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Tag: Chinese Intro

I am Venom Chapter 2

After looking at his attributes, Venom nodded with satisfaction. His abilities were all his own capital to venture into another world. “System, start the lottery.” The Venom said silently in […]

Chapter 17 The Prince’s Invitation

The lamb was not roasted at all, Fu Jiuyun bought some beef, cut it into palm-sized slices, and grilled it on a wire net, sprinkled with a little salt and […]

I am Venom Chapter 1

In the bustling raccoon city, the constant traffic and passing pedestrians make this city seem peaceful and peaceful. Just in this peaceful city, in a cluttered alley, a thick black […]

Invincible Dragon God Introduction

Why isn’t your wife still asleep, is it waiting for me to warm you up? “ Seeing Tan Yajing’s eyebrows frowning tightly, Bai Lang sat next to Tan Yajing with […]

Wan Dao Dragon King Introduction

Out of Fangshi, and returning home, Lu Ming couldn’t wait to enter the Supreme Temple and open one of the sandalwood boxes. Inside, neatly arranged thirty Dragon Tiger Dans. This […]

Alien Records Stranger Person Chapter 3

The more comfortable he is being served, the more distressed Ziru will be in the hard work of his father and mother in that world. Wait for the opportunity, sometimes […]

Spirit Hunter Chapter 5

Four Seasons Hotel is one of the tallest buildings in Chunning. In August, it was originally the hottest time here, but now the temperature is very comfortable not long after […]

Spirit Hunter Chapter 4

The team bumped on the mountain road in southwestern China for more than seven hours. More than one o’clock in the morning, finally came to the outskirts of a prefecture-level […]

Spirit Hunter Chapter 3

Lin Shuo carried the bloody rooster and pushed open the red lacquered wooden door of the main house. In the six years after moving here, every 15th day, Lin Shuo […]

Spirit Hunter Chapter 2

Hearing Lin Shuo opening, anne smiled “My name is anne and I am the head of Asia in the International Biological Research Association. Our International Biological Research Association is an […]

Spirit Hunter Chapter 1

“Shu Ge–Shu Ge!” A starling black star with a golden feather on his head flew into an adobe house in the mountain village, flapping his wings and falling on the […]

Chapter 5 Kick the Iron Plate

He, who has reached the third floor of Xuan Tian Jue, is far superior to ordinary people in hearing. What happened next door naturally fell into his ears. He did […]