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Chapter 3 Shelling Ningwu Pass

Qin Yi stood still, as if Mount Tai was standing in front of Zhou Yuji.

“Good boy, look at your tight posture, a little skill!” Zhou Yuji shouted, fist hit Qin Yi.

Qin Yi used his hands to draw Tai Chi. He was proficient in Tai Chi, and some old guys who were addicted to it in the previous life were not as good as Qin Yi.

Yi Rougang, four or two pounds, although this body is relatively scum, it is still very easy to unload Zhou Yuji’s power.

Many of the alumni literati who saw this bloody scene with their eyes closed did not hear the expected screams, only the hiss of the generals.

The literati opened their eyes curiously and looked at Zhou Yuji and Qin Yi. Qin Yi, who was not expected beforehand, was punched on the ground by Zhou Yuji and shed blood. Only the two stood quietly.

Zhou Yuji’s fist has been put down, and Qin Yi’s Taijiquan has also recovered. Without seeing the cracked bluestone brick floor at the foot of Qin Yi, it must have been why.

Zhou Yuji’s fist only let Qin Yi’s hands down, and gently released his strength under his feet. Zhou Yuji felt that his punch was in the water, there was no focus at all, and the power was dispersed by the endless soft water.

“What power is this?” Zhou Yuji asked, apparently surprised that his punch had no effect on Qin Yi.

“If you go back to the general, this is a family fist!” Qin Yi said shamelessly.

The Chen family in Chenjiagou should not worry about me, the younger generation who helped you practice Tai Chi to the peak in a few hundred years!

“With softness and supremacy, supremacy and suppleness, while the enemy is strong, I am strong. Not to mention the general’s punch, even if it is a thousand punches, I can easily catch it!”

Zhou Yuji laughed and walked away. Before leaving, he said that he remembered Qin Yi. Qin Yi wanted to be a ghost or don’t remember me.

Qin Yi didn’t feel much about Zhou Yuji, a general Ming who was about to die.

Although the dead are more tragic, as a person who resists the historical trend, they generally die more miserably and have no sympathy.

Qin Yi is not a literary person, maybe someone who changes his literary arts will hurt the sadness of the spring and fall here, chanting a tragic poem that is cold and cold, and easy to water and cold. , You are about to die, and the army will bomb the city, leaving Qingshan without worrying about firewood, it’s important to escape!”

Such a silly approach will only be hung on the city wall by Zhou Yuji to disturb the heart of the army.

Qin Yi didn’t want to resist the historical trend. The rolling wheel of history would only crush Qin Yi into slag, and his personal strength was ultimately limited. Moreover, it is now the age of firearms.

Various firearms were bombed in the Ming and Chongjun troops. Cannons, guns, and ballistas were almost lifeless on the battlefield, pouring out the anger of both parties. After all, personal bravery was limited. Fighting with a spear and a hot weapon was only bombarded. The result of pieces of minced meat.

Qin Yi thinks that if there are no idiots of Nurhachi and a ignorant dynasty, judging from the current development of gunpowder, the future China will only fear that it will become a powerful dynasty standing on top of the nation.

However, it seems to him that Qin Yi does not concern him. What he cares about is how to run, is it better to go north or south?

If you can’t go north, you will meet the Qing army. Those guys with big braids behind will smile and say to Qin Yi: “Pro, don’t leave your hair on your head!” Then a pair of big scissors was placed on Qin Yi’s neck. After taking off Qin Yi’s clothes, he put on a tatar dress that slashed his feet.

Qin Yi didn’t want to hang a pigtail-like braid on his back, nor did he want to wear ugly clothes.

So going north is not a good choice.

There may be decades to go south, and the Nanming dynasty has continued for many years.

While watching the back view of Zhou Yuji leaving, Qin Yi finally decided to go south.

Zhou Wu’s little white face slapped on Qin Yi’s shoulder. The kid looked weak and his strength was not bad. The painful Qin Yi grinned.

“Ah, Brother Qin, are you okay? I thought I could unload my power!” Looking at Qin Yi’s grin, Zhou Wu quickly apologized.

But Qin Yi didn’t see the slightest apology on his face, just a sinister smile.

Rubbed his shoulders, and then told his subordinates not to stare at themselves in a daze, rest quickly to replenish their strength, and accumulate some strength to run.

“There will be a fighting fight next time, you don’t have to look at the girl’s eyes to look at Qin Qianhu, hurry to eat and drink, and have a good rest!” Zhou Wu also quickly ordered, thousands of people on the city wall are mostly His general.

After the sunny day, it was the sunny day, and now there are a few points that Qin Yi didn’t know. It was probably in the afternoon, and the cold shining sword halberd of the invading army outside the city could be clearly seen.

A cavalry of thousands of people separated on the right wing of the invading army and headed towards the distance. Qin Yi could see that the flag of the cavalry was engraved with the words Li Jin and Li, flying and dancing.

“Our army on the right has attracted Li Zicheng’s attention. Li Guo has already led the army to encircle and suppress, but the teams leaving the city are old, weak and sick, and it doesn’t matter if they die!”

It doesn’t matter if you die, Qin Yi heard this sentence, and my heart was still slightly touched. This is war, and life is like grass.

