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Tag: Chinese Novel

When A Snail Loves

When A Snail Loves (Novel)Other Name: Nếu ốc sên có tình yêu/ Khi ốc sên yêu /When A Snail Falls in Love / 如果蜗牛有爱情 Genre: novel, Josei, Mystery, Psychological, RomanceAuthor: Ding MoYear: 2013Chapter: 74 Chapters […]

CEO Above, Me Below

CEO Above, Me Below (Novel)Other Name: I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho / 总裁在上我在下 Genre: novel, Adult, Drama, Josei, Mature, RomanceAuthor: Jiang Xiao YaYear: 20XXChapter: 1162 Chapters (Completed)Related story: Synopsis:“You want to […]

Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife

Major General Spoils his Soul-guiding Wife (Novel)Other Name: 少将纵宠:魂修向导妻 Genre: novel,, Action, Comedy, Josei, Mature, Mecha, Romance, Sci-fiAuthor: 初霁Year: 2017Chapter: 227 chapters + Epilogue (complete)Related story: Synopsis:Qin Zhaoyue, a hundred-year-old Soul cultivator and famous artifact […]

Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before)

Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before) (Novel)Other Name: 猎食美味妻(上) Genre: novel, Josei, Mature, Romance, Slice of LifeAuthor: 莫颜Year: 20XXChapter: 42 Chapters (Complete)Related story: Hunting for a Delicious Wife (After) Synopsis:Every male or female that entered […]

Hunting for a Delicious Wife (After)

Hunting for a Delicious Wife (After) (Novel)Other Name: 猎食美味妻(下) Genre: novel, Josei Mature RomanceAuthor: 莫颜Year: 20XXChapter: 45 Chapters (Completed)Related story: Synopsis:Tang Xin Lian had never met a good man in her life. In order to […]

Poison Genius Consort

Poison Genius Consort (Novel)Other Name: Legend of Yun Xi (drama) / PGC / Thiên tài tiểu độc phi / Tiāncái xiǎo dú fēi / 天才小毒妃 Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, […]

My Disciple Died Yet Again

My Disciple Died Yet Again (Novel)Other Name: Wǒjiā túdì yòu guàle / 我家徒弟又挂了 Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Martial Arts, Romance, XianxiaAuthor: Mrs. AgoYear: 2014Chapter: 393 Chapters (Completed)Related story: Synopsis:The Revered Master, […]

Wife, You Can’t Run After Eating

Wife, You Can’t Run After Eating (Novel)Other Name: 娘子,吃完不许逃 / Nương tử, ăn xong không được trốn Genre: novel, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Historical, Josei, Martial Arts, Mature, RomanceAuthor: 妖娆小桃Year: 20XXChapter: 173 Chapters (Completed) + 50 […]

Beautiful Wife And Genius Son

Beautiful Wife And Genius Son (Novel)Other Name: 天才宝贝俏老婆 / Tian Cai Bao Bei Qiao Lao Po Genre: novel, Action, Comedy, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life, SupernaturalAuthor: Si Yue Yao YaoYear: 20XXChapter: 85 Chapters + 3 […]

One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Novel)Other Name: 一胎二宝:亿万首席爱妻入骨 / One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love Genre: novel, Adult Drama Josei Mature Romance Slice of LifeAuthor: Beauty Under […]

Eaves Bell

The Bell Under the Eaves (Novel)Other Name: 檐下铃 Genre: novel, Fantas, SerialAuthor: Liu Dao YaoYear: 2018Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:she has fallen in love with Ye Xiuyao since she gave her […]

Love is endless

Love is endless (Novel)Other Name: 此情绵绵无绝期 Genre: novel, serialAuthor: Meizi’s sisterYear: 2018Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:Li Mo Tang Zexun, Li Mo has humbled in love with Tang Zexuan for 20 years, […]

Hera’s Modern Life

Hera’s Modern Life (Novel)Other Name: 赫拉的后现代生活 Genre: novel, Drama, Josei, Romance, TragedyAuthor: A Grain of RiceYear: 20XXChapter: 53 EndRelated story: Summary:Suddenly I was the Goddess of the world. One month before my marriage, I had […]

The Immortal Taoist

The Immortal Taoist (Novel)Other Name: 道神 Genre: novel, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Wuxia, Xianxia, XuanhuanAuthor: Ling Luan De Xiao DaoYear: 20XXChapter: 2547Related story: Summary:In his previous life, because of a cultivation technique that he […]

Romantic Manchu

Romantic Manchu (Novel)Other Name: Taji’s Mission / Romantic Manchu Genre: novelAuthor: Zhang DingdingYear: 2016Chapter: 85Related story: Summary:As a surplus woman who hasn’t even hooked up with a dog, Shui Ruobing […]