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A Detective Housewife 煮妇神探 Episode 1 Recap

Shanghai in the early years of the Republic of China. Ordinary household cooks are auspicious, respect and love their husbands and obey their in-laws, but they are looked down upon by the family and are often used as girls. On this day, Gou Jixiang went to the street to buy her mother-in-law’s favorite sweet-scented osmanthus cake, but found that the sweet-scented osmanthus cake had been sold out. Gou Jixiang refused to give up.

Based on the flour on the copper dollar, she inferred that the major customers who bought the sweet-scented osmanthus cake must be with the flour. The factory was related, so I came here all the way. Gou Jixiang successfully found the aunt who bought the cake and begged her to spare two dollars for himself. Seeing that she was so filial to her mother-in-law, the aunt happily agreed to her. Mao Ruyi, the patrol officer in the Shanghai patrol room, was a noble son born with a golden spoon. He was arrogant and self-willed, but he was very smart and had an excellent memory.

There was a life case in the vegetable market, and Mao Ruyi was ordered to rush to the scene, but he ran into a thief halfway through the road. Seeing the uneven road, Mao Ruyi drew his knife to help, chasing the thief all the way to the downtown area. Mao Ruyi almost touched the cakes in Jixiang’s hand, which made her very annoyed. Mao Ruyi finally succeeded in catching the thief, but missed the time to meet the other people in the patrol room. As a result, he was reprimanded by the supervisor Zhang Zheng. Resigned and left the patrol room. Mao Ruyi’s father was Mao Tinghe, the chief inspector of the Shanghai patrol house. He sent his son to the patrol house for exercise.

He secretly told Zhang Zheng not to let Mao Ruyi leave the patrol house. Zhang Zheng coincidentally used the aggressive method to bet that Mao Ruyi would not be able to solve the murder case in the vegetable market. Mao Ruyizhong The plan stayed. Gou Jixiang was made things difficult by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law at home. Fortunately, her husband was silent for help. Gou Jixiang was grateful. She was always pleased with her husband.

As a lawyer, she treated her as an idiot and dealt with her perfunctorily. . His mother arranged for Mao Ruyi to have a blind date. Lou Shanshan, who was from a famous family, apparently had no expectations for the blind date. She was deliberately late, which aroused Mao Ruyi’s disgust. The two reached an incredible agreement to help disrupt the blind date. Lou Shanshan looked at Mao Ruyi who had left, and moved a little. Gou Jixiang was dressed up and came to her husband’s law firm, and wanted to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his marriage with him.

At Silent Chu, he refused on the grounds of being too busy at work. Gou Jixiang went back disappointed and met Mao Ruyi who came to investigate the case. Then, Gou Jixiang remembered that he was the one who had harmed himself last time and almost didn’t get the sweet-scented osmanthus cake, and taught Mao Ruyi a good lesson. Gou Jixiang came home and unexpectedly received a note from Silent Chu. In the letter, she asked her to go to the hotel room 206 at 8pm to celebrate the wedding anniversary. Gou Jixiang thought that her husband was going to give him an unexpected surprise. Secretly cheered.

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