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The Legend of Xiao Zhuang 大玉儿传奇 Episode 55 Recap

Turger led two yellow flags to make trouble in front of the Chongzheng Hall under Hauge’s instruction, shouting that the rebels were dead, and aimed at Prince Rui. Ji’erhalang knew that he must be severely punished at this time, otherwise it would be difficult to convince the public. Shuo Tuo and Ada Li were tied to the main hall by Dai Shan himself, and they confessed that there was no one behind them. In the end, Dorgon announced that those who despised the young master would be cut immediately. Daishan smashed his son and grandson righteously and staggered out of the Chongzheng Palace.

Duduo asked Dorgon, Shuo Tuo and Adali followed him from birth to death, and now they are killed personally, is it too unrighteous. But Dorgon analyzed that they were so enthusiastic about choosing themselves as kings, but they were actually killing people with the knife. They took their tokens to kill Haug and Fulin, and then pushed them onto themselves, and they could become kings. What’s more, when Dai Shan changed his mind and even Eniang committed suicide, killing his son and grandson this time was a revenge. Man Dahai was surprised when he heard it outside the door.

In 1643, Jirhalang presided over the enthronement ceremony of the new emperor, and announced that Jiu Age Fulin ascended the throne and the two queens were raised together. Zhezhe was the mother empress dowager, and Da Yuer was the Virgin Tai Chi, and the regent Dorgon took charge of the government. Baiguan kowtowed, and six-year-old Fulin sat on the high throne alone. Seeing this solemn scene, he was scared to climb down from the throne and ran out of the hall. All the officials didn’t know what to do, but fortunately, Dorgon came forward to comfort Fulin, hugged him back to the throne, and accepted the worship of hundreds of officials.

Hauge went to the West Wing where Prince Zheng was and said coldly, you just need to pay attention to the courtesy department, here is deserted, and the East Wing Prince Rui is very busy. Dorgon made it clear that he wanted to lift you up and cover the sky with one hand. If this goes on, he, the regent, is no different from the emperor. Ji’erhalang still said to Haug calmly, that more is worse than less. As long as the emperor sits on the dragon chair, and the Qing officials govern Qingming and the world is peaceful, that’s all. With me and two yellow flags sitting in town, Dorgon swore again that he will not mess around.

Dorgon was reported that the Ming Dynasty peasant army rebelled frequently, Li Zicheng founded the country in Chang’an and Dashun, Zhang Xianzhong also went west to Sichuan. Nowadays, the battle within the pass is inexorable, and the power of the Zhu Ming Dynasty is exhausted. You only need to wait patiently. It is imperative for the Qing Dynasty to enter the Central Plains.

Dorgon only waited for the funeral of Huang Taiji to pass, so he decided not to wait so hard and let Da Yuer truly become his own woman. When Fulin was six years old, Fan Wencheng suggested to ask a teacher for enlightenment. Dorgon instructed Fulin to learn both Manchu and Chinese cultures at the same time.

Dorgon went to Ezhe’s mansion to discuss, when the civil unrest in the Ming Dynasty intensified, Ezhe should assist him to enter the customs and achieve the great cause of the first emperor. Ezhe expressed his gratitude to Dorgon for his knowledge, and expressed his willingness to become Dorgon’s pawn.

The escapees from the Qing Dynasty ran around and gathered in the mountains and forests, causing social turmoil. Dorgon ordered the abolition of Huang Taiji’s lenient policy and promulgated the escape law to kill the fugitives. In the presence of Fan Wencheng and Hong Chengchou, Da Yuer argued with Dorgon on the grounds that this cruel decree should not be issued. The treatment of fugitives should be restrained from the root cause, so that the master treats the servants kindly and can’t bully them at will, and the number of fugitives will naturally decrease. The Qing Dynasty should govern the country by virtue, and killing alone will not solve the problem. Although Dorgon adopted Da Yuer’s suggestion, she confronted him tit-for-tat in front of the minister, and Dorgon felt a bit shameless.

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