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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 80 Recap

Fulin announced in the main hall that the King of Xiang County, Boguoer, had done a good job in destroying the rebels in Hunan, and he was named Prince Heshuoxiang, and he conquered Nanjing at the same time. The ministers all talked and made fun of him. Bogor was promoted from the prince of the county to the prince that many people dream of. Guan Jian asked for a good fortune and changed his head with a green hat. Bogor couldn’t listen to these insults, and drunk drunk and committed suicide by drawing a sword. Na Muzhong cursed Yu’er for being a broom star to kill Huang Taiji and Dorgon, and now he kills her son.

Fulin appointed Wan Yun, the daughter of Dong E’s Eshuo, to enter the palace as a concubine. Fulin felt that even if everyone in the world scolded himself, he didn’t care, he only cares about this life and this life. Although he owed Bogor, he did not regret it. Wan Yun will be everything to him.

After the wedding, Wanyun went to see the empress dowager, but Yuer avoided seeing her. When Wan Yun came to the Queen’s Kunning Palace, Nabuqi scolded Wan Yun for killing her husband and seduce the emperor. The face of the Qing emperor was completely lost by her. For the sake of Fulin, despite this cold reception, Wan Yun still did not complain to Fulin.

Wan Yun advised Fulin to put the country’s major issues first, diligently manage and love the people. For the long-term stability of the Qing Dynasty, national integration should be put first, and force suppression is not a long-term solution. The ministers felt that since the imperial concubine entered the palace, the emperor had changed his predecessor, tried his best to govern the country, and diligently governed the country. At the same time, there are also Manchu and Mongolian nobles who think that Fu Lin Xing Wenzhi, reusing the policy of the Han Palace, was confused by the wise concubines. Yu’er supported Fulin’s decision and decided to help him with the five million taels of silver she had accumulated over the years.

Fulin loved Wanyun more and more, and named her an imperial concubine. After Nabuqi was coldly treated in the palace, Wu Keshan was afraid that Fulin would be abolished one day, Yuer promised that as long as I was in one day, Nabuqi’s status would not be shaken. Wan Yun didn’t want to bear the infamy of being a special pet, and it was the emperor’s responsibility to continue her heirs. She wanted Fulin to accompany other palaces more often.

Nabuqi changed her previous attitude and became affectionate towards Wanyun. Wan Yun thought that his sincerity moved the queen. Who doesn’t know that Nabuqi put things in the Wanyun room. Wan Yun often feels dizzy and has nosebleeds. The imperial physician only knew that the imperial concubine’s pulse was weak, but could not find out the symptoms.

Concubine Tong was pregnant, so Wan Yun went to visit. Nabuqi instructed the palace lady to put arsenic in the tea that Concubine Tong drank, and the palace lady hurriedly dropped the poisoned hairpin under the kitchen table. Wan Yun told Concubine Tong that pregnant women could not drink rose tea. Concubine Tong escaped a catastrophe. After drinking the tea, Wan Yun fell to the ground due to poisoning.

Nabuqi secretly calculated to be proud, this strategy killed two birds with one stone, and got rid of two big troubles. The imperial physician diagnosed that the imperial concubine was poisoned by arsenic. Nabuqi instigated in front of Fulin that it was Concubine Tong who poisoned her to kill the imperial concubine. She wanted her mother to be expensive with her son, and she would be loved by the emperor. The emperor ordered Concubine Tong into the dungeon.

Yuer knew that Concubine Tong had a gentle personality, and she didn’t believe that she was the poison. Nabuqi’s court lady went to the kitchen to look for a hairpin, but was bumped into. The imperial physician found that there was indeed arsenic on the hairpin. Yu’er hesitated to protect her niece and Mongolia or her daughter-in-law and grandson. Someone reminded Yu’er that as long as the woman of the Liborzigite clan is the queen, she can find another queen from Horqin as the emperor. Anyway, her natal family is not. Nabuqi one. A word to wake up the dreamer.

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