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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 12 Recap

In a short time, Xie Ruoxue took advantage of his position and received many benefits. Unexpectedly, the patron Black Buddha was a smuggler, so Xie Ruoxue offered himself convenience. Xie Ruoxue did not hear the threat of the black Buddha and insisted on unpacking and inspecting the goods. The smuggler did not hear her bribe, thinking she really wanted to open the box for inspection. Xie Ruoxue asked the old Li next to the police to call the police, let Sun Jinbao hurry to come over. The scene was very tense at the moment, at this time Han Weisong came to mediate the two parties, hoping that the people in Heisongtang would let Xie Ruoxue pass.

Xie Ruoxue didn’t understand words and looks, couldn’t see the situation clearly, and still refused to bow her head to the gangsters, Han Weisong could only drive her away. At night, Xie Ruoxue recalled the matter and felt that something was not right. She decided to go back to the warehouse and take a look. After Xie Ruoxue unpacked the package, she saw that it was really foreign cloth. She decided to secretly take a few pieces out for some money. Who would have taken the pieces of cloth above, and found that there were boxes of opium below. Xie Ruoxue realized that Han Weisong was colluding with an opium dealer. She told Han Weisong to tell his secret to others. This matter was of great importance, and Han Weisong had to promise Xie Ruoxue to give her 10% of the profit in selling opium.

Han Weisong decided to send the opium to the civilian ship in advance, and then transferred it to his own cargo ship at sea. Who would have expected that they had not carried the cargo to the cargo ship, the police car had arrived, and they hurriedly put opium into the river. The huge loss made the people in Heisongtang unable to bear. The Black Buddha lynched Han Wei and had to chop off one of his hands. Han Weisong, who was greedy for life and feared death, asked the Black Buddha for mercy in order to save Xie Ruoxue He even said that he would send Xie Ruoxue to the Black Buddha to bed. Poor Han Weisong asked Xie Ruoxue out, lied that the Black Buddha promised to share her profits, but only if Xie Ruoxue personally confessed to the Black Buddha, and screamed the big brother.

Xie Ruoxue felt that Han Weisong would not deceive himself and readily agreed to his condition. Han Weisong put a drug on Xie Ruoxue’s soda and succeeded in captivating Xie Ruoxue. After entering the room, the Black Buddha did not want to take advantage of the danger. Soon, Xie Ruoxue woke up and the Black Buddha told Xie Ruoxue that she wanted to become the hostess of Black Pine Hall. Xie Ruoxue vowed not to die, struggling hard, who expected to break his clothes when struggling, in a hurry, Xie Ruoxue picked up the bedside table lamp and stunned the black Buddha. The younger brother of the Black Buddha heard that ping-pong and ping-pong in the house felt wrong and wanted to knock in. Xie Ruoxue had to jump through the window and escape.

Xie Ruoxue grabbed a knife from the roadside stall and rushed into the Han’s house. Regardless of the obstruction of others, he inserted the knife into Han Weisong’s abdomen. However, Han Weisong was not killed, and Xie Ruoxue was caught in the arrest room. After confirming that Han Weisong was not in danger, Han Shuying went to visit Xie Ruoxue. Xie Ruoxue accidentally told Han Weisong about smuggling tobacco. Han Shuying knew Xie If Ruoxue desperately made money, in fact, to relieve himself of the burden, he decided to rescue Xie Ruoxue at any cost. On the other side, Han Weisong reversed black and white and pushed all responsibility to Xie Ruoxue. All the evidence was against Xie Ruoxue for a while, and besides, Han Shuying’s aunt also invited the most famous lawyer in Shanghai.

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