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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 48 Recap

Some people think that Ning Que and Mo Shanshan are the relatives of the immortals, and some people think that Ning Que says the most is Sang Sang, and even some brothers think that everyone is talking about Ning Que’s wedding here. There is a kind of Ning Que The feeling of selling to the red sleeves.

A group of elder brothers and elder sisters, headed by elder brother Li slowly and second elder brother Jun Mo, have become two factions. Some support Sang Sang and some support Mo Shanshan. Li slowly reminded Jun Mo Sang Sang to be Wei Guangming’s successor, but Jun Mo thought that Sang Sang and Wei Guangming could not be reduced to a conversation. Li slowly couldn’t help frowning. I felt that Jun Mo was still the young man who admits death. The two saw a big fight. Yu Liang came over and thought that they were both wrong. Yu Liang thought that the path of life must be looked at. No matter how they go by themselves, no matter how they fight, it is useless. No matter how much they choose, they will have to pay for it.

Even if the master is present, they will definitely look at it this way. Everyone will respond with respect and respect. Yes, Jun Mo and Li slowly realized that both were for Ning Que’s anxious anger and a smile. Ning Que asked Chen Pippi what he liked to eat, and Chen Pippi told Ning Que that he used to eat crab yellow porridge, but now his favorite is Sang Sang’s hot and sour noodle soup. Chen Pippi gently told Ning Que that he should not be too greedy. Ning Que seemed to understand the meaning and seemed to want to give up choosing Sang Sang. Chen Pippi was furious and accused Ning Que of wasting his Tongtian Pills, and also told Ning Que of Tongtian Pills that he did n’t want to give Ning Que to eat it. Sang Sang grabbed it. His hot and sour noodle soup was also Sang Sang.

Sang Sang is his real thing. In this life, he cannot do without Sang Sang, and Sang Sang cannot do without him. Chen Pippi reminded Ning Que to think about how the two support each other until today, and then Chen Pippi turned around and left. Ning Que was silent, thinking about everything between himself and Sang Sang. At this time, Sang Sang looked at herself in the mirror, but was thinking of Ning Que, and couldn’t help crying. Mo Shanshan practiced writing in the room, and it reminded me of Ning Que’s hippie smiley face. He couldn’t help showing a smile. Then he thought that Ning Que said that Sang Sang is the best noodle in the world. The painful severed the writing brush, and his fingers were punctured with blood dripping onto the paper. Dao Shi of Baita also rushed to Kyoto. Xiling Zhangjiao, who was informed of the news, was very happy and thought that Qu Ni was inexplicably seriously injured in the wasteland, and Dao Shi should help her get justice.

At this time, Dao Shi was always looking for Ning Que on the street, just to see Chen Pippi and Ning Que came together, Dao Shi recognized Ning Que and challenged him. Dao Shi also frankly came for Qu Ni. Ning Que couldn’t help frowning. Now when she hears about a woman, she can’t help with headaches. Dao Shi uses her own magic weapon to smash the ground into the world of the mind. Ning I did n’t know that Daoshi was actually a Read a teacher. Chen Pipi found that the two had entered a fantasy, knowing that Ning Qiu was not enough, and worried that he would not take advantage. In the illusion, Ning Que is not Dao Shi’s opponent at all, and his behavior is controlled by Dao Shi, but Ning Qiu adheres to his heart and gets rid of the control of the teacher to escape from the illusion. Dao Shi was startled, seeing that Ning Que had already been enchanted, and then brought Ning Que into the illusion again. Chen Pippi wanted to enter the illusion to help, but Dao Shi claimed that he was a pure land.

It is also believed that Ning lacks the magic and must die. However, Ning Que pointed out that Dao Shi was going to kill him this time not because he was enchanted, but for revenge for Qu Ni. Dao Shi did not conceal telling Ning Kui that he was his mother. Ning Que also said that it was Daoshi who made him understand the importance of Sang Sang now. Losing Sang Sang would make him feel anguish. Chen Pippi hurriedly pulled Ning Que away and ran all the way. Chen Pippi wanted to pretend that he didn’t hear Dao Shi saying that Ning Que was enchanted. Instead, Ning Que pulled Chen Pippi to reveal his blood-red eyes and let him see the fact that he was enchanted. Later, Ning Que asked Chen Pipi to hope that Chen Pipi could take good care of Sang Sang if something happened to him because Dao Shi was Qu Ni’s son.

The matter must be so important that he left. Sang Sang had been preparing for the baggage, and said in his mouth that he would not follow Ning Que, but in fact he was upset because he had waited for Ning Que to fail. Ning Que came to Mo Shanshan, and Mo Shanshan asked Ning Que to write a post for her. Ning Que promised Mo Shanshan to write as much as he wanted. Mo Shanshan proposed that Ning Que write to her for a lifetime. In his imagination, Mo Shanshan seemed to see Ning Que smiling and agreed, and hugged her to spin in the snow. Happy laughter spread. In fact, Ning Que said sorry to Mo Shanshan, and also hoped that Mo Shanshan could be treasured. Mo Shanshan knew that this was Ning Que’s rejection of himself. Although he knew tears in his eyes, he still did not lose courtesy.

Missing the gift, watching the back of Mo Ningshan tears slipping down his cheek. Ning Que came to Hongshouzhao to drink, and the Master also came here. Although Ning Que did not know that the person in front of him was the Master, the Master already knew about Ning Que. Ning Que thought that the Master was talking, and he drank and punched while holding the Master ’s shoulder. Ning Wei also told the Master that the next state teacher, Dao Shi, was killed by him, and asked the Master to guess how he killed Dao Shi and told the master that if he could n’t guess, the dead ghost teacher could n’t guess, the teacher stared at Ning Que and said nothing, and Ning Que continued to tell the Master that he was killed by his own magic.

The Master gently cursed a jerk, one The fan hit his forehead and Ning Que fainted. Li slowly arrived in time to catch Ning Que and salute the master.

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