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Tag: Hong Kong Drama

Hong Kong TV Series Year 2016

3X1 (2016) Affairs of the Heart (2016) Below the Lion Rock 2016 (2016) Between Love & Desire (2016) Blue Veins (2016) Brother’s Keeper II (2016) Come Home Love 2 (2015-2016) […]

Flying Tiger 飛虎之潛行極戰 (Hong 2018)

Flying Tiger (2018)Also known as: 飛虎之潛行極戰 / 飛虎極戰 Genres: Action, CrimeEpisodes: 40Country: Hong KongDirector: Writer:Network: myTV SUPERRelease Date: Apr 6, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Ng Ron Miu Michael Wong Bosco Wong Mandy as So Lai Shan / “Julene” […]

Stealing Seconds 棟仁的時光 (2018)

Stealing SecondsAlso known as:  棟仁的時光 / Tung Yan’s Time Genres: Comedy, Romance, DramaEpisodes: 20Country: Hong KongDirector: Writer:Network: TVBRelease Date: Apr 16, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Yuen Benjamin Tong Natalie Lai Winki Wu Hubert Wong Geoffrey Zhu Rebecca Synopsis: […]

The Great Adventurer Wesley 冒險王衛斯理 (2018)

The Great Adventurer Wesley (2018)Also known as: 冒險王衛斯理 / 冒險王衛斯理之支離人 / The Great Adventurer Wesley / Fragment Man Genres: Action, Adventure, Mystery, DramaEpisodes: 20Country: Hong KongDirector:Writer:Network: TVB Jade , iQiyi, iQiyiRelease Date: Apr 29, 2018Related Show: Cast: […]

Another Era 再創世紀 (2018)

Another Era 再創世紀 (2018)Also known as:  再創世紀 / Threshold Again Genres: drama, Business , TV Series , HK Drama Episodes: 34Country: Hong KongDirector: Kwan Shu Ming (Guan Shuming) Writer:Network: TVB JadeRelease Date:  10 September 2018 – […]

Bangkok Chinatown 曼谷唐人街 (2019)

Bangkok Chinatown (2019)Other Title: 曼谷唐人街 / Man Gu Tang Ren Jie Genres: dramaEpisodes: 10Country: Hong KongDirector:Writer:Network: TVBRelease Date: 2019Related Show: Cast: Ruco Chan Elaine Yiu Grace Wong Joel Chan Pierre Ngo Philip Ng Griselda Yeung Synopsis:Link […]

Flying Tiger II 飞虎之雷霆极战 (2019)

Flying Tiger II 飞虎之雷霆极战 (2019)Also known as: 飞虎之雷霆极战 / Fēi hǔ zhī léitíng jí zhàn Genres:  Action, DramaEpisodes: 40Country: Hong KongDirector:Writer:Network:Release Date: 2019Related Show: Flying Tiger (Hong Kong) Cast: Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) Ron Ng […]

The Defected 鐵探 (2019)

The Defected 鐵探 (2019)Also known as: 鐵探 / Tiě tàn Genres: Crime, dramaEpisodes: 30Country: Hong KongDirector: Writer: Network: TVB JadeRelease Date: Hong KongRelated Show: Cast:Benjamin YuenBen WongMatt YeungGrace WongSisley ChoiPhilip […]

Royal Tramp 鹿鼎記 (陳小春版)

Royal TrampOther Title: Lu Ding Ji (Chen Xiaochun Edition) / Royal Tramp / 鹿鼎記(陳小春版) Genres: drama, Martial artsEpisodes: 45Country: Hong Kong TVBDirector: Luo Zhenyue, Liu Guohao, Liu Shunan, Ou Yaoxing, […]