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Oh! My Emperor: Season Two (2018) 哦! 我的皇帝陛下第 2

Oh! My Emperor: Season Two
Also known as:  哦! 我的皇帝陛下第 / 这个皇上我要了 / I Want You, Emperor / Oh! My Majesty / The Emperor / Ó! Wǒ de huángdì bìxià dì / Oh! My Emperor โอ้ว!ฝ่าบาทที่รัก

Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Idol, Time Travel, Love Triangle, Horoscope
Episodes: 21
Country: China Mainland
Network: QQLive
Release Date: May 23, 2018
Related Show: Oh! My Emperor: Season One


  • Lusi Zhao as Luo Fei Fei
  • Koo Jason as Bei Tang Yi (Emperor)
  • Chen Emn as Su Xun Xian
  • Guo Zi Fan as Bei Tang Jing
  • Peng Chu Yue as Bai Wu Chen
  • Xiao Zhan as Bei Tang Mo Ran
  • Wu Jia Cheng as Bei Tang Tang

Luo Fei Fei, a girl from the 21st century, was transported to a mysterious world of the past -Huang Dao Guo. In the nation of Huang Dao, its leadership is rotated among the 12 constellation owners every thousand years. There, Fei Fei meets the current emperor of the nation, Bei Tang Yi, who is also the owner of the Capricorn constellation. The continued story of Bei Tang Yi and Luo Fei Fei from Oh, My Emperor: Season One

Episode Lists:

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