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Tag: Korean Plot

Touch 터치 Episode 2 Recap

Xiu Yan went to work in the CHA through an interview. In Yu Jiang Duzhen, Du Zhen’s face was allergic to Xiu Yan and she was fired directly. Xiu Yan […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 29 Recap

Dongju puts down his hatred and yearns for the days to come, Mung Bean desperately protects his biological mother After arranging the specific matters, the master told Mung Bean that […]

Touch 터치 Episode 1 Recap

On the flight to Seoul, makeup artist Che Jinhe saw the woman next to her as having poor skin condition, and her professional sensitivity made him guess that the girl […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 27 Recap

Dongzhu looked back at Mung Bean reluctantly as he ran, and behind him and Mung Bean also watched the background of Dongzhu’s departure in tears with her nostalgic eyes looking […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 26 Recap

The king, who had nowhere to vent his anger, forgot what he had discussed with Mung Bean, and rushed into the prison to blame Yun Ning for what she did […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 25 Recap

Seeing Dongzhu’s exhausted look, Mung Dou asked her with concern. Dongzhu felt very uncomfortable when she recalled what Lu Wu had said, but she didn’t tell the truth to Mung […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 24 Recap

When he returned to the palace again, Dongzhu saw the empress in the nave arguing with the guard at the door, walked to the front, and realized that the empress […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 23 Recap

There was a chaos at the scene. On the one hand, the emperor ordered Yun Ning to escort Yun Ning and comforted the crying nave empress. On the other hand, […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 22 Recap

After dealing with the big school, Che Luwu and his team discussed the plan. When Jin Ai came back, he told the two widows that everything was planned by Che […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 21 Recap

Suddenly, the king found the old couple who had collected the bodies of Dongzhu’s family. The old couple dared not lift their eyes in fright under the dragon’s might. The […]

The Tale of Nokdu Episode 20 Recap

When the king learned that Zheng Yun was escaping, Long Yan was furious and ordered his subordinates to catch Zheng Yun in front of him whether he was dead or […]