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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 42 Recap

Li Zhicheng took a video of his boyfriend putting makeup on his girlfriend to go to Lin Qian, and he enthusiastically offered to give her makeup. After Li Zhicheng finished speaking, he took Lin Qian to the dressing room. Li Zhicheng said that although it was the first time that he put on makeup, he believed that he could do it. After saying that, Li Zhicheng couldn’t help but said to put her makeup on, and finally gave her a big face.

Suddenly, Li Zhicheng took out his ring to propose to Lin Qian. Lin Qian cried and said that he would not marry Li Zhicheng. He was very dissatisfied with the time Li Zhicheng chose to propose. He is so ugly now. Li Zhicheng immediately said that Lin Qian is always the most beautiful in his heart, and he must remember this moment deeply. At this time, all the people hiding around came out, and together they congratulated Li Zhicheng on his proposal. Seeing the surprise Li Zhicheng had prepared, Lin Qian was angry and moved. She cried and stretched out her hand to ask him to put the ring on.

Grace went to work in the office and found that Lisa had modified her layout, so she directly asked her assistant to call Lisa over. Grace unceremoniously accused Lisa of disrespect for her work, and claimed that DP Group was suspected of plagiarism, and H Fashion Group would never cooperate with this kind of company. Lisa sneered that DP’s advertising expenses were worth ten small companies, and Grace accused her of having no bottom line in pursuit of profit. The two finally broke up unhappy.

Chen Zheng found that since DP became a shareholder, the sales of Simeqi have plummeted. He went to the door to question Pete about this matter. Pete claimed that this was a regulation of the headquarters. Chen Zheng retorted why Simici’s products went offline without any notification. Pete avoided the topic and said indifferently that Chen Zheng must make an appointment next time. At the same time, Li Zhicheng and Gu Yanzhi also inspected the physical store of New Baorui when they were looking at the new DP store. They believed that Pete’s intention was to swallow Simeqi first, then fight New Baorui, and finally fight Wenda. In order to prevent Pete’s conspiracy from succeeding, Li Zhicheng asked Gu Yanzhi to discuss countermeasures with Chen Zheng and Ning Weikai.

Pete found Lisa, and Pete deliberately told Lisa about Grace’s withdrawal after investing in Aida. He hoped that Lisa could take back the position of editor in chief of China. Lisa, who was provoked, thought that Grace was using the company as a place for private interests, so she first tried to win over the major shareholder Wu Dong. Sure enough, Wu Dong, who likes beauty, was attracted by Lisa, and he promised to stand on her side.

Lin Qian took Li Zhicheng home to discuss how to deal with the menacing DP. Unexpectedly, his brother Lin Mochen suddenly returned from the United States, Lin Qian panicked and immediately hid Li Zhicheng. The brothers and sisters chatted for a while, Lin Qian hesitated for a moment, and told Li Zhicheng’s marriage proposal. She hoped that her brother would agree to the marriage. Lin Mochen objected without hesitation after hearing this. Before Lin Qian had time to refute, Li Zhicheng suddenly opened the door and introduced himself to Lin Mochen. He begged Lin Mochen to agree to marry Lin Qian and invited Lin Mochen to see his father. Lin Mochen said indifferently that he could arrange a meeting next time he returned home.

When Grace went to work in the morning, she found DP company roll-up banners everywhere in the company’s studio. She asked the assistant in surprise what was going on. The assistant said embarrassingly that the company is going to do an exclusive interview with Pete today. Grace said angrily that she didn’t know about it. Lisa walked over and said that she agreed. Grace immediately fought back and said that she would not allow interviews with unqualified subjects, and she was the editor-in-chief here. Lisa smiled all over her face but leaned close to Grace’s ear and said that she is now the editor-in-chief, not necessarily in the future.

Grace had to call Wu Dong to come to the company. Wu Dong stood on Lisa’s side, and Lisa used Grace’s investment in Aida and the ambiguous relationship with Li Zhiqian to embarrass Grace. Although Grace explained that the investment was a decision made by the company’s shareholders meeting, Lisa still insisted that she was selfish. Wu Dong wants Grace to endure Lisa first, and they must retain their relationship with the US headquarters. Grace expressed angrily that in order to avoid another conflict with Lisa, she was planning to apply for a half-year vacation. Ning Weikai saw Grace who was off work in the garage. He knew that Grace was in a bad situation at the company and wanted to take a vacation. He said that he would be there anytime. Grace was still resentful because of the previous incident, and did not respond.

Gu Yanzhi invited Chen Zheng out to talk about cooperation. He wanted to talk to Chen Zheng about an APP project because Chen Zheng has experience in operating the Simeiki APP. Chen Zheng said that the investment and operating expenses reached almost 20 million. Gu Yanzhi was stunned. He said he wanted to discuss with Li Jinyuan. Gu Yanzhi later told him that Li Zhicheng had asked him out, and Chen Zheng was unhappy about leaving when Li Zhicheng hadn’t seen him. After Li Zhicheng rushed to stop Chen Zheng, he directly explained his intention to hope that Simici and Wenda would cooperate against Pete. This was the only way to keep Simici. Chen Zheng pondered and said nothing.

Zhu Han rushed to let Zhu Dong and Pete meet to discuss cooperation, but Zhu Dong directly rejected Pete if he didn’t want to cooperate with DP. Mr. Zhu angrily scolded Zhu Hanchong, and at the same time said that as long as he had a breath, New Baorui would never cooperate with DP. Zhu Hanjing invited Ning Weikai to dinner at home, and Ning Weikai agreed. That night, Zhu Dong suddenly asked Ning Weikai’s attitude towards Zhu Hanjing before the start of the family banquet, and sincerely hoped that Ning Weikai and Zhu Hanjing would be together. Ning Weikai hesitated. After Ning Weikai left, Mr. Zhu sadly said to Zhu Hanqian that Ning Weikai’s heart was not with her.

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