recognized the Lord, my mission has been completed. Young people, rely on misfortune and good fortune and do it for themselves, then leave.

Tomorrow is the day of enrollment assessment. Qin Wentian has been missing for a long time, and no one can be found in the Qin family.

On the admissions selection day of the four universities, all people with lofty ideals in Daxi can participate. As long as they pass this examination, they are expected to enter the four universities. The 12-section jade-inlaid steps are called Bawangtai, which is used to test the innate qualifications of the selected person. 123 is the inferior, 456 is the medium, 789 is the superior. The tenth to the 12th step is the heavenly prodigy. Drums can be beaten in 500 years. In this assessment, only Ou Feng stopped at the ninth level and Bai Qiuxue stopped at the tenth level.

. Bai Guangcheng took this opportunity to announce that the marriage between the Bai family and the Qin family was invalidated and humiliated the Qin family. Qin Wentian, who was hiding in the crowd, stepped up the steps with the help of Mo Qingcheng, hiding in the crowd and watching the play. Overlord Terrace. Elder Mo Shang saw Qin Wentian’s performance and suspected him to be related to the previous sky vision. Qin Wentian sounded the thunder drum in ten directions under Bai Guangcheng’s anger.

Those who passed the six steps all passed the assessment. The four universities invited Qin Wentian to join, but Qin Wentian finally chose to join Jiuhuamen. Ou Feng Murongfeng also joined Jiuhuamen, but Bai Qiuyue was not invited to join. Because of Bai Qiuxue’s poor temperament, one month later, he held an experience among the admitted students. In the dark forest, he can become an official student number. Only after passing the test can he become an official student. Bai Qiuxue joined the Royal Academy and became senior brothers and sisters with Ye Wuque. In order to join Jiuhuamen, Mo Qingcheng worshipped Moshang as a teacher. Back to the Qin Mansion, adoptive father Qin Chuan asked Qin Wentian if his meridians had all the meridians. Qin Wentian said he was chased and fell off the cliff and kept the cave. They suspected that the chaser was from the court. .

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