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Category: Korean Song

0+1=1(I PROMISE YOU) by Wanna One (Album)

0+1=1(I PROMISE YOU)Artist: Wanna One (Debuted from 2017–2018)Album: 0+1=1(I PROMISE YOU)Genre: Dance, Ballad. EDM, R&BCountry: South KoreaYear: 2018.03.19 Music Lists and Lyrics: Gold 약속해요 (I.P.U.) [Special Theme Track] Boomerang (부메랑) […]

1-1=0(NOTHING WITHOUT YOU) by Wanna One (Album)

1-1=0(NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)Artist: Wanna OneAlbum: 1-1=0(NOTHING WITHOUT YOU)Genre: Dance-pop, Ballad, EDM, R&BCountry: South KoreaYear: 2017.11.13 Music Lists and Lyrics: Nothing Without You [Intro.] Beautiful [Title Song] 갖고 싶어 (Wanna/I wanna […]

1X1=1 (TO BE ONE) by Wanna One (Album)

1X1=1(TO BE ONE)Artist: Wanna OneAlbum: 1X1=1(TO BE ONE)Genre: Dance-pop, Ballad, EDM, R&BCountry: South KoreaYear: 2017.08.07 Music Lists and Lyrics: To Be One [Intro.] 활활 (Burn It Up) 에너제틱 (Energetic) [Title […]

Step by KARA (Album)

STEPArtist: KARAAlbum: Step, Super Girl, The First Bloooooming, Girl’s Talk, MOREGenre: Pop groupCountry: South Korea (2007)Year: 2016 Kara was a South Korean pop girl group formed by DSP Media in […]