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My wife has koi luck

My wife has koi luck (Novel)
Other Name: 我家老婆有锦鲤运

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Book dye dye
Year: 201X
Chapter: 752
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Adoptive mother: “Yaoyao, your brother wants to marry a daughter-in-law, and your sister wants to study. The old bachelor in the village next door is willing to give you 30,000 yuan as a gift to marry you. Just marry you!”
Mom: “Donate your heart to her. Will do your filial piety on your behalf!”
Xie Yao: “Fuck me!”
Xie Yao, the daughter of the wrongdoing, the adoptive parents don’t hurt, the parents don’t like it, the nominal brother and sister want to suck her up in the end. A drop of blood, my brother does not want to recognize her pitiful little!
The same parallel space.
Xie Yao, a walking human-shaped koi, a spiritual master with wicked luck.
A spiritual master, a person who relies on spiritual power or merit to change the status quo, commonly known as: crow’s mouth!
When she becomes her!
One sentence makes you unlucky, believe it or not?
There is also a certain boss, didn’t she just heal his legs? Why do you want to take her home?
“You also give me…”
“Okay, get right by your side!”
Xie Yao: “…”

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