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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 28 End Recap

Pei Duo found her parents to let them stop embarrassing Mucci, or else she wouldn’t be back, Pei Duo’s parents had no choice but to agree to her. Mucci can return to the team, the people of Manchester City began to notice Mucci and sent people to watch Mucci’s team play.

The Yingying Middle School team lost. The people of Manchester City were very dissatisfied with the performance of Mucci’s leadership. Xiaohei was very angry that Mucci lost the game deliberately. The team got runner-up. Qin Minghao scored the most goals. Everyone cheered. , Mucci is very calm.

After the game, everyone expressed their thoughts. Mu Qi took out his past trophies and distributed them to everyone, hoping everyone can continue their dreams.

When formulating the strategy, Mu Qi asked Qin Minghao to go out and discuss with the players that the Manchester City team intends to invite Qin Minghao. He wants Qin Minghao to show his personal ability so that he can be selected by Manchester City. Everyone thought for a moment and thought Qin Minghao entering Manchester City is more important than winning, to help Qin Minghao let him enter the Manchester City team.

Mu Qi and Pei Duo decided to face the next thing together, they were very happy after they figured it out. Pei Duo’s mother met with Mu Qi to talk. Pei Duo asked his father and mother what he was going to say to Mu Qi. Pei Duo’s father told Pei Duo that the meeting with Mu Qi was to test him. Petuo’s mother gave Mu Qi a bank card and asked Mu Qi to leave Petuo to study in the United States, and let Mu Qi think about it.
Pei’s father asked Yin Jian to look at Pei Duo and follow her at all times. Xiao Hei asked Pei Duo out.

Yin Jian drove Pei Duo over. Xiao Hei told Pei Duo what happened before Mu Qi. It turned out that Li Ning of the team was looking for him. Mu Qi asked for money. The money was cheated by the developer. Mu Qi couldn’t give it to him, but because Li Ning didn’t believe him, Mu Qi admitted angrily.

Li Ning was in a car accident while driving because he was angry, leaving Nana mother and son behind. Mu Qi felt very sorry for their mother and son, so he often gave them money and borrowed usury, so life was getting worse and worse. Pei Duo knew Mu Qi I was very touched by the incident, and Yin Jian was also relieved to hand Pei Duo to Mu Qi.

Pei Duo told her mother about this. Her mother asked Pei Duo to think rationally about whether he and Mu Qi are really suitable. Pei Duo’s mother thinks that Mu Qi should go to the United States more when he has money, and can give Nana mother and son a good one. life.

Mu Qi found Pei Duo’s parents to talk to, and he decided to stay in Cuiying Middle School as a coach. Mucci believes that football can bring him happiness, so he wants to stay and help more children realize their dreams. Another reason is to stay in Cuiying Middle School and wait for Pei Duo to return from England.
Pei Duo’s parents listened to her and they were relieved to hand Pei Duo to him. Zhong Yan and Lu Jie were together, and the players were admitted to the university.

Wang Jingke and Tang Qiqi were also admitted to the same university, and He Xinyan was also admitted to a British school and could be with Qin Minghao. Gu Mo was admitted to the Sports University, and the players have their own plans. Ding Yu held the football and looked at the picture of Pei Duo on the football, feeling very sad. Mu Qi and Pei Duo were walking on the beach, and they both played happily.

The game started again. It was a team composed of Yingying Middle School. Yang Fan became a goalkeeper, Mucci happily became a cheerleader to cheer everyone on, Zhong Yan was a referee, and Pei Duo became a coach. The game is over and everyone dances together.

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