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The most sturdy ugly princess in history was held in the palm of all the beautiful men of the dynasty

Aoxin has been the Queen of Wei for ten years.

Ten years ago, after the royal family’s initiative to marry Aoxin’s father Weiyuanhou was rejected, they ordered the various princes to return to the court to celebrate their birthdays on the grounds of the Empress Dowager’s birthday.

Aoxin drank a glass of wine handed over by his sister Wan’er at the palace banquet, and then fell unconscious. Taking advantage of the chaos, he was taken to the side hall.

That night, the lights outside the side hall were bright and quiet, and the lively noise from the palace banquet hall could be vaguely heard.

Aoxin was dizzy, lying on the huge bed. Wan’er shook her wrist and asked tentatively, “Sister, are you okay?”

Until the door of the side hall opened, the corners of Ming Huang’s clothes were floating, and it was Emperor Wei who came to her bed.

Wei Di looked down at Aoxin from a high place, then bent down and tore off her dress. The cold air made her wake up for two minutes, but she saw Wan’er pulling off her hairband with precautions. Tie her wrists to the carved bed posts.

Aoxin struggled hard, “Let go of me!”

Wan’er said softly and tenderly: “Don’t blame me, elder sister, Long En is mighty, and being able to get the emperor’s favor overnight is a blessing that elder sister has cultivated in several generations.”

Without saying a word, Emperor Wei tore her clothes to pieces. The ground was full of shards of the cloth.

No matter how hard Aoxin struggled, the bedpost swayed and the red marks on her wrist were clear and terrifying, but she just couldn’t escape.

Wan’er watched quietly by the side.

Aoxin looked at her sideways, the broken light in his eyes was desperate and sad: “Wan’er, save me…”

Wan’er raised a sneer at the corner of her mouth, and said, “I finally brought you to the emperor’s bed, how can I let you go easily?”

As soon as the words fell, Emperor Wei did not delay any longer, removed the dragon robe from his body, and put it on Aoxin.

The woman’s body was very beautiful, and Emperor Wei ruthlessly rubbed Ao Xin’s body.

Aoxin kicked and struggled like crazy. Seeing that the hair band tied to her was loosened, Wan’er hurried forward to hold Aoxin’s hands tightly for fear that she would escape or make some noise.

Emperor Wei didn’t say much. Although Ao Xin was not tied up, the chance of her escaping from under her was very slim, but she was still satisfied with Wan’er’s dedication.

Wei Di lost his patience, grabbed Ao Xin’s neck, smiled coldly at her, and said, “Do you think you can escape?”

After all, the strong and powerful legs pushed Aoxin’s legs away, aimed at her, and the next moment he killed her fiercely, without the slightest pity or hesitation, completely penetrated her.

Aoxin was so in pain that he couldn’t cry out, and there were only tears in the corners of his eyes, confused.

For Emperor Wei, it doesn’t matter if he does or not, what he wants is Ao Xin’s body, and what he wants is her innocence.

If she was more obedient, she might not have suffered so much. But she was not obedient.

Emperor Wei showed no mercy to her, and let her be under him, like a candle in the wind, to spoil and take as much as he liked.

On the second day, she seduced Emperor Wei under the pretext of being drunk, climbed onto the bed of Emperor Wei’s dragon, and acted shamelessly. The debauchery spread among the princes who came to celebrate their birthday.

Aoxin became the object of shame and reproach by everyone.

At this time, Emperor Wei became the kind-hearted one, willing to let go of the past and marry Ao Xin as the Queen of Great Wei.

At the time of the Great Wei Dynasty, the rise of feudal lords, the strife of heroes, and the majesty of the royal family had existed in name only.

Aoxin knew very well that Emperor Wei had only one purpose to get her by this means—she was the only direct daughter of Weiyuan Hou of Huizhou, and Weiyuan Hou had 400,000 heavy soldiers in his hands.

She did this to the Queen of Wei, and the 400,000 troops would eventually be taken over by Emperor Wei.

