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Yan Shi Fan Zhi Xin Qing Nian (2019) 艳势番之新青年

Yan Shi Fan Zhi Xin Qing Nian 艳势番之新青年 (2019)
Also known as: 艳势番之新青年/ 艳势番 / Yan Shi Fan / Brilliant Young People / Brilliant / Forward Forever (2020) / Forward Forever 热血同行

Genres: Action, Historical, Youth, War
China Mainland
Liu Yi Zhi (刘一志)
Hu Ya Ting (胡雅婷), Jiang Da Qiao (姜大乔), Huang Shan Shan (黄姗姗)
Release Date:
Jan 31, 2019
Related Show:
Revolution, China Republican Era, Republican Era, Adapted From A Novel


  • Z. Tao as Prince Chong Liming / Chong Li Ming
  • Jackson Yi as Ah Yi
  • Hu Bing Qing as Aixinjueluo Yuchu
  • Ning Xin as Hua Jiu Liu
  • Richards Wang as Wa Ge Na
  • Liu Yun as Fang Er
  • Wu Jun Yu as Yang Zhen
  • Ning Xin as Hua Jiu Liu
  • Wang Zi Teng as Y iGou
  • Wang Rui Chang as Wa Ge Na

The story takes place at the end of the Qing Dynasty and beginning of the Republic of China, following a bunch of youths in a time of turbulence, power struggles, and nation’s pride. Huang Zi Tao and Jackson Yi play dual lead roles; Huang Zi Tao plays Chong Li Ming, a leader to one of Eight Banners aka elite forces of the Qing military. But his other identity is the leader to a special royal organization (assassination group), Yan Shi Fan, which protects the nation. Despite A Yi’s humbling background, he encourages the boy to join. A Yi is described as beautiful, quiet, and cruel, with potentials to become a killing machine. A profound friendship develops among the men as they go through difficulties and challenges, realizing their ideals and desire to protect their homeland, and joining the revolution.

Chapter Lists:

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