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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 4 Recap

Zhang Yiqi pretended to be afraid to kneel on the ground for mercy and express his loyalty to Li Peiyan. He knew Zhang Yiqi’s thoughts. These words were also what Li Peiyan liked to hear. Sure enough, Li Peiyan laughed and raised Li Peiyan, claiming to know his loyalty. This is why he was recommended, Zhang Yiqi immediately vowed to be loyal to the Lord. On the first day of Zhang Yiqi’s appointment, Zhang Yiqi had to expand the territory of the Qingyun Division.

The people under his guidance persuaded Zhang Yiqi to speak with Chao Xiaoshu, but Zhang Yiqi arrogantly thought that this site was the court, and there was no need to tell the people of Yulong. It was also when the people from the Qingyun Department drove the people with great fanfare, and brought people to Xiaoshu, Zhang Yiqi’s men turned around in fright, and ordered Xiaoshu to guard the street, take turns guarding, and planned to accompany Zhang Yiqi. play. Cui Delu came to report to the host that Prince Li Peiyan ordered Zhang Yiqi to do something with Zhao Xiaoshu. To Cui Delu, Zhao Xiaoshu was definitely not a simple swordsman.

The owner told Cui Delu to let him help the Qingyun Division, and he could send it if necessary. The practitioner, killing Chao Xiaoshu will make the capital city more and more chaotic, and there can only be one king in this world, that is him. Cui Delu led the way. The owner recalled that he was the Crown Prince of the State of Chongming when he was a child. His name was Chongming. Because King Tang personally led a large army to defeat the State of Yan, Chongming became a hostage to meet the King of Tang. King Tang asked Chongming whether he hated him in the hall. Chongming believed that victory and defeat were common in the military, and he would not hate King Tang. It is not too late for a gentleman to avenge his revenge for ten years, and he will definitely revenge in the future. Ning Que brought Sang Sang into the city and was questioned at the gate of the city, but because Qi Siye of the fish and dragon gang also had to enter the city, the guard Zi Ziye respected him and couldn’t care about Ning Que. . Ning Que and Shangdang came under the Suzaku Gate in the city and looked up at the Suzaku in front of them.

There was heavy rain in the sky. Sang Sang hurriedly held up an umbrella to block Ning Que. Ning Que suddenly felt heartache, and Sang Sang also felt extremely cold, and the two were close together. Suddenly the rain turned back, and the sky was clouded. Ning Que’s chest pain disappeared. Sang Sang no longer felt cold. Although they were wondering, they didn’t go into it. Suzaku Gate. After thinking about the cliff, Mr. Jun Mo, the second academy of the academy, came here to see the uncle, just as Master Li slowly came here, both of them lamented that the uncle left, leaving them endless memories. I do n’t understand why some people have to fight with Tian. Jun Mo thinks that there are not many people who can fight with his own destiny just like Uncle Xiao, and I am looking forward to the appearance of such a person. The presence of this person has been felt and will soon appear. Ning Que took Sang Sang to the gate of Zengfu, saw the grass everywhere, and then left again.

Now Ning Que. In the room, the three emperors of the Tang Dynasty, Li Yiyuan, gathered everyone to sing and play in the shadow puppets. There was a lively scene, and Li Yu returned at this time. Li Yuanyuan told Li Yu that this was all a shadow play for her, and asked everyone to perform the following for Li Yu. The angry Li Yu stopped and reprimanded Li Yuanyuan for funeral. He spurred everyone to accompany Li Yuanyuan for inaction, and immediately drove everyone away. Li Yuanyuan found an excuse and ran away. Li Yu was preparing to change clothes. Li Peiyan came here, and Li Yu was very pleased to ask Li Peiyan. When Li Yu and Li Peiyan met, they couldn’t help looking at each other with tears in their eyes. Li Peiyan felt bad that Li Yu was a lot thinner, and just sighed. He also blamed Li Yu for not protecting him. Li Yu remembered that she would marry the Golden Account Wang Ting because of the summer.

In order to prevent Tang Wang from setting up the summer, Li Yu volunteered to marry the Golden Account Wang Ting, and the Tang King rebuked Li Yu for the summer and agreed to her. After marrying the king’s court, Li Pei persuaded Li Yu to go and see Tang Wang, and claimed that Tang Yu had also missed Li Yu over the years, but Li Yu was still sad that Tang Wang had only summer in her heart and never had her daughter. In the summer, I saw that Tang Wang wanted to see Li Yu very much, but he was afraid that Li Yu still blame him, and he never dared to summon him, so he came to inform Tang Wang that he had sent a post, and tomorrow Li Yu would bring Xiaoman into the palace, and Tang Wang was happy. Drow caught up with Ning Que all the way.

The two had not seen each other for fifteen years, and they shot as soon as they met. Ning Que looked at the rope on Drow’s hand and remembered that they were hunted down when they were young. The people in the village were killed. The two escaped and became brothers. The leather rope on their hands was a witness, and Sang Sang was also They were rescued on the way out. Sang Sang was still a baby at the time, and she was able to survive by hiding under a big umbrella. Because she had the mark of Sang Ye, she named Sang Sang. Now Sang Sang is 15 years old. . Ning Que told Zhuo Er that he came to Xiahou when he came to the academy in the capital. He brought people to slaughter the village that year. Only by practicing can he be defeated. Drow told Ning Que to take revenge, and let Ning Que take care of Sang Sang.

Drow told Ning Que that he had followed Xiahou for a long time. He wrote down everything he did every day and knew everything about his schedule. Ning Que told Drow that their lives were tied together. He went to the academy to study and could To deal with Xiahou together, you cannot let Zall take risks alone. Li Yuan round tortured the youngest son of the Yushitai family and did not listen to his subordinates’ advice. He proudly claimed to be the future monarch, especially when Li Yu returned, he was even more reckless. Zhao Xiao came to Drow, and suddenly asked him if he was a member of the military. Drow was shocked. He pulled out his sword and gave it to Chao Xiaoshu. He acknowledged his identity and let Chao Xiaoshu kill him. Zhao Xiaoshu suddenly laughed and told Drow to make him the eyes of the military, so that he could know the fish dragon All the things told the military department that Drow knew that his identity had changed again. The typical spy, imprison, and handed Xiao Shu a portrait of a masked man towards Xiaoshu, and asked him to find out this person. Drow promised to find this person.

Li Yu came outside the palace, remembering Tang’s love for himself when he was a child, holding Xiaoman up his chest and heading towards the palace. Li Yu came to Wang Tang and saw that he was playing with some children’s toys. These were from Li Yu ’s childhood. Tang Wang always regarded them as treasures. Even Li Yu ’s clothes and the words she wrote were treasured. Wang Tang also always hoped that Li Yu would grow up happily like the daughters of ordinary people. He did not want Li Yu to worry about the country and the people. He just wanted her to be happy. If anyone dared to bully Li Yu, he would help Li Yu fight back. Protect Li Yu.

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