Aoxin was young. At that time, when he was about fifteen or sixteen years old, he had just turned his head. She is not as delicate and soft as Wan’er, but has a kind of stubborn and tough beauty.

The colder Aoxin was, the more Wei Di wanted to conquer her completely until she was willing to beg for mercy.

As long as Emperor Wei rises, he can tear off the grand and gorgeous empress’s palace robe on Aoxing at any time, regardless of the occasion and status, without giving her any face, and without any gentle foreplay, he will crush her directly and roughly.

Although Aoxin doesn’t have a strong kung fu, she has been immersed in Weiyuan Hou since she was a child, and her body is as resilient as her temperament.

Emperor Wei was not at all worried about playing her badly, and she never asked for mercy.

Furthermore, it would be a good thing if Aoxin could be able to conceive an heir—the Marquis of Weiyuan might not have to support his own grandson.

It’s a pity that a year has passed, but there is no movement in Aoxin’s stomach. Wei Di’s sense of freshness towards her was also worn away, and she was very tired of her expressionless and indifferent look.

In the second year, Wan’er entered the palace.

As soon as she entered the palace, she was named a noble concubine, and she was very affectionate with Emperor Wei.

Later, Aoxin learned that Wan’er was rewarded for helping Emperor Wei to frame herself by entering the palace and concubine.

Wan’er is a concubine. If she doesn’t work hard to become a high-ranking person, she can only marry a good or bad family in that remote place in Huizhou, and then live a life without any disturbances, and she will never be able to surpass Ao Xin’s descendant. sister.

That’s not the life Wan’er wants. She wants to fly to the branches to be a phoenix.

Wan’er was very able to serve people and to please Emperor Wei.

Since she entered the palace, she has almost been favored by the six palaces.

Later, when she was pregnant, Emperor Wei was very happy and cared for her by thousands of people.

Although the child in her womb is not the direct descendant of Weiyuanhou, but it is also the descendant of the Ao family. The queen has nothing to produce, and with this son in hand, I believe Weiyuanhou will help a little anyway.

On this day, Wan’er met Aoxin at the lakeside pavilion.

At that time, Wan’er was wearing a gorgeous dress and skirt, beautiful and moving, with a smile on her brows, and her whole face was radiant. She was surrounded by a large group of palace servants, and everyone was waiting for her.

“Sister.” Wan’er blocked Aoxing’s way, lowered her head and stroked her stomach, and said with a soft smile, “It’s been a long time since the two of you and I were old friends.”

As soon as Aoxin saw her, he couldn’t help thinking of the scene where Wan’er helped Emperor Wei to humiliate her that night.

What kind of sisterhood could make her do such a thing.

Ao Xin’s fingers were cold and tightened slightly, but finally he held it back, ignoring Wan’er, and walked past her.

Wan’er moved to block her again, looked at Aoxin up and down, and the smile on the corner of her mouth turned cold: “Do you really think of yourself as a queen? Oh, it’s just a decoration that the emperor is tired of playing with.”

Aoxin looked up at her and said, “Then why didn’t he make you a queen? With my decorations here, I’m afraid you will never be able to sit in this position. Not only are you a concubine, but also your child in the future. It is also a concubine.”

Aoxin stepped on Wan’er’s sore spot, Wan’er’s face changed, and her smile was distorted: “What if I am a concubine, don’t I still trample you to death? You are just a tool for the emperor to vent his desires. , When the emperor vented at you, you must be in great pain, right? After all, I have seen it with my own eyes, tsk tsk, being insulted and humiliated, no part of my body is intact, it is no different from a broken flower and a lost willow.”

That was a nightmare in Aoxin’s life, and he never wanted to mention it again. But, Wan’er wanted to take pleasure in tearing open her scars.

Wan’er covered her mouth, looked at Aoxin’s pale complexion, and said proudly: “The emperor is very gentle and doting on me, you must have never experienced what it is like.”

Wan’er also said: “Fortunately, you are a stubborn and inflexible person. The emperor insists on taking your body, and you will never forgive him for the rest of your life. But as long as you know how to flatter a little bit, I will still have you. In the past two years that I didn’t enter the palace to please the emperor, I may have nothing to do with me. It’s a pity that I know you too well, Aoxin.”

