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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 6 Recap

Li Ma went to the barracks to find Lin Jue and informed him of his upcoming marriage, hoping that he could go to have a wedding drink. Unexpectedly, Lin Jue couldn’t go there because of official duties. Li Ma was a bit regretful. Lin Jue didn’t dare to neglect the military order. He had to set off immediately and entrust his sister to Li Ma to take care of him before leaving. Lin Jier wanted to go with her brother but was refused. Lin Jier felt very unhappy when she learned that Li Ma was about to become a relative.

Now Li Ma was entrusted by Lin Jue to take care of herself, and her heart was even more sad. Guier met her ex-husband Li Jia and his wife in Tianxianglou. Li Jia’s current wife was a tigress, and she was very bad for her. Guier was very surprised when she saw Li Jia, and hurried to the backyard, but ran into Yudie Seeing her look flustered, Yudie asked the reason. After learning the truth, Yudie knew that Guier still had Li Jia in her heart. Guier wanted to know if Li Jia still had her in her heart, so Yudie came up with an idea. She held a competition where only husbands and wives were eligible to participate, and asked her to tell her the most touching thing her wife did for her.

As expected, Li Jia said that Guier used to peel walnuts for herself. Guier listened. Tears burst into tears. In order to thank Zhao Yuanqing for saving herself from the injury, Yudie specially prepared soup for her. Zhao Yuanqing wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to Yudie, but she did not expect Yudie to see through her strategy. Zhao Yuanqing hoped that Yudie could change Xinyi did not marry Li Ma, but Yudie ignored him at all. Gong Quanfu’s inability to do things made Wanyan Zeli furious. They met in private, and Wanyan Zeli asked him to elicit Zhao Yuanqing as soon as possible, otherwise he would get rid of Gong Quanfu. Gong Quanfu was very frightened.

Suddenly thought of Yudie, he fell in love with Yudie. The butterfly matter told Wan Yan Zeli, Wan Yan Zeli could use Yudie to lead Zhao Yuanqing to Tianxiang Tower, and then wait for his mobile hand. Wan Yan Zeli thought about what he said. Lin Jier met Wang Lu, a grain transport officer who oppressed the people on the street. She drew her sword to help when she saw an injustice on the road. She beat Wang Lu and his party to the ground, begging for mercy. Lin Jier fought for a while without knowing that the danger was slowly approaching him.

Wang Lu’s men found out where Lin Ji’er often ate, so they tied up the boss here, then poisoned Lin Ji’er’s food, and then beat him up. Fortunately, Li Ma went hunting here. He rescued Lin Jier and severely wounded Wang Lu. Finally, Wang Lu’s men called officers and soldiers, and they wanted to take him to the Yamen on the grounds that Li Ma deliberately harmed the imperial commander. Li Ma thought that the government was fair, so he followed them to the Yamen. Li Ma was brought back to the Yamen and was seen by an acquaintance. This person had a foreboding that something was wrong, so he hurried to Tianxianglou to inform Yudie of the matter.

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