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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 20 Recap

Everyone was besieged by blood bats. Lin Jingyu saw Zhang Xiaofan being caught by the mother bat, and hurried to help, but was knocked to the ground by the flames spit out by the mother bat. Baguio hurriedly helped Lin Jingyu up. At this time, Lin Jingyu saw the mother bat continue to spit out flames and attack, hugging Baguio to hide.

Zhang Xiaofan took advantage of the situation to ride on the back of the mother bat, swinging the magic weapon and slamming repeatedly. The mother bat flew without pain, Lu Xueqi realized the danger, and pushed Zeng Shushu to the ground, but she was caught by the mother bat.

Under Zhang Xiaofan’s continuous blows, the mother bat hurriedly released Lu Xueqi, Zhang Xiaofan and Lu Xueqi fell off the cliff. Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly grabbed Lu Xueqi, and the two fell down the cliff together. Zhang Xiaofan felt unusually cold in a trance, as if he heard the voices of his parents and villagers shouting to himself, and hurriedly stood up.

Suddenly, the magic weapon changed, and he realized that this was an illusion, and he hurriedly danced the magic weapon back to reality. At this time, Zhang Xiaofan saw that Lu Xueqi lying on the ground was controlled by something, and his hands and feet were twitching convulsively. He realized that Lu Xueqi was going through danger and hurriedly flew to Lu Xueqi’s side and cast a spell to rescue Lu Xueqi.

After Lu Xueqi woke up, she recognized that the evil things around her were Yin spirits, because after death, the obsession cannot disappear, and gradually sinks, gathering into spirits under the Yin Qi. They can sense the breath of people. Lu Xueqi saw that Zhang Xiaofan was in the same scene as the Seven Meridians meeting that day, and worried that Zhang Xiaofan would be controlled by the inner demon again, and hurriedly summoned the Tianya sword to disperse those Yin spirits. Lu Xueqi realized that this place was the Wanbat Ancient Cave. She told Zhang Xiaofan that she had seen his demons and asked Zhang Xiaofan to clear her selfish thoughts so as not to be used by the ghosts.

Once Lu Xueqi mentioned it, Zhang Xiaofan was again controlled by the inner demon, and his mind was full of Caomiao Village. Lu Xueqi grabbed Zhang Xiaofan’s hand and reminded him not to be obsessed with obsession. Zhang Xiaofan got rid of her demons, only to realize that Lu Xueqi had already made her hand flush. After a brief embarrassment, they realized that they could no longer fly with the sword at this time, and they were going to look around for an exit.

When Baguio and Zeng Shushu entered the secret road to look for Zhang Xiaofan, they realized that the surrounding situation was not right, and Zeng Shushu cast a spell to let the wooden bird lead the way. At this time, Yin inspired by Baguio’s thoughts, imagining the image of Baguio’s mother, Lin Jingyu hurriedly swung his sword to disperse it. Lin Jingyu told Baguio that it was caused by the yin spirit change just now. Zeng Shushu took out a spell and stuck it on his forehead, and the three of them continued to move forward.

On the other side, Zhang Xiaofan and Lu Xueqi were interfered by the Yinling again. They fought back to back, but were still controlled by the Yinling. In times of crisis, Zhang Xiaofan, who insisted on trying his last bit of strength, poked the magical treasure into Yinling’s mouth. Only after being out of danger, Zeng Shushu and others rushed to rescue Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio.

In Yudu City, Jin Ping’er, who was born in the Acacia Sect, knew from the ancient scroll left by Mrs. Jin Ling that there were many crises in the underground palace. In addition, Qin Wuyan was in the dark, Zhang Xiaofan and the others were in Ming Dynasty, they might be nine dead. Jin Ping’er, Ah Xiang and Li Xun are going to help them.

Zhang Xiaofan and others did not know how many hours they had walked in the underground palace. They saw the bubbles in the underground palace. Zeng Shushu couldn’t help being curious. They smashed a bubble, and everyone suddenly turned into the past scenes related to them. Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan walked forward unconsciously. Suddenly, they slipped under their feet and fell off the cliff. Baguio hurriedly hugged Zhang Xiaofan.

At this time, Qin Wuyan, who arrived one step earlier, saw Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan come to the ruthless seaside, secretly casting a spell to provoke the poison that the poison god had already dropped. Zhang Xiaofan suddenly fell to the ground after being hit by the poison, and Qin Wuyan took the opportunity to take Baguio. Qin Wuyan prepared to use Baguio as a sacrificial offering to the guardian of the Bleeding Cave Monster Beast, and to search for the most treasured book of the Demon Cult in the Bleeding Cave.

Zhang Xiaofan, who fell on the ground, saw Qin Wuyan pushing Baguio towards the Black Water Xuan She, anxiously, jumped up and snatched Baguio from the Heishui Xuan She mouth. The mysterious snake who threw a hollow was naturally unwilling to get nothing, and stared at them eagerly. Baguio cast a spell to draw the eyes of the mysterious snake to Qin Wuyan, and the black water mysterious snake swallowed Qin Wuyan into his belly.

Then he chased Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio, Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly protected Baguio, and was slammed to the side by the black water black snake. Zhang Xiaofan woke up and found that they were already lying at the bottom of the underground palace, and there was no way out. Baguio discovered that this was the dripping hole. She told Zhang Xiaofan that the dripping hole was built by the black heart old man, and there were countless magic weapons hidden here.

At this time, Ah Xiang, who came to help them, found that Zeng Shushu and others were trapped, and hurriedly cast a spell to break the charming mirage. Zeng Shushu found that he had also reached the edge of the cliff. At the same time, they could no longer see the shadows of Zhang Xiaofan and Baguio. To Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan had already fallen. Jin Ping’er asked Ah Xiang to use the Reincarnation Pearl to open the way and go down to find Zhang Xiaofan and the others.

After more than ten hours, Baguio and Zhang Xiaofan hadn’t waited to come to rescue the soldiers. Baguio told Zhang Xiaofan that if a few days later, if they find that they are not working, they will kill themselves and save themselves. Zhang Xiaofan is naturally unwilling to agree, he is unwilling to belittle anyone’s life, let alone Baguio! Baguio told Zhang Xiaofan that when he and his mother were chased by the elderly, he was seriously injured. The meat cut by his mother continued Baguio’s life.

A child carrying a lantern gave him a chance, and was eventually killed by his father and Qinglong. Rescued. When Zhang Xiaofan heard this, he suddenly thought that he had been to a cave back then. He felt sorry for Baguio’s life experience and took her in his arms.

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