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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 40 Recap

After Pitt and Chen Zheng met, he straightforwardly proposed that he could raise the purchase price. Chen Zheng still wanted to explain, but Pete interrupted him arbitrarily, and then turned and left. Just after two steps, he suddenly turned around and said that Chen Yayi was very beautiful, and took a photo of her. It turned out that Pete was interested in Yayi’s clothes and asked the assistant to find out the brand of the clothes as soon as possible.

Gu Yanzhi took Li Jinyuan to the Yellow Crane Tower to take pictures, and saw Li Jinyuan unhappy. Only when I learned that she was unhappy because of being deleted by others, Gu Yanzhi comforted her that she could build a platform of her own, and Li Jinyuan turned her worry into joy. At this time, Li Zhicheng and the Hornet were drinking together, and the Hornet and the others curiously asked what their mission was. Li Zhicheng deliberately sold the pass, and then Li Zhicheng told them sternly that they needed them to help them prepare for their marriage proposal, and the Hornet was shocked.

Chen Zheng held a general meeting of shareholders in Simeiki to persuade shareholders to accept DP’s shareholding. Some shareholders questioned that Chen Zheng had more shares in DP than his own. In this way, DP would have the right to speak. Chen Zheng confidently talked about DP accounting for 35% of the shares and 30% of the shares by himself. As long as the shareholders stand with him, they can grasp the direction of Simici.

Li Zhicheng deceived Lin Qian back to the shop on the grounds of taking the plan. As soon as they walked into the shop, Ma Feng, who was hidden in the dark, remotely controlled the sea, land and air toys, and they were preparing for the marriage proposal mode, but they accidentally messed up the scene. It’s a mess. Li Zhicheng quickly explained to help them out. Lin Qian was inexplicable and didn’t understand what happened.

All DP clothing stores were registered in Linhai’s clothing market overnight, which made Li Zhicheng feel that DP’s explosive appearance was obviously not good. He ordered Gu Yanzhi to investigate all the stores and make a summary report to himself. Later, Li Zhicheng called Ning Weikai to discuss the matter, but Ning Weikai thought that Li Zhicheng was unfounded worry, and Li Zhicheng felt that the person who came was unkind and he must be cautious.

Grace met Pete, and Pete opened the door and mentioned that he hoped H Group would cooperate. Grace declined Pete on the grounds that the company needs to go through the process and the board of directors evaluates the entire project. At this time Lisa also rushed to hear the news, but the interaction between her and Pete surprised Grace, and even the assistant felt that Lisa did not come to inspect, but to show off.

Gu Yanzhi hurriedly reported to Li Zhicheng that DP had opened ten new stores, all of which belonged to Simec. It seems that Simec has already cooperated with DP. Li Zhicheng speculated that DP should choose Wenda or Xinbao Rui as agents in the future, but DP has not been in contact, so it needs to take the initiative now.

New Baorui quickly convened a meeting to deal with the strong attack of DP. Ning Weikai asked his assistant to collect Pete’s personal information, and the assistant said with embarrassment that Pete was too mysterious. At this time, Zhu Hanjing came to the venue and quietly told Ning Weikai’s father that he knew that DP had landed in Linhai. Zhu Hanjing analyzed that DP would definitely choose local producers when he first arrived in Linhai. Only Xinbaorui and Wenda are qualified in Linhai. Two. My father meant that before Wenda made a move, he would act first and try to win the DP’s OEM order. Ning Weikai pondered for a moment, and said that he would contact DP first to find out his style.

The assistant took Pete to outside the Qingcheng store and reported to him that Wenda was behind the store, the operator and designer were Lin Qian, and Lin Qian was also the girlfriend of Wenda’s president Li Zhicheng. In the middle of the night, Li Zhicheng drove and blocked Pete. Pete ridiculed that the meeting with Li Zhicheng was very special. Then Pete jokingly said whether he would choose Xinbao Rui or Wenda as an agent to answer him tomorrow. When Pitt left, he suddenly said that he was very interested in Lin Qian’s Allure series. If he could buy DP into the Allure brand, he would consider letting Wenda do the exclusive OEM for DP. Li Zhicheng clearly rejected him.

Ning Weikai bite the bullet and went to H Group to find Grace. He said that DP’s current aggressive momentum didn’t know what his ultimate goal was. He said nervously that if Pete captures New Baorui or Wenda, the entire Linhai City clothing industry will be controlled by DP, which would be terrible. He reminded Grace to be careful not to wait for Pete to control the entire Linhai clothing industry and become passive.

The next day, Pete’s assistant came to invite Li Zhicheng to discuss the OEM. After Li Zhicheng arrived, he was surprised to find that Pete had an appointment with Ning Weikai at the same time. Ning Weikai immediately guessed that Pete’s intention was to make the two bargain on the spot and fight to death, so that Pete could enjoy the fisherman’s profit. After reading the plan, Ning Weikai complained that it was an unequal treaty at all. When Pete returned, he unexpectedly discovered that Ning Weikai had left. Pete was surprised to learn that New Borui had withdrawn. Li Zhicheng said neither humble nor arrogant, DP needs a plug-and-play production line, and Wenda meets all the conditions of DP, so it is not that he is begging him, but that DP needs itself.

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