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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 30 Recap

After Ning Que studied Fu Dao, it was his brothers and sisters who were unlucky. He was often tricked by Ning Que using Run Dao, the chess board was dangling, the swing was chased after, and the embroidery screen suddenly burned. Even Jun Mo’s big goose was run by Ning Que’s chasing pool, Chen Pippi wrote a note on the door and window, “Fire, Anti-theft, Ning Que”. Shui Zhuer is practicing dancing with the girls with red sleeves. When she sees Ning Que, she respectfully salutes, and tells Ning Que that this is what Jane ordered.

You must treat Ning Que with respect, and you must not be entangled with Ning Que. Ning Que makes trouble. At this time, someone ordered Jane to summon Ning Que, and Ning Que had to meet Jane. When I saw Jane Ning Que, I couldn’t help complaining, claiming that I was eighteen years old and not too young. I hope Jane would not restrict her sisters to playing with him. Everyone Jane told Ning Que how lucky he was to enter the academy. It must be cherished. Ning Que thought that even the master would not care about these things. Everyone said that if she did not speak, the master agreed. He also dared not accept Ning Que, and persuaded Ning Que not to come to this kind of fireworks.

Ning Que suddenly felt that the relationship between Jane and the academy must be extraordinary. Jane truthfully told Ning Que that her old friend was Ning Que ’s young teacher, Ke Haoran. Ke Haoran liked Jun Mo very much and passed Hao Ran sword to Jun Mo in person. At the time, Junmo was still a small child, but he looked like an old man, which made everyone like it very much, especially Jane ’s sister even liked to tease Junmo, often turning his face red and red, everyone liked to call Junmo as Xiaomo Mo, this title actually made Ning Que nearly spray water. I didn’t expect that the serious and old-fashioned second brother actually had such a nickname. Everyone also told Ning Que that his sister cried when he died, and never saw him again. Tears. Ning Que was sitting on the bed meditating, wondering what kind of person Uncle Ke Haoran was. Suddenly, Sang Sang was extremely cold, and Ning Que hurriedly called Sang Sang to his quilt to help Sang Sang warm. Ning Que was extremely hot and hot, but Sang Sang was extremely cold. Sang Sang sang Ning Que to cool him.

Ning Que suddenly felt that his body was hotter and suddenly realized that Sang Sang had grown up. Ning Que quickly let Sang Sang lie down. He went to Sang Sang to sleep in his bed, Sang Sang didn’t realize that Ning Que accompany her to sleep as usual, and Ning Qiao hurriedly persuaded Sang Sang to sleep by himself. A long sigh of relief. Ning Que was very curious about Ke Haoran, and Jun Mo praised Ke Haoran as a very remarkable person with respectful eyes. Ning Que asked how Bibi was, and Jun Mo claimed that the two were not the same type of person, and then left. Xiling asked Tang King for help, and Tang King also sent troops to annihilate Desolate. The Tang King originally opposed it resolutely.

From the perspective of Tang King, Hao Tiandao and Mozong were a religious dispute. They were not suitable to fight in the kingdom of Tang, and Li Qingshan was not allowed to fight. Although Li Qingshan was in charge of the south gate of Hao Tiandao, But he is also a Tang Dynasty national teacher. Hua Shanyue reported to Tang Wangyi that the Golden Account Wang Ting had occupied the land of the barren, and now the barbarians fight back.

The Golden Account Wang Ting will surely attack the border of the Tang Dynasty afterwards. It should be prepared beforehand, at least it should be stationed In case of frontiers, Tang Wang thought that Hua Shanyue made sense, and asked who the factions were to fight against the deserted people. From the dispatched personnel, Tang Wang saw that the factions were also in order to show their strength and were unwilling. Offending Xiling, I just sent some new people to it. Later, I also planned to send students from the academy to the frontier.

Over the years, the students of the academy had to go to the army to practice. This time, they had to go to Xu Shi ’s army to practice. , Just take this opportunity to go to the frontier. The ministers all thought that these students were still young enough to be able to take up the office. However, Tang Wang proposed to let Ning Que lead the team. Li Qingshan strongly opposed it, claiming that Ning Que was already on the second floor of the academy. For practice, Tang Wang believed that Ning Que had not formally worshipped as a teacher, and was still a student in the front yard. If he led the team, he would also give Xiling Tianda’s face, let alone go to practice without killing people. Do not fight the magic sect, and Ning Que had been able to face all the life and changes in the army. It was appropriate for him to lead the team.

Everyone saw King Tang insisting that no one would dare to raise objections. Mastering the teaching did not rest assured that Long Qing went to the wasteland alone to get the heavenly scriptures, so in private he ordered the Great Priest to preach Ye Hongyu secretly to the wasteland and win the heavenly scriptures. Mastering this plan is also a double-edged sculpture. He deeply knew that Long Qing wanted glory and opportunity, and he gave Long Qing what he wanted most. As for Ye Hongyu, he could never sit back and watch Ye Hongyu and Long Qing on a boat. Everyone is bright and dark, if Long Qing is known, there will be a suspicion in the heart. Li Yu knew from Hua Shanyue what Ning Que was going to practice, and he was suspicious. He did n’t know what the purpose of Ning Que ’s practice was this time, why he did n’t hit Mozong or waste people.

Li Qingshan was worried that King Tang ’s move would make a big mistake. In addition to destroying the Demon Sect, Xiling and his party had an important purpose of Tianshu. He was worried that Ning Queqiang would give it to the master if he took the Tianshu, and as long as it was related to Tianshu, it would be shocking. Yan Se thinks that the appearance of Tianshu in the wasteland is only a legend. If there is really a Tianshu going, so many people may not fall into Ning Que’s hands. If there is no Tianshu, there is nothing to worry about. Besides, the face should always be face to face. correct. The head teacher and the great priests told Ye Hongyu to go to the wasteland, but Ye Hongyu refused to go, but just wanted to practice meditation. The great priest accused Ye Hongyu of the original He deliberately left Chen Pippi and was almost killed by his elder brother.

Thanks to his teaching and his plea, he protected Ye Hongyu. Moreover, Ye Hongyu has never been defeated in these years. Only by deliberately seeking defeat can he be truly undefeated. Ye Hongyu was also moved by the last sentence and promised to go to the wasteland. Long Qing suddenly told Lu Chenjia that he regretted her attitude towards her, hoping that Lu Chenjia would agree to marry him and solemnly kneel down and propose to Lu Chenjia. Lu Chenjia happily extended her hand to Long Qing and agreed to Long Qing’s proposal. .

Long Qing told Lu Chenjia affectionately that she is the princess of Prince Yan from today and agreed to see the two of them in the wasteland. Lu Chenjia was shocked and knew that this time Mr. Thirteen would also go to the wasteland, but Long Qing told Lu Chenga coldly that he would take it back this time, and then left without looking back.

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