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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 23 Recap

Gu Yanzhi rushed to the bar and saw Chen Zheng and Jin Yuan drinking as drunk, so he directly carried Jin Yuan into the car. Seeing the beloved woman drunk, Gu Yanzhi was a little angry. He returned to the bar and planned to beat Chen Zheng, but in the end he couldn’t get it, and finally called a taxi to take him home.

When Chen Zheng returned home, he heard his father’s footsteps, and immediately pretended to take out a book, claiming that he was taking the Master of Business Administration exam. It turned out that his card was suspended, and now he just wants to ask his father for living expenses. His father told Chen Zheng that Ning Weikai had resigned and was run away by the original company. Chen Zheng was slightly startled, and then said that Ning Weikai knew that he knew that there must be a future move.

Gu Yanzhi and Jin Yuan went to the restaurant for dinner. Gu Yanzhi said that Y Fan Xi would open ten chain stores and there would be no time to accompany Jin Yuan in the future. Jin Yuan questioned that Y Fanxi’s brand development was too radical. At this time in the car, Li Zhicheng said to Grace that the people of Aida felt that they were too radical in the development of Y Fanhee’s brand. Grace said that Aida has Wenda behind it, and Wenda has a strong production line to support Aida’s Development, so Y Fanhee’s plan is not completely infeasible.

At this time, Chen Yayi was sitting alone in the dining room, and Chen Zheng suddenly ran over with a secretive look, and asked Chen Yayi to help her play a double act. Chen Yayi was inexplicable, and Chen Zheng explained that he was hiding from a girl who had been dumped by him a few months ago. Chen Yayi agreed to cooperate, but on condition that Chen Zheng invited herself to a big meal. Chen Zheng graciously agreed and ordered a large table without hesitation.

However, when the bill was settled, Chen Zheng cried and said that he had no money now. The two of them stared at each other for a long time, and finally Chen Yayi swiped the card. Chen Zheng immediately wrote down the IOU and agreed that the interest on the repayment was 20%. Chen Yayi grabbed the pen and changed it to 200%. Chen Zheng and Chen Yayi walked out of the restaurant together. Chen Yayi originally planned to squeeze the subway with the takeaway. Chen Zheng decided to drive him. Chen Yayi got into the car grinningly, and the two of them were at odds with each other, and they fought again. Chen Yayi simply leaned back in the seat and closed her eyes to rest.

Li Zhicheng returned to Li’s house and expressed his hope to his father that Wenda would be Y Fanhee’s processing factory. If Y Fanhee can succeed, Aida can feed Wenda back. Unexpectedly, his father contemptuously accused Li Zhicheng of coming back to show off just after making a little achievement. Li Zhicheng and Li Zhongming broke out in fierce dispute again. Li Zhongming believed that Li Zhicheng’s achievements depended on Wenda’s foundation. Even if he could help Wenda, it would be nothing more than cleaning up the mess.

Li Zhicheng refutes that his father did not give his eldest brother the right to make it difficult for Wenda to deal with the situation. The father and son broke up again because of different business concepts. Before leaving, Li Zhicheng solemnly said that Wenda’s old team did contribute to Wenda, but now it is hindering Wenda’s development. He will take immediate action and leave after speaking.

Chen Yayi returned to the Aida company and saw Lin Qian doing body sketching. Lin Qian took Chen Yayi to become a mannequin, but Chen Yayi excitedly said that she had discovered a secret Chen Zheng was driven out of the house by his father. Lin Qian teased when Chen Yayi was interested in Chen Zheng. Chen Yayi’s incoherent excuse was directly broken and lied by Lin Qian, and she was immediately embarrassed.

At this time, Li Zhicheng suddenly walked in and directly asked Yayi to leave, giving himself and Lin Qian space to be alone. After Yayi left, Li Zhicheng hugged Lin Qian and invited Lin Qian to form a date with him, hoping to find a place where no one would bother him. Lin Qian had a clever idea and said to go to her room. Li Zhicheng suddenly had some imagination. Unexpectedly, after arriving in Lin Qian’s room, Lin Qian asked Li Zhicheng to raise his gun for shooting action, and sketch next to him. Li Zhicheng persisted for 2 hours and almost couldn’t do it anymore. Lin Qian invited Li Zhicheng to look at his paintings. Li Zhicheng took the opportunity to kiss Lin Qian and said that this was the real date.

Ning Weikai asked Zhu Hanjing to come to a closed teahouse. He bluntly opened the teahouse and Zhu Hanjing earnestly hoped that he could return to the company. Ning Weikai pretended to be determined. Ning Weikai took Zhu Hanjing around the teahouse. He suddenly said with emotion that if it didn’t rain at that time, there would be no accident in the warehouse. Maybe this was God’s will. Zhu Hanjing said affectionately that she would definitely wait for him to return. Ning Weikai’s eyes burst with hot light, and he secretly vowed in his heart that one day he would return to New Baorui.

Gu Yanzhi returned to the office and was surprised to find that the office was empty. Li Zhicheng walked in at this time and took out the group’s transfer order to get Gu Yanzhi to transfer back to the head office. Gu Yanzhi was very disgusted with Li Zhicheng’s practice of cutting first and then playing. She didn’t expect Jin Yuan to walk in in full face. She asked if she wanted him to go back, Gu Yanzhi was at a loss.

Gu Yanzhi transferred back to Wenda Group. Jin Yuan ran to give him a tortoise as a gift. Gu Yanzhi joked that their brother and sister had similar styles of work, especially Li Zhicheng was not good at expressing. When he came to Aida from Wenda, Jin Chan escaped from the shell. Aida’s results have been much better. He is ready to return to Wenda strongly, and he is his pawn across the river. Jin Yuan opened her mouth in surprise.

Grace came to the news that H Fashion Group is preparing to hold a designer competition. He hopes that Lin Qian will participate in the competition on behalf of Aida. Lin Qian had read the invitation letter, but she was not enthusiastic. She calmly told Li Zhicheng that she didn’t want to go abroad, but just wanted to do her own fashion design. Li Zhicheng persuaded her that good design is not behind closed doors. A good designer must show his personality to the public. Lin Qian changed his mind and agreed to participate.

Mr. Zhu called Zhu Han to the office and asked him what happened to the lease of Danzi Building. With a smile on his face, Zhu Han said that it was a mess left by Ning Weikai, and that the products of New Baorui were not up to that level. Mr. Zhu angrily denounced him for raising his grade if he was not good enough. At this time, Ning Weikai was secretly meeting with Gao Lang. Gao Lang told Ning Weikai that everyone in the company was in fear. Ning Weikai smiled confidently and confidently said that Zhu Hanchong was busy jumping up and down, and Zhu Hanjing was on her side. As the secretary-general of the group, she also controlled the group’s contacts.

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