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Between 三明治女孩的逆襲 (2019)

Between 三明治女孩的逆襲 (2019)
Also known as: 三明治女孩的逆襲 (三明治女孩的逆袭) / San Ming Chih Nv Hai Tih Ni Hsi (San Ming Zhi Nv Hai De Ni Xi) / Counterattack of the Sandwich Girl

Genres: Romance, drama
Hao Xin Xiang (郝心翔)
Ye Jing Xu (葉瀞嬬)
Release Date:
April 15, 2018
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Marcus Chang as Luo Cheng Kai
Esther Yeh as Su Xiao Qing
Lin Zi Hong as Qu Zi Jun
Lee Shiau Shiang as Gu Zhao Xuan
Kelly Liao as Han Zhi Xin
Carol Zheng as Wan Gui Fei
Lin Wei (林煒) as Song Hong De
Hai Yu Fen (海裕芬) as Jiang Mei Yun
Cosmos Lin as Lilian
Zhang Luo Ti (張洛偍) as Wang Zi Ren
Guo Yan Fu as Jia Bai Si

For Su Xiao Qing often finds herself “the meat in the sandwich”, who struggles with her relationship between family and partner, and also the seniority pressure at work. When it comes to Xiao Qing’s choice out of these dilemmas, she always takes others’ opinions over her own. Being sandwiched between love and work, Xiao Qing never thinks she’ll get rid of this compromising life. Then, two guys barge into her life and change it all. Her crazy new boss, Luo Cheng Kai, starts to help her make huge leaps at work, and her boastful new landlord upstairs, Qu Zi Jun, brings crazy surprises into her life. Unexpected changes are now happening to her work, life and love stories, and her chance to fight against the dilemmas begins. Source: Viki

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