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Youth Should Be Early (2021) 青春须早为

Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为
Other Title: 青春须早为, Qing Chun Xu Zao Wei, Youth should be early, Youth must be early, 青春须早为

Genres: Romance, Youth, drama
China Mainland
Zhang Heyang
Meng Zeguang, Chen Siyi, Wang Boyu
Mango TV
Release Date:
Jun 9, 2021 – Jul 13, 2021
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  • Hu Yi Tian as Zheng Gan
  • Zhong Chu Xi as Cheng Xin
  • Hu Dan Dan as Yao Jia Ren
  • Zhang Han Wen
  • Lv Peng as Kong Hao
  • Liu Qi Heng
  • An Yong Chang
  • Ou Yang Jia as You You
  • Liang Da Wei as Chu Yun Fei

Youth Should Be Early tells the story of a group of befriended fresh university graduates. At their graduation ceremony, Cheng Xin proposes to her boyfriend Zheng Gan, but is surprisingly rejected. While Cheng Xin goes on to work at her family’s corporation, Zheng Gan has a hard time finding a job, until Cheng Xin secretly helps him pass an interview withouth him knowing. But when the truth comes out, not only does he lose his job and reputation in the field, but the relationship between him and Cheng Xin is destroyed as well. Will Zheng Gan be able to get back up on his feet and trust in love again? source: cdramabase

At the graduation ceremony, Cheng Xin proposed to her boyfriend Zheng Qian, but was rejected unexpectedly. The reason was that Zheng Qian thought that his career was unsuccessful and did not discuss marriage. Zheng Gan declined Cheng Xin’s arrangement to let him enter the Cheng Group, and joined the vast army of job hunters, but he was repeatedly frustrated. Cheng Xin had no choice but to forge an interview and let Zheng Qian pass the interview to successfully enter the Tenda Group. The general manager of the company was Chu Yunfei who had a special liking for Cheng.

Eventually, the scandal of Zheng Qian’s fraudulent resume was exposed. Zheng Gan resigned and left, with a prosperous career. After resignation, Zheng Qian and his iron buddies Kong Hao and Mo Xiaobao established the “Daydream” creative studio. Because of the unique creativity, the studio quickly gained a certain reputation in the industry. Just when Zheng Qian and others were welcoming the new peak of their lives, a huge crisis also lurked-Cheng Group assets were conspired to seize by his deputy Liang Uncle. At a critical moment, Zheng Qian and Chu Yunfei abandoned their premonitions to support Cheng Xin. In the end, he won a commercial and moral victory, and Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin also had lovers finally married.

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