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Where to find English shoes and how to choose them?

Do you want to buy English shoes because you really like them? However, you find them too expensive. Don’t worry, there are English online stores where you can buy English shoes at a low price.

Some online shops at your service The Rocket Dogs are very good plan (for men and women), the prices vary from 19£ (price noted in August 2011). There are also converses and vans shoes which are sold at quite affordable prices. To see the price in euros, do not forget to convert the prices. Schuh is a very popular English online store, as it offers cheap prices on a multitude of brands. Now it’s up to you to explore. The Red Or Dead brand sells its shoes from £69 (price observed in August 2011). Site specially dedicated to girls and women fans of English pop stars, but also to men. There are all categories ranging from shoes dedicated to the youngest (teenage = adolescent) to shoes dedicated to older people. You will find the following brands: Johnnie b, Mini boden, Clearance… Most of the shoes sold are chic, colorful and very “British”. You will not only find shoes, but also clothes. The price of British ballerinas costs £32 instead of £36 for the Johnnie B brand (price observed in August 2011). Online store specially dedicated to backpackers.

The brands you will find are: Diesel, Lelli Kelly, Vans, Hunter and many more. Very feminine burgundy ankle boots are sold for just £40 (price observed in August 2011). Shop dedicated to people who have wide feet, who are not forgotten about sharing. The majority of shoes made specifically for wide feet are generally comfortable shoes. The shop not only sells shoes, but also socks. Prices range from £20 (price as of August 2011).


Although you can shop on English sites to discover English brands, don’t forget that in France, English brands are also sold such as Vans, Timberland or Church shoes… If you don’t want to order via an English store, it is advisable to obtain English brand shoes in France. source: over-blog

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