Aoxin’s eyes were slightly red, and he said in a low voice: “I have never fought with you. You want to be a noble concubine or a queen. That’s your business. Why do you want to hurt me like this?”

Wan’er smiled and said with resentment: “Just because you are the direct daughter, without you, I would be a concubine, Weiyuan Hou is not my father, but my uncle, even if I enter the palace, I can be a concubine. Go to the queen! Can the emperor value me and love me!

“Sister, thanks to you, how bad the emperor is to you, he will be so good to me. It’s also because you are so ignorant of praise. Before I entered the palace, you failed to make the emperor like you, even a son. There are no half women, so it will be even more impossible in the future! You are just a broken shoe worn by the emperor!”

Aoxin closed his eyes and his hands were shaking.

However, Wan’er continued to pierce her heart: “You and I know that the emperor wants you only because of the military power in your father’s hands. When the emperor takes back the military power, your father and you will have nothing at all. It’s worth it. Your father’s military power and the power of the Ao family will all be used to add icing on the cake to me and the child in my belly. How long do you think you can be an empty queen? Maybe you will have to ask for it at that time. Leave a whole corpse for your father…”

The bright smile on Wan’er’s face was too dazzling.

Aoxin couldn’t bear it anymore. Her whole life has been ruined by this woman, and everything is thanks to this woman!

One of the things that Aoxin regretted the most was treating Wan’er as his own sister and treating her with sincerity.

Before Wan’er could finish speaking, she was interrupted by a crisp sound, which shocked the eardrums.

The slap that Aoxin landed on Wan’er’s face almost exhausted all her strength, accumulating all the forbearance in the past two years, all spread on her face.

Wan’er suddenly fell on the stone table in the pavilion, covering her face and screaming. Her messy hair hung down, covering the terrifying smile at the corners of her mouth. She lay down on the table, shaking her shoulders and hoarsely said: “Aoxin, you dare to murder the emperor, now you will never turn over. .”

The corner of the stone table just hit Wan’er’s stomach.

Ao Xinming knew that Wan’er was not good, and even if she did nothing, Wan’er would still knock her stomach. But this slap was the happiest slap she ever hit.

Then the palace people were in chaos, and those who helped quickly stepped forward to help, and those who went to report immediately went to report.

When Emperor Wei arrived in a hurry, Wan’er was already pale and sweat like raindrops. He angrily hugged Wan’er in his arms, Wan’er trembled lightly with bloodless lips and murmured, “Your Majesty, our child… I have no ill intentions, I just want to persuade my sister, and want her to marry her. The Emperor lives in harmony…”

Emperor Wei looked at her red and swollen cheek, which still had five fingerprints left on it, and then looked at Aoxin’s eyes, cold and terrifying like a ghost.

When Wan’er settled down, there was an imperial doctor who stayed there for diagnosis and treatment, and Aoxin had been escorted to the Lengdian by the palace servants.

Wei Di couldn’t help but say that, he also used the greatest strength to slap Aoxin violently, knocking her to the ground. Emperor Wei stood in front of her, gritted his teeth and said: “You can’t give birth to yourself, and now you still want to murder my prince! Aoxin, the pain Wan’er suffered, I will pay you more! I will make you regret it. and!”

Then he called two palace servants and slapped Aoxin a hundred times in the face.

Her cheeks were high and swollen, barely recognizable. In her ears, the dark red blood was slowly dripping out, buzzing all the time, like countless flies flying around in her ears.

Wan’er said that her stomach was hurting, so Emperor Wei gave Aoxin medicine to let her experience the pain to the death. She curled up on the ground, drenched in cold sweat, and warm blood dripped from the bottom of her skirt.

When Aoxin saw the bloodstain, he did not cry, but laughed.

fair enough. Every time she took the pill, she was afraid that something would happen to her. Well now, not even an accident.

Wan’er said that he was afraid that Aoxin would beat her again, so Emperor Wei broke Aoxin’s beating hand, and ordered the imperial physician to pick it up, pick it up, break it again, and pick it up again and again, and again and again, whenever it rained, Pain into the bone marrow.

