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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 48 Recap

Pete wounded Gao Lang in a surprise attack, accused Gao Lang of illegal invasion, and asked Ning Weikai for his purpose in sending him to his home. Pete sneered and took out a camera hidden in the flowerpot, threatening to provide him with information about the new Bori, or he would call the police and take him to jail. Gao Lang retorted that he would not betray Ning Weikai, and then the two fought again. Ma Feng and the others squatted outside the door of Pete’s house, watching all this but couldn’t help. Because once shot, it exposed the fact that he was monitoring Pete. Pete knocked Gao Lang unconscious, and then reported to the police that someone had burgled.

Ning Weikai was shocked when he learned that Gao Lang had broken into Pete’s house and was arrested. He immediately brought Grace to the hospital to see him, but was stopped by the police guarding the door. The frustrated Ning Weikai happened to meet Pete in the corridor, and Pete sneered at Ning Weikai. Ning Weikai accused Pete of despicable means, but Pete deliberately pretended to be confused. Ning Weikai wanted to do it in anger, but was stopped by Grace in time.

In order for Pete to hand over the video, Lisa reported to Pete that the three Linhai City companies would jointly develop a project of the Allure Plan, which may have a certain impact on DP. Pete then threatened Lisa to help herself get Allure’s complete plan. Lisa had no choice but to compromise because she had a handle in Pete’s hands.

Zhu Hanjing came to Ning Weikai’s office and asked Gao Lang if he knew anything about it. Ning Weikai denied it, and Zhu Hanjing complained that Ning Weikai had never put her mind on New Baorui ever since she walked with Grace. Ning Weikai was silent. At this time, Lisa came to Wenda Company and asked Li Zhicheng bluntly whether he was going to join forces with Xin Baorui and Simeqi to carry out the Allure Plan. Li Zhicheng responded unceremoniously. Lisa hit a nail and had to leave angrily.

Gu Yanzhi took Li Jinyuan for a walk on a date. Li Jinyuan blamed Gu Yanzhi for being absent-minded recently and asked him if he was hiding anything from him. Gu Yanzhi bluntly said that it was for DP, and Li Jinyuan persuaded him not to put too much pressure on himself. In the evening, Lin Qian called and urged Li Zhicheng to go home, and Li Zhicheng told her that he wanted to discuss cooperation with the two companies. Lin Qian was lost and was about to hang up, and suddenly heard a knock on the door. She was surprised to find that Li Zhicheng was standing outside the door pretending to be a polar bear, and Lin Qian couldn’t help being surprised and happy.

The next day, Li Zhicheng asked Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng to meet. Pete suddenly called to congratulate Li Zhicheng on his happy marriage. At the same time, he gave Li Zhicheng a gift. It turned out that Gu Yanzhi had sold his shares in Wenda to Pete. When Li Zhicheng heard the news, he was surprised and angry. Li Zhicheng calmed down, worried about the impact of the company’s talks, and decided to invite Gu Yanzhi to his home.

After the two parties met, Li Zhicheng asked Gu Yanzhi why he wanted to sell his shares without authorization, accusing him of selling the shares at this time to kill Wenda. Gu Yanzhi seemed to have taken the wrong medicine, and directly threw the resignation letter on the table, saying that from today onwards he has nothing to do with Wenda. Lin Qian next to him couldn’t stand it anymore and criticized him for eating inside and out. Li Zhicheng asked Gu Yanzhi if he was short of money. If he was short of money, he could ask for help. Gu Yanzhi said angrily that he didn’t need Li Zhicheng’s charity, and he would strive to get what he needed. Lin Qian suddenly thought of something and asked Gu Yanzhi if there was anything unspeakable. Gu Yanzhi didn’t say a word, and turned to leave.

After Gu Yanzhi came to Li’s house, Li Jinyuan angrily accused him of betraying Wenda and slapped him directly. Gu Yanzhi said calmly that he needed money. However, in the face of Li Jinyuan’s repeated questioning, Gu Yanzhi refused to say anything. Li Jinyuan said angrily that she would not fall in love with a betrayer, because he would betray herself one day, and left unfeelingly after speaking. Gu Yanzhi was heartbroken, but still had no excuse.

When Li Zhicheng came to Gu Yanzhi’s office, he felt melancholy. He suddenly remembered that Lin Qian suspected that Gu Yanzhi must have another purpose in doing this. He also guessed that Gu Yanzhi did this to gain Pete’s trust on the surface, but in fact it was secretly crossing the warehouse. Li Zhicheng casually opened Gu Yanzhi’s drawer and found a credit card. He called according to the business card number, and then ordered the monkey to meet with the credit man and ask what happened. Li Zhicheng then went to visit his sister Li Jinyuan, and learned that Li Jinyuan broke up with Gu Yanzhi in a rage today. Li Zhicheng asked Li Jinyuan not to meet with Gu Yanzhi for these two days, so as not to expose Gu Yanzhi’s true intentions.

Pete and Gu Yanzhi met at the bar, and the monkeys also appeared at the bar deliberately under Li Zhicheng’s instruction. Gu Yanzhi threw the wine glass in front of them and claimed that he did not owe Li Zhicheng for so many years in Wenda. The monkey and the others returned to the car. They were angry when they saw the monkey. The Hornet speculated that this was a rivalry played by Gu Yanzhi and Li Zhicheng, and the audience was Pete.

Chen Zheng tried to call Chen Yayi’s phone, but he couldn’t get through. He sent Chen Yayi to WeChat, but he was directly deleted as a friend. Grace returned to H Fashion Group in a high-profile manner, and she directly approached Lisa to remind her that H Fashion Group was all promoting DP recently.

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