Soon, an army of more than a thousand people, dressed in tattered clothes and armor with broken pieces, appeared in Qin Yi’s field of vision, and behind them was the iron ride that made the earth rumbling.

More than a thousand people are running desperately, completely ignoring the pain caused by violent movements, because it is the most important thing to escape alive at this time.

They were inspired by the potential, stepping on the mud, stepping on the potholes caused by the bombardment of the cannon, striding over a pile of dead bodies, and ran to Ningwu Pass like a fly. This unit that went out from the north gate of Ningwu Pass, Back to the South Gate, that is, the South Gate at the foot of Qin Yi.

Zhou Yuji’s order was to open the city gates, not only to bring in this group of remnant soldiers, but also to let in thousands of cavalry soldiers who had passed through Li, relying on the intricate terrain and chaotic houses in the customs to wipe out these thousands.

“The destruction of thousands of cavalry, Li Zicheng will be furious!” Zhou Wu laughed, as if he had seen Li Zicheng wearing a robe, jumped like a thunder before the battle, pointing at Ning Wuguan and cursing Zhou Yuji you shameless bastard.

Qin Yi thought, Li Zicheng was really angry, but it wasn’t Li Zicheng’s finger that pointed to Ning Wuguan, but countless artillery pieces. At that time, when the scenes of the artillery burst out, could you still laugh at Zhou Wu?

The armies of both sides stood still and watched this game of thousands of cavalry chasing down a thousand old and sick, like a cat and a mouse.

“Zhou Yuji will not open the city gate. When the city gate is opened, the waiting team will rush in instantly. Thousands of cavalry are enough to kill a few back and forth in the city and completely wipe out the Ming army inside!” Li Zicheng’s side said flatteringly.

His prime minister came here by flattering, and when it comes to his skill, he has no point.

The reality gave Niu Jinxing a big mouth. When the generals of the Dashun Army and the staff counselors did not think that Zhou Yuji would open the gates to accommodate these defeated soldiers, the gates opened.

Some fools still regret that they can’t see a killing.

Li Zicheng was shining in his eyes, what was the effect of thousands of cavalry rushing in? There are only more than 10,000 troops in the city. Although they are elite troops, they can withstand thousands of cavalry?

Ningwuguan seems to be broken, and Liu Zongmin, who is still preparing to mobilize the artillery, seems to be busy.

However, Song Xiance did not think so and shouted badly.

This dissonant voice attracted Li Zicheng’s attention.

“Why did the military commander say this?” Li Zicheng asked standing on the high platform specially built for him, watching Song Xiance standing aside.

“Zhou Yuji is not a fool. On the contrary, he is very clever. You must have let a thousand people out. The purpose is to lure our troops to pursue, and then take advantage of the situation to enter the city and close the door to beat the dog. However, Zhou Yuji certainly can’t think of it. A fish of this size, but since we are ready to annihilate our army entering the city, Zhou Yuji must have made sufficient preparations, even if there are thousands of cavalrymen, they may be able to swallow it!”

After hearing this, Li Zicheng was furious: “At the North Gate, we arranged very little troops, because there was only a small smile outside the North Gate, and there were cliffs and cliffs around. It’s not where more than a thousand people escaped!”

Li Zicheng arranged his troops at the north gate just to prevent Zhou Yuji from escaping from here. The north gate was a new gate opened more than ten years ago in Ningwuguan. There was only a path outside the gate that accommodated several people moving forward at the same time. While in the siege, the troops stationed can have evacuation routes. But this trail is too narrow and can only accommodate two people at the same time. The army cannot enter at all.

Soon, there was news that today, a small number of Ming Army activities were found outside the North Gate.

“It must have been scattered, and then assembled!” Song Xian curated.

Don’t worry too much about this matter. What I worry about now is whether Li Guo can deal with Zhou Yuji’s ambush.

Li Guo has already entered the city.

Qin Yi watched Li Guo get into the city gate hole.

The scene of thousands of iron rides, stepping on the ground and making the land tremble, Qin Yi will never forget it in his life.

And when thousands of iron riders drilled under their feet like floods, this was another feeling.

The commander’s order was for Qin Yi to hold the city wall, and a dead order was added at the end.

Both Qin Yi and Zhou Wu were as dead as their fathers and mothers, and suffered a loss of face. Qin Yi was bitter that he would be smashed by Li Zicheng later, and standing on the wall was completely as a cannon fodder.

Zhou Wu was not happy because Zhou Yuji did not change himself and others, but also had to change Qin Yi. The battle between Qin Yi and Li Guo is not over yet.

Even if you can’t see it, you must continue the decisive battle between the two!

“Brother, I don’t think the general’s action is proper. Only the whole army can fight Li Li. If you don’t transfer you to fight Li Li, we will definitely not win!” Zhou Wu said dullly. It seemed to make him say this sentence very seriously, very serious look.

“If the general hears this sentence, he will definitely beat you!” Qin Yidao said.

“I am right!” Zhou Wu retorted.

“Okay, don’t worry about the city. Since the general can let thousands of cavalry come in, there will definitely be a way! Now we have to worry about the cannon outside the city!”

In the sun, the muzzles of the rows of black holes were aimed at Ningwuguan, and the artillery was constantly pushed by the soldiers.

“It’s over. There are only dozens of cannons in the morning siege. Now there are hundreds of them!” Zhou Wu breathed coldly.

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