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Chapter 2 is not evidence

Thinking of this, Zhou Tianwang raised his head and said to Zhou Guanshi: “This kind of thing must not be doubted. The Tang family, the Zhou family, and the Qi family have not been in peace for a few years. The grudges and grudges of the three have only passed for less than ten years. , I’m not sure who deliberately started it in the middle. It has been said since ancient times that snipe clams are competing for fishermen’s gains. This year is not as good as in previous years. Who doesn’t have hundreds of caregivers, there are at least a dozen thugs in each field. .”

Zhou Guanshi naturally understood Zhou Tianwang’s words and nodded silently. Evidence has to be sought by the police station. Not many homicide cases can be broken this year. Although it involves Master Zhou’s family, despite the unsuccessful money, most of the time, it is a crime to injustice.

“Master, lord, there is one thing I haven’t dared to say, but now it involves the death of the second young master, I want to say it.” Long Kui, who had been standing beside him, said suddenly, he was the Zhou family The captain of the nursing team, and the relationship with Zhou Zheng is very good, but whenever Zhou Zheng is out to play, Long Kui must follow.

Zhou Tianwang nodded and motioned Long Kui to say it.

Long Kui nodded, and then said one thing that happened earlier.

That was when Zhou Zheng went shopping in Nanshi and met a woman, a very beautiful woman, this woman was Tang Yan, Tang Jiayao’s palm jewel, who had studied in Japan and had just returned to China shortly after returning to China. I got caught.

“He was caught by the young master.” Zhou Guanshi repeated, and gave him a blank look.

“I didn’t catch it, it just happened.” Long Kui followed Zhou Zheng every day, naturally knowing what this kid was thinking about every day.

“Take care of things, don’t interrupt, Long Kui, please hurry up.” Zhou Tianwang was anxious. He turned the two steel balls in his hand uncomfortably.

“In fact, nothing happened, that is, the young master couldn’t help but pressed Miss Tang’s mother on the wall to kiss, and reached out to touch others, and also injured the two hitters of the Tang family.” Long Kui finished, knowing this The matter was already very serious, and he quickly lowered his head when he finished.

Hearing this, Zhou Tianwang jumped up, slapped his hand on his face, and yelled loudly in his mouth: “You just took him not to learn well, go out and don’t know to stop, such a big thing, no afterwards Knowing Bing Bao, who is Tang Yan, that is Tang Jiayao’s life.”

The whole Tianjin city knows that Tang Jiayao’s wife died early, leaving a pair of children, and the female elders have changed. Tang Yan’s appearance and Tang Jiayao’s wife are just a model. Everyone is more important than children. Male, think Tang Yan is heavier than life.

“Master, what should I do when I come down?” Long Kui’s face was stunned.

“Master, don’t be excited, let Long Kui finish the matter first, and then it’s not too late to fight him.” Zhou Guanshi saw Long Kui being beaten, and hurried up to hold Zhou Tianwang’s raised hands, and motioned Long Kui to continue.

“Master, I deserved to be beaten, but that day was also very strange. The two thugs of the Tang family were shocked by the young master’s move, and they were stunned for a while. Then they woke up and came up quickly to take the young master. Pulling it away, the young master kicked them off, but I remembered that when the young master left, he pointed to Miss Tang Jia and said, you will be my Zhou Zheng woman sooner or later.” Long Kui said here, Then he paused, widened his eyes, and asked Zhou Tianwang and Zhou Daguan to say, “Guess what happened to Miss Tang Jia then.”

Long Kui just finished speaking, and was kicked by Zhou Tianwang to the buttocks.

“I guess, I guess a fart, you quickly tell Lao Tzu, how did Miss Tang get back.”

“Okay, I’m waiting for you, have the ability, you have to take the big sedan to my house to marry me.” Long Kui said in a woman’s tone.

“You talk nonsense, she was rude to the young master, she can still say that, it is estimated that she has cried her nose and wiped her tears, and now the young master is dead, the murderer is unknown, you hurry to tell the truth, no exaggeration.” Do not understand and doubt Geology asked Long Kui.

Zhou Tianwang was also questioned, and the other family members were even astonished.

“No, not really. I think she was pleased by the rudeness of the young master? People who have stayed in foreign countries don’t just hug and hug when they meet.”

“You just bullied me and my lord did not stay in foreign countries. Tang Yan studied in Japan, but not in Western countries. Moreover, I heard that the Qi and Tang families are preparing to become Qin Jin. I heard that Qi Huairen’s son Qi Degao is pursuing Tang Jiayao. Daughter.” Zhou Guanshi said.

“Yeah, these two have a good chance of becoming Qin Jin. Our Zhou family should guard against it.” This is also a problem that Zhou Tianwang is most worried about. If the two of them work together to deal with the Zhou family, it will be a big deal. Yes, Zhou Zheng bullied Tang Yan, no doubt stepped on the minefield.

“But it’s also strange. At the police station, this old kid didn’t even mention his daughter being rude. It was because he didn’t want to be troubled. He still arranged a killer for Zhou Zheng.” Zhou Tianwang thought of this, and couldn’t help but wonder.

Zhou Tianwang thought for a long time, he must not be so good, and he would go to Tang Jiayao for a while.

Thinking of this, Zhou Tianwang ordered several maidservants to help the fainted wife in for a rest, turned around and ordered Zhou to manage the funeral, and at the same time told Long Kui to prepare a gift on the street, saying that he was also going to apologize to the Tang family in person.

“Apologize, sir, you are not confused. Now that Tang Jiayao has killed the young master, we have to go to the door to apologize. We just picked up the guns and went to the Tang family to kill him.” Long Kui said with disappointment.

“Yes, lord, we all have to avenge the young master.” The gang yelled angrily.

“Revenge, this son is damn damn, not too shameful, this matter will stop, no more mention.” Zhou Tianwangzi finished, walked to his house without looking back, he wept while walking, revenge, how he tasted I don’t want to. Although his son is not upset, he is also his own heart.

He was no longer young. A few years ago, the three family members beat and killed each other, and each of them broke out some of their own territories. Although it was peaceful for a few years, they did not communicate with each other. They usually don’t know each other when they meet each other. Moreover, after several years of development, Zhou Tianwang was dedicated to doing business, and in addition to doing business, the Qi and Tang families also had a very powerful team of nursing homes, that is, private armed forces.

He just turned around and walked a few steps, and then said aloud: “Zhou Guanshi, let Zhou Yi come back for a few days, saying that I miss him and let him bring more soldiers.”

“Master, do you still need to report to the police station?” Zhou Guanshi asked another round.

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