No matter how painful it was, she never shed a single tear in front of Emperor Wei. The smile on her face was distorted by the pain, and she said to Emperor Wei, “If you have the ability, kill me.”

Dead or alive, it made no difference to her. Or it would be more comfortable to be dead.

Wei Di gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t you think life is more interesting than death?”

If you ask her if she regrets it? Aoxin thought that she should be a little regretful. She shouldn’t have just slapped Wan’er, she should have pushed Wan’er into the lake and drowned!

In the fourth year, Wan’er became pregnant again.

However, Aoxin’s ear and hand diseases are difficult to cure.

Wan’er gave birth to a pair of sons and daughters for Emperor Wei successively. Apart from not having the name of the queen, the treatment was better than that of the queen.

The 400,000 military power was returned to Emperor Wei’s hands, and during those ten years, Da Wei appeared to be safe and sound. However, the national strength of the army is gradually depleting, and it is finally unsustainable.

Later, it was a group of heroes competing for hegemony, and there were endless wars and disputes.

In the end, Hou Weiyuan died on the battlefield. No one can protect Aoxin’s life and death.

Aoxin cried bitterly while holding his father’s bloody armor.

But Wan’er told Emperor Wei that Ao Xin was trained by Weiyuan Marquis since he was a child. To fight, to go into battle to kill the enemy.

The sword on the battlefield has no eyes, and if you are a little careless, the body will be wrapped in horse leather, and you will not be able to die.

Aoxin’s only remaining use value is her surname Ao.

When Emperor Wei issued the decree, he took the Queen’s Phoenix Seal from Aoxin’s hand and put a heavy seal on Aoxin’s hand. He bent down slightly and said in Aoxing’s ear: “Weiyuan Hou Xin is dead, if you don’t behave well, I will have his corpse dismembered, dismantle his bones one by one, and take them out. Go and feed the dog and let him die.”

Aoxin has an ear problem and his hearing is very bad.

However, the words that Emperor Wei said against her ear were chiseled into her heart word by word, like a magic spell, making her cold to the bone.

Aoxin set off on behalf of her father to fight against the vassals, not to protect the territory of the Great Wei Dynasty, but only to protect her father’s entire corpse.

She went from being a daughter of Houmen to licking blood and wandering in the field of life and death. She thought that it would be better if she died in battle, and she would be free.

But the more fearless she was, the more tenaciously she survived on the Shura field.

The Great Wei did not last long and was defeated to the capital. Those generals who lead the army flee, flee, and betray the enemy.

Emperor Wei ordered Aoxin to guard the city to buy time for Emperor Wei and Wan’er to escape.

Emperor Wei dug up the grave of Marquis Weiyuan again, and opened up the resting corpse. When Aoxin saw his father’s corpse, a crack finally appeared on his expressionless face.

It was a kind of monstrous resentment that even after going to hell, he wanted to crawl out to drink blood and eat meat.

Emperor Wei put a pair of armor on the corpse and placed it under the second gate.

And he wanted Aoxin to guard the first city gate.

If the first gate is broken, her father’s bones will be trampled by thousands of troops.

In the past ten years, Aoxin has lived worse than a pig and a dog, and is in a state of embarrassment. Her father’s remains are her only tie in this world.

She looked at the white bones, her eyes were scarlet, and she swore an oath: “Wei Yunjian, Ao Wan, I have become a ghost, and I will wait for you on the Naihe Bridge. I will remind myself that when I go underground, I must not drink That Meng Po Tang; if there is an afterlife, you must pay the debt with blood!”

There was a lot of war, and Aoxin couldn’t hear the soul-stirring killing shouts in his ears, only a low sigh-like neigh echoed.

She was covered in blood, and the enemy attacked wave after wave.

Aoxin’s eyes were full of blood. The arrows pierced through her flesh, and she didn’t feel any pain at all.

In the end, she was like a sculpture stained with blood, guarding the city gate with her own flesh and blood, standing still.

