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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 41 Recap

Wei Guangming asked Sang Sang whether he believed in the chance. Sang Sang nodded slightly. Wei Guangming claimed that Sang Sang was his chance. Suddenly, Wei Guangming seemed to see everything clearly and thought that they had been wrong before and were right. I saw Wei Guangming’s whole body release light, Sang Sang also radiated his whole body, Yan Se slightly smiled, claiming that everything in the world is right or wrong, it is also time for them to leave, and leave everything to them to do, Wei Guangming is very concerned about this Agree, even the individual stretched out his hand and walked towards each other with a smile on his face. The whole body emitted a dazzling light straight into the clouds.

The two also seemed to fly into the air, leaving the flesh turned into dust. Sang Sang’s eyes were stabbed by the light No, when they opened their eyes, they found that the two had disappeared. Sang Sang shed tears and cried to the master. When they saw a leaf falling, Jun Mo and Chen Pipi looked at the fallen leaves and knew that the two had broken five. Jing has already left, and sincerely admired the two for seeing everything through. Li Qingshan felt the sadness of Yan Se’s departure. He knew that his brother had stood in front of him all these years. Without Yan Se, he would not have been the so-called Tang master of Tang Dynasty.

Li Qingshan thought with tears. The great priest of Xiling also knew that Wei Guangming was dead. He looked up at the sky above for a moment of silence, and knew that Wei Guangming had found the light’s heirs. In the wasteland, Mo Shanshan and Ning Queye Redfish finally walked out of the cave and came to the valley of Tianqi Mountain. The three of them continued to move out of the valley, and they just met Tang Xiaotang, the sage of the monster. Tang Xiaotang was shocked to see Ye Hongyu injured like this. He asked who hurt her so. Now it seems that he does not need to do it by himself. Ye Hongyu has become a waste. Mo Shanshan saw Tang Xiaotang speak without polite rebuke. Tang Xiaotang Looking at them in anger and declaring war, Ye Hongyu reminded Ning Que that this person could not afford to walk with Tang ’s sister.

Ning Que turned to be soft, claiming that each side of the road would go on one side, but Tang Xiaotang did not intend to embarrass them, but It was offered to take them out of here. However, she had a condition to enter the academy, and Ning Que had to help as a disciple of the academy. Ning Que promised Tang Xiaotang, but Mo Shanshan thought that Ning Que would definitely play tricks. Tang Xiaotang asked Ning Que to write a contract. Ning Que claimed that he had no pen and ink. Mo Shanshan truthfully stated that he had pen and ink, and Ning Qi was angry and stared at Mo Shanshan. Mo Shanshan couldn’t help laughing. Tang Xiaotang promised to take them out when he saw the evidence.

Ning Que saw the “puppy” in Tang Xiaotang’s arms very cute and couldn’t help but praise him. Tang Xiaotang told Ning Que that her Pippi was not a wolf. Ning Que was frightened. When I heard that the wolf was called Tang Pippi, I couldn’t help laughing. I couldn’t help asking Tang Xiaotang if the snow wolf was very tasty. I knew it all day long. Eating, Tang Xiaotang nodded in shock. Ning Que took it over, took the snow wolf in his arms, and claimed that Snow Wolf was Chen Pippi’s brother. Before, I always thought that Chen Pippi made things difficult to eat, but now suddenly I miss what he made, which made Tang Xiaotang Even more surprised, I did not expect that Chen Pippi would still eat, and asked who Ning Que was, and Shanshan Mo could not help but laugh, and told Tang Xiaotang that he was the twelve Mr. of the academy. Chen Pipi. Tang Xiaotang is very curious about this young genius and claims that he must defeat this world genius.

In private, Ning Que whispered to tell Tang Xiaotang that Ye Hongyu always wanted to kill him, but just because he was killed, he negotiated it out and then started. He now hurts Long Qing and is Xiling’s enemies. If Ye Hongyu really wants Tang Xiaotang to help, if Ye Hongyu does Tang Xiaotang, he will help. Ye Hongyu from behind was not far away. Hearing Ning Que said that these could not help but say that he did not know why the Master would accept people like him as apprentices. So cynical looks would sooner or later become a scourge of the academy. Ning She wasn’t angry when she was absent, but she said she was a scourge of the academy now. Don’t wait until the future. Ye Hongyu was dumb.

Later, Ning Que took the initiative to invite them to the capital to eat Sang Sang noodles. Tang Xiaotang immediately came to see Sang Sang when he heard that Sang Sang was good at cooking. As soon as Ning Que and his party arrived at the Mozong Mountain Gate, they were injured by Xiahou who was waiting there. Xiahou quickly defeated Ye Hongyu and Mo Shanshan. He took a wooden box from Ning Que’s arms. Due to the lack of life, Li slowly appeared in time to control the situation. Mo Shanshan, lying on the side of the grass, hurried forward to salute. Li slowly accused Xiahou of a dignified general who actually attacked Ning Que and lost his identity. Xiahou knew that he was not Li slowly’s opponent. He simply said sorry and left. The angry Ning Que was going to chase Xia Hou, and was slowly stopped by Li. Li slowly persuaded Ning Que that he was not Xia Hou’s opponent at the same time. He also thought that Xia Hou was a strong opponent, and then asked whether Ning Que needed the box.

Ning Que shook his head and said slowly, Li slowly relieved to tell Ning Que not to be right, the box was full of the spirit of the Demon Sect. On the side, Tang Xiaotang asked Ning Que whether she had obtained the heavenly script and what was in the box. Ning Que told her that it was lotus ashes. After Xiahou left, he could not wait to open the box, and greed appeared on his face. But when I opened the box, I realized it was Lin Sheng’s ashes, she was well placed and bowed down. Ning Que said goodbye to Ye Hongyu, and he looked like a hippie with a smile. He hoped he would never see him again. Ye Hongyu promised to spare him once when he met him to save himself. Tang Xiaotang also reminded Ning Que to keep his promise. Mo Shanshan also had to leave, but Ning Que did not rest assured that Mo Shanshan left alone and repeatedly blocked.

Li slowly saw this and could not help but laugh and persuaded everyone to go together. Ning Que claimed that since he came together, he would go together. , Could not help but pull Mo Shanshan and left, Mo Shanshan happy mouth raised. Li slowly realized that Ning Que was reluctant to Mo Shanshan and took the initiative to persuade Mo Shanshan to go south to visit the academy together. Mo Shanshan could not rest assured of the sisters, but rather overheared the two of them, and heard this hasty suggestion to let Mo Shanshan send a letter and agree to meet together in the capital. At that time, he invited the sisters to dinner and play, Li slowly Could not help laughing, Mo Shanshan also smiled. At this moment, I suddenly saw Lu Chenjia riding a horse into the wasteland. Ning Que was worried that a girl alone would be unsafe here. Mo Shanshan knew that Lu Chenjia had come for Longqing.

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