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Category: USA Song

Memories by Maroon 5 Lyrics

MemoriesArtist: Maroon 5Album: Genre: musicCountry: USAYear:  Lyrics: Here’s to the ones that we gotCheers to the wish youwere here but you’re not‘Cause the drinks bringback all the memoriesof everythingwe’ve been throughToast to the ones […]

Perfect Two by Auburn Lyric

Perfect Two – AuburnArtist:  AuburnAlbum: Perfect Two (Acoustic)Genre: Musical bandCountry: AmericaYear: 2011 Lyrics: You can be the peanut butter to my jellyYou can be the butterflies I feel in my bellyYou can […]

Shades Of Purple by M2M (Album)

Shades Of PurpleArtist: M2M (Norwegian duo singer)Album: “Shades Of Purple” (2000)Genre: PopCountry: the United StatesYear: March 7, 2000 Music Lists and Lyrics: Dear Diary Do You Know What You Want […]