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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 2 Recap

At the end of the first half, the Cuiying Middle School team succeeded in seven steals, twelve breaks, and six offsides, but there was no real offense. Taking advantage of the intermission, Mu Qi once again arranged tactics for Wang Jingke and told him that he would give him a signal when he was ready to attack. When the situation was stalemate, Mucci suddenly gave Jing Ke an offensive signal.

Wang Jingke seized the opposing opportunity to score, and successfully cooperated with his teammates to win the ball, and relying on this ball, won the whole game. The players cheered and hugged each other, and were more convinced of Coach Mu. Lu Jie rushed over from the coaching bench to high-five to celebrate with Zhong Yan, but only saw her leaving with Mu Qi from the back.

In the evening, when Mucci returned home, all kinds of bills were in his heart, and there were scenes of debt collection during the day. This makes him even more embarrassed, who is having financial difficulties. Under economic pressure, Mucci had to sell his beloved locomotive. The next day, he came to school and was stopped by Pei Duo. Mu Qi was surprised and angry, and said to her, but the persistent Pei Duo gave Mu Qi the analysis data he had done.

The leaders of the District Education Committee were also shocked by the unexpected victory of Cuiying Middle School. He came to Cuiying Middle School to hold a meeting. Principal Yang said that many of the team’s classmates now have poor results, and some even went red all the way… These words were heard by Wang Jingke outside the door. He was worried that it would affect the team, so he rang the fire alarm, making the meeting urgent End. Principal Yang suspected that Wang Jingke was responsible for the fire incident and asked him to talk to the principal’s office. Mu Qi arrived in time to testify for Wang Jingke.

Zhong Yan made a timely statement and resolved the incident. But she told Wang Jingke: The leadership of the Education Committee came to review, and she must also ask for the performance of the players. Pei Duo promised to improve the team’s competition and academic performance. When he heard that this was what Mu Qi meant, Zhong Yan immediately agreed.

When the players were training, Wang Jingke suddenly stopped a passing classmate and kicked the ball towards him. The classmate effortlessly unloaded the sharp ball. Much looked in his eyes and he was shocked. Then asked Wang Jingke about him. It turned out that the classmate was named Qin Minghao, a new transfer student who was said to have a background in professional player training. Wang Jingke invited him to the team many times, but he refused to look down on the colonel team. Mu Qi said he would find Qin Minghao.

Petuo came to the lounge to find Mu Qi to train, but Mu Qi first asked the players to practice their physical fitness, and when he got tired, he went to train again. Pei Duo couldn’t understand this, and accused him of not being passionate about work. But Mu Qi suddenly got up and let her use her enthusiasm to get Qin Minghao to the team. But in less than five minutes, Pei Duo came back sadly, and Mucci guessed that she was rejected.

Pei Duo refused to give up easily, and asked his classmates about Qin Minghao’s situation and learned that Qin Minghao has a younger sister, Qin Mingyu. She asked Ming Yuan to persuade Minghao to join the team, but was severely rejected. Pei Duo complained to Mu Qi about the poisonous siblings and told him that Qin Minghao said that he did not like football anymore. But Mucci knows in his mind: playing football is different from falling in love. Falling in love may lead to empathy, but once you fall in love with football, playing football is a lifetime event.

In the school, a junior confessed to Pei Duo in public, but Pei Duo directly refused. Mu Qi sent a message to Pei Duo and asked her to find a team to play in the training game. He told Pei Duo that it is best to find a college team, so that the players can see what a real game is. In desperation, Pei Duo had to find the football team in his university school. The captain of the team happened to be the younger brother Chong Yue who had confessed last time. She explained her intention, and Chong Yue agreed.

In the practice match, Mucci gave the players a tactic: kick them to cramps. The players were very motivated and attacked strongly, playing Chongyue unhappy.

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