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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 17 Recap

Chen Pipi demanded that Ning Que must be admitted to the second floor. Xia Hou suddenly sent troops to fight for his teeth, strangling Yan Jun 300. Great victory.

In Xiahou’s opinion, this matter can’t be concealed, nor is it going to be concealed. General Lin Ling, who is worried, has caused His Majesty to dislike it. Xia Hou claimed that His Majesty did not like him long ago, but as long as he had military merit, His Majesty would not kill him, not to mention that Yan Jun had also killed the people of Tang Kingdom, the means were extremely brutal, and this time he dared to assassinate him. Tolerable. In fact, Xia Hou knew that His Majesty’s failure to kill him was entirely for the sake of nostalgia, and he was fortunate to have met a benevolent like His Majesty, otherwise he would not know how many times he had died.

When the king of Tang came to all the universities, the minister wrote a few words of flowers blooming on the other side. When he was at university, he saw that the king wanted to check the handwriting, but he did not know who his Majesty was looking for. At the same time, King Tang ordered Xu Chongshan to collect these words in various shops, but in the end there was no direction. Li Qingshan speculated that this man must be a young man who practiced martial arts. Xu Chongshan hurriedly explained that he must be an elderly person, not necessarily a person who practiced martial arts. Tang Wang ordered Xu Chongshan to start a dark guard to find this person. He just wanted to see what it was. The waste wood could run to his study and leave a broken word, Xu Chongshan was stunned. After Xu Chongshan left, King Tang ordered Li Qingshan to find a way to find this person, and Li Qingshan led the way.

Cao Jiaoxi told everyone that there will be a second-floor assessment next month. As long as he passes, he will become a master’s disciple, but only Ning Que is missing here. Ning Que did not go to the academy today, but closed his eyes in search of his own name, which is also the practice method learned from Chen Pippi. Sang Sang went to the kitchen to cook, and Ning Que accidentally found that as long as he scratched himself, Sang Sang would itch. He bounced his head and Sang Sang would feel pain. Therefore, Ning Que affirmed that Sang Sang was his real thing. Ning Que Excitedly holding Sang Sang in a circle. Li Peiyan came to see Li Yu. Li Yuyan told Li Peiyan that his father was no longer allowed to enter the palace door. Li Peiyan laughed, claiming that everything was the anger of King Tang, and he would forgive her sooner or later. Li Yu told Li Peiyan that the Tang Dynasty was all for the queen and was controlled by the queen.

He told Li Peiyan what he had seen in summer when he cast spells on the Tang king. Li Peiyan also suddenly remembered that the Tang Dynasty had been seriously ill again in the past and was in a hurry. Summer couldn’t wait for the arrival of the Taiyi, took Tang Wang away quickly, and shocked Li Peiyan at the time. They didn’t believe that a weak woman could be so strong, so they both suspected that Summer was a fairy, and Tang was already confused. , The two decided to join forces to deal with summer. Ning Que asked Sang Sang to bring him twenty-two silver. Sang Sang refused to worry about Ning Que because the silver was wasted by him, but Ning Que said he wanted it. Put the silver in his arms and play with it every day, and strive to turn the silver into his real thing, and claim that he has vowed to treat the real thing well.

Only in this way will the real thing change his life with him. The silver was poured out and thrown to Ning Que. Ning Que came to Chen Pippi and took out the silver to play with it. Chen Pippi smiled and asked how much money Ning was short of. He used silver as his real thing. If he had to use silver as his own thing, Chen Pipi would n’t stop. However, I have never seen a practitioner who would use silver as his real thing, and this silver is obviously progressing very slowly. The speed can be described by peristalsis, and he would rather be out of breath. The academy was also spreading the word that the emperor was looking for the author of the word Hua Hua Pei Tian, ​​and accidentally let Ning Que hear it. Some people even suspected that the word might be written by Ning Que. After all, Ning Que opened a painting and calligraphy shop, but Some people think that it is definitely not Ning Que, he does not have that level.

In the summer, seeing King Tang was unhappy, and persuaded King Tang to take back what he said before, and let Li Yu and Li Xuan go into the palace. In summer, Li Yu is extremely clever. If it is not for his younger brother, he will never admit this unnecessary crime, let alone the six princes. It’s okay, Tang Wang feels bad about summer, and he knows right and wrong, and he is worried that one day he will not be in Li Yu because he misunderstood summer. Li Yuren asked Hua Shanyue to ask Hua Shanyue why he did not go to the door these days. Is it because of their sister and brother’s situation? Hua Shanyue explained that he has never been such a person and treats the princess differently. Hua Shanyue further wanted to confess, Li Yu suddenly thought that when he came back, Ning Que once said that he wanted to tell her. When thinking about Li Yu, he stopped Hua Shanyue from going on, but told Hua Shanyue that her mind only wanted to help. Li Yuanyuan ascended the throne, before thinking about anything. King Yan came to Xia Hou and was dissatisfied with Xia Hou’s loyalty to Tang Wang.

It was ironic that Xia Hou was willing to follow Tang King to gain such a little pitiful trust just for the relatives in the palace. At the same time, it reminded Xiahou that since he chose to help Wei Guangming fifteen years ago, he has actually been betrayed by King Tang, so his final return is only Taoshan. Xiahou did not answer the King of Yan directly, but advised King Wang to abdicate early to give way to Xian. The reason why he would kill Yanjun 300 was because he was assassinated. He wanted to prevent Longqing from going to Tang Dynasty.

Naturally, King Wang knew that Xiahou said it was Chongming. Xiahou was also advised not to care about them too much. In the view of King Yan, Long Qing will inevitably succeed as a master’s apprentice, and he will surely become the strongest. In the future, Xue Sha is an inevitable thing. The academies were discussing the arrival of the genius Long Qing, and Ning Que asked a little bit persuasively whether Chen Pipi Longqing was a genius, but Chen Pipi thought that the true genius was to count the red fish. Ning Que from Chenpi Pei’s speech found that he must have suffered a lot from Ye Hongyu’s body. Chen Pi brought Ning Que to the junction of Houshan’s prohibition, and informed Ning Que that the newcomers like them are inaccessible. It also tells Ning Que that there are twelve geniuses living in Houshan. These people are masters ’disciples. As long as they can become masters’ disciples and shoulder the peace of the entire Haotian world, they will be raised for life as if they were gods. .

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