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Tag: Korean Manga

Lost In London Manga

Lost In London (Manga)Other Name: 로스트 인 런던 Genres: manga, Shoujo, Historical, Romance, Supernatural, VampireAuthors: Eun-young leeChapter: 33Year: 201XRelated Show: Description:the Mysterious murders have been taking place in town lately and everyone is uneasy. Anne may […]

Chess And Rawin Webtoon

Chess And Rawin Webtoon (Manga)Other Name: 체스와 라윈 Genres: manga, Yaoi, Adult, Romance, Supernatural, Vampire, WebtoonAuthors: YuanChapter: 40+Year: 201XRelated Show: Description:Chess, a werewolf with a large build, but a timid and shy demeanor; and Rawin, […]

Sweet Blood (KIM Se Young) Manga

Sweet Blood (KIM Se Young) (Manga)Other Name: 달콤한 피 / Sweet Blood Genres: manga, Yaoi, Fantasy, Gender bender, Romance, VampireAuthors: Se-young kimChapter: 40+Year: 201XRelated Show: Description:Suho is a high school student normal… But he leads […]

Scent (Mari Kim) Webtoon

Scent (Mari Kim) Webtoon (Manga)Other Name: 향기 Genres: manga, Yaoi, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Vampire, WebtoonAuthors: Mari kimChapter: 40+Year: 201XRelated Show: Description:Gaon is a boy who turned into a vampire, having inherited the condition from his […]

Welcome to the Intimate Night Webtoon

Welcome to the Intimate Night Webtoon (Manga)Other Name: Dajeonghan Bam-e Eoseooseyo / Gentle Night Genres: manga, Yaoi, Adult, Smut, Fantasy, Supernatural, Vampire, WebtoonAuthors: GobChapter: 3 EndYear: 201XRelated Show: Description:Leo is left for dead after a […]

Blood Link Webtoon

Blood Link Webtoon (Manga)Other Name: 블러드링크 Genres: manga, Yaoi, Adult, Supernatural, Vampire, WebtoonAuthors: Brothers without a tomorrowChapter: 40+Year: 201XRelated Show: Description:the Hwa Gok is just a normal university student, until he sees a girl being attacked […]

NEXT Gossip

NEXT Gossip Manhwa (Manga)Other Name:  Genres: manga, Mature, Smut, Gossip, Manhwa, Toomics, WebtoonAuthors: MinjooChapter: 40+Year: 20XXRelated Show: Description:Enjoy real, extraordinary stories told by ordinary people.

S Diaries 100 Manhwa

S Diaries 100 Manhwa (Manga)Other Name:  Genres: manga, Mature, Smut, Gossip, Manhwa, Romance, Webtoon, Korean ManhwaAuthors: Jonobi, SsomeChapter: 48Year: 20XXRelated Show: Description:A compilation of awesome stories that might just happen to you!