It was snowing, and her turbid vision was intertwined with white and red. A cold, bloody smell filled his nose. The ear finally returned to a quiet.

Can finally die. It turned out to be such an easy thing.

The three enemy armies washed the city gate with blood, and only later did they realize that the man with messy hair and motionless standing under the city gate was actually a female general. Da Wei is really hopeless, and actually let a woman to resist the enemy’s thousands of horses.

It’s just that she didn’t know whether she was dead or not. She kept her eyes open, she didn’t move, her body was covered with knife wounds and sword marks, and there were several arrows stuck in it. The enemy troops she slashed under her feet piled up into a hill.

The enemy army came up step by step, and did not act rashly. Instead, they split a road from the middle, and a slender figure walked out slowly, stepping on the sky to fall the red-stained snow, every step seemed to have an icy and murderous momentum, turning the gray sky and the blood all over the ground. Fit together just right.

Aoxin could vaguely see that what caught his eye was a pair of black boots stepping on a river of blood.

But she didn’t even have the strength to raise her head, so she couldn’t see his face.

She could only barely stand firm and did not fall down, but that person seemed to be familiar with her. After a while, she turned her back to her and slowly bent down. The force was still there, but she carried her on her back and left. This corpse-ridden Shura battlefield.

“My father…” Aoxing’s words were blocked by blood in his throat. When he opened his mouth, blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth and dripped onto his shoulder.

Her father is still under the second city gate, and she falls, what will her father do?

After a long time, he replied to her: “Don’t sleep.”

It was a breath that made her extremely stable, as if she had been away for a long time, she suddenly felt inexplicable sourness and grievance, and wanted to cry. She couldn’t give any answer, her body was spasming and bleeding all the time.

He carried her on his back and walked forward.

The icy air made Aoxin wake up briefly for a moment. She still couldn’t see his face clearly, laying on his shoulders, she could only see the cold armor on his shoulders, her blood-stained fingers accidentally touched, but unexpectedly soft.

All the way, Aoxin’s blood dripped all the way on the ground.

In front of it is a vast frozen lake. The lake is flat and quiet. Listen carefully, and there is the sound of the wind blowing through the ice.

Step by step, stepping on the blood marks, he walked on the ice lake.

She asked him softly, “Who are you?”

He replied, “I am King Anling.”

“King Anling.” Aoxin muttered softly, tilted his head, leaned against his shoulder, and cried quietly, “Can you please… bury my father well…”

In the end, she couldn’t wait for his answer, and let him have a long way to go. She slept on his shoulders, no longer making a sound.

I don’t know if it was a dream or reality, but when the light returned, Aoxin seemed to see crystal cracks appearing in the ice layer on the lake that he stepped on.

There are more and more cracks, spreading around him with him as the center, and it can burst open at any time.

Ao Xin was startled and wanted to remind him, but she couldn’t make a sound.

I saw his feet sink, and then countless icy lake water poured in from all directions, making her feel extremely depressed and suffocated. The chill that dipped into her bones enveloped her.

She knew that she was helpless, and she didn’t feel a pity to die, but the man who fell with her was the man who was carrying her.

Aoxin kicked his legs subconsciously, trying to get closer to the man in the water. But at the moment of kicking his legs, as if he had gotten fresh air, he took a long breath, opened his eyes immediately, and woke up.

Instead of sinking to the bottom of the lake, she lay on a bed.

The room was very quiet, the light outside the window was rather dazzling, and the pot on the stove was steaming hot, exuding a strong medicinal smell.

Then the cold feeling in her limbs hit her, which made her clearly feel the taste of being alive. Those hatreds, those fights, seemed to have turned into a long-term dream, making her feel in a trance for the rest of her life.

Aoxin breathed out softly from the breath held in his chest.

Halfway through the sigh, suddenly a bun head stuck out from the bed, crying and laughing at her, eyes red and wiping tears, mouth opening and talking non-stop.

Aoxin was still a little stunned, and the girl was a little stunned when she saw this. Then the girl started to cry, and said while crying: “Miss, are you stupid? Don’t scare the slaves, why don’t you talk?”

