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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 54 Recap

Jin Mi decided to give herself another chance. If the phoenix tree could bloom this time, she would go to see Xufeng again. Jin Mi opened her eyes and saw the trees full of phoenix flowers. Although she couldn’t see the color in her eyes, she still broke into a smile.

Mu Ci knew that her life was about to end, and he hoped that Liu Ying could plan for her future and find someone like Xu Feng. Liu Ying didn’t want him to be so pessimistic. He asked Muci to agree to himself that no matter if the remaining days were ten years or one day, the two would stay together. Liu Ying suggested to Mu Ci to get married as soon as possible. Mu Ci cried with joy, but suddenly fainted. King Bian Cheng treated Muci, who had lost his spiritual power, was like a mortal, and had a high fever with weakness. Liu Ying held Mu Ci’s hand and assured him that she would be by his side.

The lord of Xicheng offered a Moko Doucai cloak as a tribute. Xu Feng didn’t pay attention to these tributes on weekdays, but because Suihe’s birthday was approaching, he chose this one and planned to celebrate Suihe in Yujiang Palace. Jin Mi peeped at Xu Feng’s every move outside the hall, Xu Feng found Jin Mi’s figure, she deliberately got close to Sui He to show Jin Mi, Jin Mi saw that Xu Feng was so active and left sadly.

Kwong Lu told Runyu about Jin Mi’s frequent trips to and from the demon world, for fear that she would be in danger. Runyu knew that ordinary monsters couldn’t hurt her. She hoped that Jin Mi could run into a wall in the demon world, so she would stop thinking about it after a while. At night, Runyu had a trace of comfort when he saw Jin Mi returning. She didn’t know when Jin Mi would torture herself in this way, if only Xu Feng died, Jin Mi could completely belong to her.

Xufeng gifted Gucheng Prince’s Mansion to Suihe, but Suihe met the two silly sons of Yancheng King in the mansion. Seeing that the two of them were frivolous, Suihe wanted to kill him soon, but was stopped by Xufeng. Sui He was greatly annoyed by Xu Feng’s maintenance of the two. The indifferent Xu Feng made Sui He understand that perhaps his position in his heart was not as important as the two sons of King Yancheng.

Xu Feng said that she did not dare to forget Suihe’s kindness, but Suihe didn’t want to be his savior. Xufeng was cold and hot towards her, and her heart went up and down. She couldn’t figure out his mood no matter how hard she tried. Xu Feng knew that he could not face this feeling, so he changed the subject on the grounds that the affairs of the Demon World were heavy.

Xufeng stood alone on the banks of the Wangchuan River with many thoughts, Suihe came to Xufeng’s side and asked him if he really hated Jinmi. Xu Feng said how could he not hate someone who killed him. Sui He said that she hated Jin Mi, and she hoped that Xu Feng would completely forget Jin Mi. Xu Feng told Sui He not to mention Jin Mi again, and not to let her destroy their relationship. Sui He was overjoyed, saying that he really hoped to be like this forever.

Jin Mi Huancheng Yutu looked at Xu Feng from a distance. Xu Feng saw that it was Jin Mi’s transformed rabbit, so she personally changed Suihe’s clothes in front of Jin Mi. The magic servant saw the rabbit staring directly at Xu Feng, so he grabbed it and presented it to Xu Feng. Seeing that the rabbit was white all over, Suihe wanted to treat her as a demon pet, but Xu Feng disagreed. Jin Mi was afraid that Xu Feng would recognize herself, and bit him when she approached Xu Feng.

Xu Feng saw that Jin Mi bit herself again, saying that the rabbit biting talent was even more unexpected. Suihe wanted revenge for killing, but Xufeng said it was too cheap to kill it. She had to pluck her hair and peel her skin, cramp and scrape her bones, and cook on the shelf to get vented. After that, she had to be put on the grill and had to roast Jin Mi. . Although Xu Feng said so, she still used her spiritual power to release Jin Mi.

Jin Mi, who had escaped a catastrophe, did not escape. She waited for Xu Feng to fall asleep and then went to Yujiang Palace, telling how much she missed him, but Xu Feng suddenly turned over and kissed Jin Mi, and there was a hint of sweetness in Jin Mi’s heart. , But heard Xu Feng muttering the name of Suihe, Jin Mi ran away angrily.

Jin Mi did not know that Suihe and Xufeng were so close. She wanted to summon Yanyou to talk about it, but found that Yanyou was seriously injured and unconscious. Jin Mi quickly took Yanyou to the Flower World, and Changfang inspected the wound and found that Yanyou had been hit by Liuli Jinghuo. Only Xufeng and Tuyao can use Liuli to purify fire.

Tuyao is dead, and everyone suspects Xufeng, but Jinmi knows that Xufeng is not the murderer. It seems that there is a third person in the world who can use Liuli Jinghuo. That person is the murderer who killed Xianshui God and the one who caused Jin Mi to misunderstand Xufeng.

Although Yanyou saved Yuan Ling, he was still unconscious. Lao Hu heard that the ancient evil beast Jiuying is a monster of water and fire, and the essence of the inner alchemy is incomparably wonderful. Regardless of whether the wounded suffers from internal injuries caused by water mana or fire mana, it can be easily cured by its inner alchemy. But Nine Infants were wiped out more than a thousand years ago, but they were dead and immortal. They were locked in the underground palace of the Demon Realm. After hearing this, Jin Mi decided to take a risk and obtain the inner alchemy for Yanyou.

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