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Chapter 4 Ghost Hall

Zhou Tianwang still suffocated. If the Japanese did it, what should I do? He held his breath and couldn’t swallow it, so he asked Long Kui, who was standing outside, to call Zhou Guanshi and let him come , The two people are also good at thinking about this matter.

Long Kui ran to Ling Tang and shouted Zhou Guanshi, and he sat on the threshold of Ling Tang. He must have a spirit guard. In this empty Ling Tang, there were some gusty winds, which made Long Kui feel numb.

Zhou Zheng, who was lying in the coffin, suddenly woke up, he couldn’t figure out how he would lie in a coffin, and there were still some memories that were not his own in his mind. All kinds of kiln sisters, as well as high-rise buildings on Mandajie, and fighter planes flying all over the sky.

“What the hell is going on?” Zhou was putting his hands under his head in the coffin, trying to think back, and suddenly yelled, “I’m going, I’m not in a helicopter to fight terrorism, did I? Dead, or crossed?”

The surviving Zhou Zheng kid is the Spurs Special Forces reported by various newspapers and portals in the 21st century.

Long Kui is still a young generation. He hasn’t kept spirits in his life. Originally, he felt a gust of wind. He suddenly heard: “I’m going.” Frightened all over, he immediately stood up from the threshold and looked back. No one, although he was afraid, after all, he had practiced. He walked into the hall with courage and took out the box gun. He asked aloud: “Who the hell is that, don’t scare the old man, son, but the old man kills Outstanding.”

Long Kui felt that his tongue had curled up. Who knew he had finished asking, and a dull voice suddenly came from the coffin: “Report, I am Zhou Zheng, and I now ask to return to the team.”

The person who had been dead for three days said that he requested to return to the team, and also said some things that Long Kui could not understand.

The man with a hole in his head talked.

The ghost only believes that Long Kui is not a ghost, and naturally will not believe it, but the person in the coffin must be a ghost.

“It’s Master’s injustice. Don’t look away.” Long Kui thought of this and yelled: “Mah, Master’s injustice is back, and there are ghosts.” Long Kui ran away, and hurriedly stumbled over the threshold. He thought he was caught by the ghost, and he shouted hysterically without lying back on the ground: “Master, it’s not me who hurt you. We are trying to find a murderer who kills you. Wait for the murderer to be caught. You can be reborn.”

Long Kui has no culture, and even these lines are heard by the storyteller. When he said these lines, he heard the sound of the coffin plate moving without crucifixion. He was even more frightened and began to call people: “Come on, come on, the young master has become a ghost.”

Zhou Guanshi and Zhou Tianwang are discussing how to find out the murderer. Suddenly he heard Long Kui’s stern cry, which was very scary, as if he had really encountered a ghost.

The nursing home team and the people who were about to sleep also heard Long Kui’s wailing sounds, and they all lit the torches, and some carried the horse lantern into the yard, followed the voice to the Lingtang, and saw Long Kui lying on the ground with his throat straight. call.

“Captain Dragon, where is there a ghost.” Zhou Guanshi also rushed to the scene, seeing Long Kui’s appearance, asking with a smile.

“Master said that he was not dead, I just asked him what he said, and he really answered.” Long Kui was not too afraid, but Long Kui, a martial arts man, said this and suddenly let All the people laughed, and Xiaomao pointed at Long Kui and said, “You are listening to that storyteller, have you heard too much, where are there ghosts in this world?”

As soon as the words fell, I only listened to “Boom”, the coffin cover was removed, and then it was heavily smashed on the bluestone board of the Lingtang. At this time, a person crawled out of the coffin. This was not who Zhou was.

“Ghost,” Long Kui was shocked, but now he was terrified and shouted back a few steps.

“The corpse has been scammed,” as Long Kui yelled, and everyone shouted. Zhou Zheng appeared like stabbing a horse’s honeycomb. The crowd “buzzed” and ran away to the west.

“Master, Master deceived the corpse,” Long Kui involuntarily dispersed with everyone, ran out ten meters away, and turned back to see Zhou Guanshi staying alone, and shouted again: “Zhou Guanshi, are you scared, Hurry and escape.”

Although Zhou Guanshi was well-informed, he had never seen such scenes. It was indeed blinded at the beginning. Long Kui screamed before waking up. He saw Long Kui panicked, but said quickly: “If the young master really becomes a ghost, let me be my first master meal.”

The moment Zhou Zheng crawled out of the coffin, he heard the shouting of people lost their souls and realized that he had really died once. He jumped out of the coffin and saw Zhou Guanshi after landing. Found this person, Zhou Guanshi, he even knew this person vaguely. He stepped closer to Zhou to take care of things.

Zhou Guanshi was brave, with an indescribable smile on his face, and he asked with a shudder, “Master, are you really?”

“Master, if I go, how can I become a master, this is not my home country, where is this, what the hell is going on, is it that after parachuting, he died, fell into a poor mountain ditch, and the villagers in this area It’s going to be buried as a dead person.” Zhou Zheng heard the word “Young Master”, and a series of doubts could not help but wonder in his head.

“This is not right, everyone here seems to know in memory.” Zhou Zheng still has some doubts.

“Zhou Guanshi, run away, this is obviously not the young master, this is borrowing the dead from the body, then the storyteller said, this is a kind of witchcraft.” Long Kui saw Zhou Zheng like that, it was exactly the same as the young master, and immediately took charge of Zhou. Shouted.

“You fucking fart, now in the 21st century, what else do you borrow from a dead body, I am Zhou Zheng, I haven’t died, who said I died, I remember your kid named Long Kui.” Although Zhou Zheng is not sure how Back to the matter, but this Long Kui he can recognize at a glance, but not his comrades.

“What is the twenty-first century? You are clearly a ghost. I tell you that this is the 25th year of the Republic of China. You survived the corpse of our young master. You dare to pretend to be my young master and wait for me to use glutinous rice. The group kills you.” Long Kui naturally didn’t believe it. After talking, he ran away and went to get the glutinous rice group. I heard Mr. Shu said that to deal with this kind of corpse resurrection, you must use glutinous rice group.

“Oh, I really passed through, and crossed over to a dead young master. That young master has the same name and surname as himself, and he still has the memory of this person. Wow, it’s terrible.” Zhou Zheng suddenly figured it out, Zhou Guanshi listened After their conversation, they could not help believing that the corpse was revived, and they consciously closed their eyes. The person who heard the story said that the mortal rebirth must first absorb human blood to replenish the yang, and only after a sufficient number of people can it be true survived.

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