Aoxin gradually returned to his senses, and there were vague voices in his buzzing ears, and he said, “I’m behind my ears, you speak louder.”

Seeing her clear articulation and sober expression, the girl couldn’t help but be ecstatic, and said loudly, “Miss, you’re finally awake!” Suddenly, she slumped down in front of the bed, screaming loudly, “Miss, you are really awake! Awful life!”

Aoxin: “…”

She could hear these two sentences very clearly.

After drinking the medicine, Ao Xin felt two points of warmth on his body, and he felt a little more comfortable.

It turned out that this girl was called Fuqu, and she was a personal girl who served Ao Xin’s daily life. But now the master and servant are living in a very down and out, and both live in the temple on the mountain.

I heard that Ao Xin had suffered a serious illness, and the long-term illness did not heal. The aunt in the family decided to take her to the temple to recuperate, saying that she might be able to recover because of the blessing of the Buddha.

I also heard that Ao Xinsheng’s serious illness was caused by falling into an ice hole in winter.

How did she fall into the ice hole, oh, it turned out to be to save her sister Wan’er, but she was trampled on her head and climbed out of the ice hole by herself, but she sank into the water and almost died.

Originally, I couldn’t remember this when I woke up again, but once Fuqu mentioned it, Aoxin faintly felt as if there was such a thing.

The temple is quiet, and people with normal ears can hear the sound of wooden fish coming from the front hall. But Aoxin’s ears are abnormal, and even she can’t tell whether it is the ear disease left over from old age or the eardrum that was damaged by the shock of the water when she fell into the water.

In short, if Fuqu wanted to communicate with her, he had to speak louder.

So the monk masters who knocked on the wooden fish in the front hall could hear Fuqu’s indignant words from the backyard, like pouring soybeans to clean up the scandal in the house.

The wooden fish in the hands of the monk in the Buddhist hall stopped as he knocked, and he was unknowingly attracted by the loud voice. When he came back to his senses, the sound of the wooden fish in his hand continued, and he repeatedly said “Amitabha Buddha, my Buddha is merciful”.

“Miss, the fourth miss has something in her mind! She dragged the young lady into the water, and just stepped on the young lady to climb out. After she came out, she sat by the pond without making a sound or calling anyone, watching the young lady struggling in the water. I want to kill Miss!”

Fuqu said while wiping away tears, “This servant almost never sees Miss again!”

“And that Chu family, taking advantage of Hou Ye’s busy military affairs, he even sent the young lady to this temple, saying that the Buddhist hall is quiet and conducive to rest, and then he will never ask again, not to mention any soups and supplements. Don’t even bring two more servants! She clearly wants the young lady to fend for herself!”

After listening to it for a long time, Aoxin didn’t make a sound. Fuqu stretched out her hand and shook it in front of her eyes. Then she looked at Fuqu with an unpredictable expression, and asked, “You just said, what’s the name of Fourth Miss?”

Fuqu didn’t know why, “It’s called Ao Wan. Miss usually calls her Wan’er. Miss, did you miss the point? It doesn’t matter what her name is, the important thing is that she wants to kill you!”

As soon as the words came out, Fuqu realized that something was wrong, and asked again, “Miss…how can you not remember the name of the fourth lady…”

Ao Xin recited absentmindedly: “Wan’er, is it Ao Wan?”

She lowered her head, looked at her tender hands, and looked at her tender body. After a long time, she smiled and said, “It may be because of the illness, I don’t remember much about the past. It’s okay, it’s good to be alive.”

Fuqu said that she had just turned fifteen years old not long ago. The bones of this body haven’t grown yet, so everything is still young and young.

Aoxin realized that God had mercy on her and let her be born again. And it was the time when she was reborn ten years ago, before she entered Beijing and before she was killed.

The memories of her childhood are already very blurred. Only the ten years of torture in the Great Wei Palace in her previous life were left, as if it was engraved in her mind, and she would not forget it even in her next life.

She is alive again, how can she not laugh. Not only had to laugh, but she had to have the last laugh…

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