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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 55 End Recap

The ghost king led the demon sect to Qingyun, threatening to step down on Qingyun and want Tian Buyi to hand over the sword of Zhu Xian. Tian Buyi said that it was absolutely impossible. He and Shuiyue led Xueqi Xiaofan, Lin Jingyu and many other disciples to fight the Demon Cult to the death.

Baguio has been looking for Xiao Fan’s figure, seeing Xiao Fan confronting Poison God can’t help but feel a little worried. Seeing his master fighting the Ghost King, Xiao Fan gave the Poison God a fatal blow and rushed to support the Master. In the process of fighting the Ghost King, Xiao Fan was seriously injured and lay on the ground.

At this time, Dao Xuan came with the Zhuxian Sword, he used the Zhuxian Sword Formation, the Ghost King was stabbed by the sword, and everyone was trapped in the Zhuxian Sword Formation. Daoxuan’s mind was eroded by the Zhuxian Sword, thinking that Xiaofan was carrying the Qingyun Tianyin two schools of exercises, which would cause serious problems in the future, so he decided to get rid of Xiaofan. Both Xiaofan and Baguio saw the killing intent in Daoxuan’s eyes.

Xiaofan was puzzled. He did not commit any mistakes. Baguio broke through the shackles of the Zhuxian Sword Array, exhausted his mana and confronted Daoxuan. The blood of a man is regarded as a sacrifice, three lives and seven lives, forever to fall to Yama, is for love, although he will die without regret. In this way, Baguio used her own life to save Xiao Fan.

The hard-hit Baguio fell into Xiao Fan’s arms. With all her strength, she called Xiao Fan one last time, and then closed her eyes. The badly injured Xiao Fan watched the love of this life die in his arms. He opened his eyes wide, looked at the sky, and hugged Baguio in his arms with his arms. He didn’t dare and didn’t want to believe the facts before him.

In this way, Xiaofan held Baguio until late at night, until the pouring rain poured down.

When Xiao Fan woke up, he found himself in the Ghost King Sect. It turned out that the Ghost King and others forcibly brought Xiao Fan here. Xiaofan is still unwilling to accept the fact that Baguio has left. He is full of everything he has experienced in the process of meeting and loving Baguio. Qinglong came to Xiaofan. He said that he knew Zhang Xiaofan’s current situation needed to rest, but time was running out and Ghost King wanted to meet him.

In fact, as far as Qinglong is concerned, he cannot accept the fact that Baguio is leaving. After all, he is the elder brother who loves Baguio the most. He said that if killing Xiaofan can revive Baguio, then he might do that, but the truth is not. in this way.

When the ghost king met Xiao Fan, the ghost king who lost his beloved daughter was also very haggard. He told Xiao Fan that he took him to Huqi Mountain because he was afraid that he would stay in Qingyun and be framed again. He did not expect Baguio to protect Xiao Fan like this Resolute, so I don’t want to disappoint her. Xiaofan asked the ghost king, he shouldn’t have taken Baguio to Qingyun. The King of Ghosts had no intention of explaining this matter. After all, this matter was his pain. At this moment, the two people who insisted on different beliefs, Zheng Mo, were thinking of the same person, and that person was the most important person in their lives.

The King of Ghosts said that he only wanted to save his daughter’s life and was willing to do anything. He remembered that Baguio had said that he had died once in Dinghaizhuang and Guansang Mountain. Xiaofan understood the meaning of the ghost king, and immediately said that he was going to stargazing cliff, but the ghost king said that it would take too long.

In the wild temple of their rudder, there is a magic spell that can continue for Baguio by using the power of the heavenly book. Seven days of fate, they can use these seven days to temporarily keep Baguio’s life, and then look for other ways to bring Baguio back to life. The ghost king brought Xiao Fan to the hall to show Baguio’s mana.

Looking at Baguio who was sleeping, Xiao Fan told her what she had always wanted to say. The ghost king came to the hall and asked Xiao Fan to work with him to save Baguio. If you want to say anything, you can wait until Baguio wakes up to talk to her.

You Ji kept blaming herself, she felt that she hadn’t taken care of Baguio, Qinglong comforted her, and the wild dog came in yelling and told them that Cang Song was here.

Cangsong came with Yuyangzi. They wanted to take advantage of the danger and get rid of the ghost king. Qinglong fights Cangsong with all his strength, but it is difficult to fight one enemy and two. Qinglong is trapped in place by Yuyangzi’s mana, unable to move. Fortunately, the ghost king arrived and severely injured Yuyangzi, and Cang Song left with Yuyangzi.

Qingyun and Daoxuan were healed behind closed doors. Shuiyue and Zhengliang were seriously injured in bed. Tian Buyi asked the disciples to learn how to deal with some things. She was shocked and worried about Xiaofan’s safety. Xueqi said that she could first inquire about the movement of the Demon Cult. Be prepared and try to take the initiative if the time is right. Tian Buyi said with satisfaction that these children have grown up, and said that he would listen to their opinions this time. Xiao Yicai took the initiative to ask Ying, saying that he could go to find out about the demon cult, Jingyu was willing to go with Xiao Yicai.

The ghost king was seriously injured. You Ji and Jin Ping’er came to visit. The ghost king said that Jin Ping’er let Lin Jingyu away last time, and how he wanted to trust her this time. You Ji made peace from it, saying that the rabble of Changshengtang came to attack last night, Jin Ping’er helped herself a lot, and asked the ghost king not to worry about the past. You Ji asked where Zhang Xiaofan was now, and the ghost king said that Zhang Xiaofan took the wild dog to Yudu to look for the star-gazing cliff spirit stone. Qin Wuyan on the side heard the words and immediately said that he could rush to Yudu to help Zhang Xiaofan find the spirit stone.

On Stargazing Cliff, Xiao Fan recalled what happened to him and Baguio. In a trance, he felt that Baguio was still sitting under the tree and smiling at himself. He asked Baguio to wait for him and he would definitely come back.

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