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Fragrant Years (2012) 那样芬芳

So fragrant
Other Title: 那样芬芳, Fragrant years, Fragrant Age (那样芬芳)

Genres: drama
An Jian
Gu Weili
Dongfang, Shenzhen Satellite TV
Release Date: 
December 12, 2012
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  • Xiao Song Jia
  • Geng Le
  • Guo Jingfei
  • Wang Jingyun
  • Huang Meiying
  • Feng Lei
  • Wu Yufang
  • Chen Li

Rong Fenfang, who was in a miserable childhood, escaped to her hometown in Shanghai with her educated youth mother from the mountainous area of ​​Guizhou, and lived a life under the fence. Soon, an accident made her unfortunately become the “broom star” who has been helping her neighbor Lin’s family. A few years later, Fragrant who had grown up happened to reunite with the Lin family brothers, and the life trajectories of the three were intertwined again.

In the fetters of the past and the traction of fate, his brother Lin Chao became the first lover in Fragrant’s life, but became the bridegroom of the rich daughter Gao Duo and leaped to the branch from now on; his brother Lin Yue stunned when drifting north, and fragrant thousands of miles. Separated but supporting each other, the two finally found true love amidst the strong winds and waves, but were blocked on the other side of happiness by the truth about the virgin life of the girl and child. In the three decades of social changes, the yellowed old Shanghai Beach has become a glamorous international metropolis; in the return of human nature, two broken families broke through love and hatred and moved towards integrity.

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